AoLE Health and Well-Being
Examples of Health and Well-Being at Pontlliw
  • Friends For Life

    “You gave it all, You gave it plenty, YOU were the class of 2020” “Friends… The one where we were quarantined”

  • Reminiscing About The Past

    Year 6 pupils shared their favourite memories, funniest moments and greatest achievements. It was so nice to laugh about the good times and remember everything that they have done and achieved. We are all so proud of who they have become. Good Luck Year 6 as you set off on the next chapter of your […]

  • After a Storm, Comes a Rainbow

    Congratulations to our Year 6 pupils for graduating from Pontlliw

  • Reception Catch Up Sessions!

    Over the past 2 weeks we have been lucky enough to welcome back some of our Reception children. We have had lots of fun learning about hand washing, talking about home learning and most importantly, we have had a lot of fun playing outside. Have a lovely Summer to all Reception Pupils- see you in […]

  • Year 6 Leavers Ceremony

    It was fantastic to welcome the Year 6 pupils to school for the last time today. We will miss them all terribly, but they will always be a part of our Pontlliw family. You can see their leavers ceremony on our YouTube channel, using the link below Good luck to you all. Go and show […]

  • Welcome back year 4!

    Year 4 were back in school this week for their “check-in, catch up and prepare” sessions. They were in great spirits (even the group that spent the day battling the rain!) and brought lots of smiles, laughter and stories. They were incredibly sensible when discussing the current situation, and should be really proud of how […]

  • Virtual Sports Day – Compilation Video πŸ†

    We know it’s not the same as being down Pontlliw Park in the sun with all the children, but we hope you enjoy our Virtual Sports Day video. Thanks to all the families that took part in the challenges! Enjoy!  

  • Virtual Sports Day – Last Day! πŸ†πŸŽΎπŸƒ

    Thank you so much for the awesome response we have had so far to the Virtual Sports Day! We have received over 80 videos to date with over 1000 views! If you want your child to take part and feature in our YouTube collation video today is the last day to get your videos uploaded […]

  • Goodbye Year 5!

    It has been awesome to see so many of the Year 5 children over the past few days. We have had a lovely time back in school, catching up with each other and seeing our friends. It was great to have lunch in the pond area. We even managed some bingo and of course a […]

  • Welcome Back Year 1!

    It was lovely to welcome lots of the Year 1 children back to school this week. We had great fun in our ‘Check In and Catch up’ sessions.

  • Thank you for being you!

    This week saw the return of our Year 6 pupils. We have missed them so much. It has been an absolute delight to have them back in school with us. The children enjoyed playing hide and seek as its’s been such a long time since they have interacted face to face with each other. We […]

  • Virtual Sports Day – 1 week to go! πŸ†

    Now the sunshine has finally returned, we thought we would quickly remind everyone about the Virtual Sports Day that the children can take part in. We have made it slightly easier to upload your videos by skipping the log in function. Just click on the link for each event below and click the green plus […]

  • Welcome Back Year 2!

    We welcomed back our Year 2 pupils this week. It was lovely to see so many smiling faces. The children thoroughly enjoyed our ‘Check In and Catch Up’ sessions, and it was lovely to hear about their experiences of lockdown. Thank you boys and girls, you put a HUGE smile on your teacher’s face this […]

  • Virtual Sports Day 2020 πŸƒπŸƒβ€β™€οΈβš½οΈπŸŽΎ

    Hi Everyone! Due to the restrictions in place, it is not possible for us to host our usual Sports Day this year unfortunately. But with the power of technology we bring you our Virtual Sports Day 2020!! Children can record themselves on Flipgrid over 5 events! All entries will be collated and made into a […]

  • Welcome Back! 🌈

    We are super excited to welcome back the first group of pupils today! We cannot wait to see the rest of you over the coming days and weeks!

  • ❀️ We Miss You ❀️

    We wanted to let our wonderful pupils how much we miss them. They are in our thoughts throughout each day. We hope they enjoy the video. Thanks to the amazing Kev Johns for reciting our poem!  

  • Guess the baby – Reveal! πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ‘±πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

    Thank you for watching the ‘Guess the baby’ video, and thank you for your entries. The reveal video has been uploaded to our Youtube Channel and can be found atΒΒ We hope you enjoy finding out who was who. Congratulations to Bethany and Ioan who correctly guessed the most members of staff. You will receive your […]

  • Guess the baby competition πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ

    Over the past week, all the staff have been busy looking through the archives to find their baby photos. We are running a competition to see who can guess the most amount of staff members correctly based on their childhood photo. There will be a small prize for the winner on their return to school. […]

  • Minecraft Pontlliw Primary School

    Dear Parents, We know how much the children are missing school from various feedback we have received, so we thought outside the box… If the children cannot go to the school, we will bring the school to the children! We have created a replica of Pontlliw Primary School in Minecraft for the pupils to explore. […]

  • Free School Meals – Grab and Go

    Pupils entitled to free school meals are now receiving daily Grab and Go bags which include a filled roll, fruit, a muffin or similar item and a drink. These can be collected from each pupil’s nearest school/emergency childcare setting and the children do not need to be on the school register there for them to […]

  • Top Tips for Home Learning

    Please find below some top tips for home learning for children and parents. Parents Children These can also be found on our website alongside our useful websites, spelling and handwriting sheets atΒ Kind Regards Mrs Norman

  • Wellbeing Services currently running during the Coronavirus outbreak

    Dear Parents, Please find below links to contact details that may be of use during this time. SCVS Signposting to Services March 2020 Stay Safe

  • Sports Relief and School Fundraising

    A massive thank you to each and everyone of you that raised money last week for our sponsored run around the village. All money has been counted and you have raised an unbelievable Β£1500 to be split between Sports Relief and resources for our school! An awesome effort. Thank you. Congratulations to one of our […]

  • Fun Phonics!

    Reception pupils have had lots of fun this week continuing to learn their phonic sounds through playing a variety of games. Pupils favourite game was rolling the the dice and jumping the amount that it landed on through the hoops- they then had to identify what sound they landed on and name an object beginning […]

  • Fantastic Footballers

    Congratulations to our girls football team who played outstandingly today. From watching them in their first game in Year 4, to how far they’ve come today…girls, contunie to make us proud. Peldroed Ardderchog.

  • Swansea Sports Awards πŸ‰

    Congratulations to last year’s rugby team who made the final of the Swansea School Team of the Year for 2019. We were treated to a wonderful night hosted by local celebrity Kev Johns. Well don’t boys on your hard work and dedication.

  • Top Secret Mission!

    We have been working on a top secret mission in Year 2 this week. The boys and girls enjoyed using 2Simple 2Paint a Picture software to create beautiful artwork in preparation for a very special day that is coming soon. I wonder if you can work out what they have been doing!

  • Chicks in Year 2

    The chicks have been looked after very well by the Year 2 children. They have enjoyed feeding them and making sure they have plenty of water to drink. This week the chicks were big enough for the children to hold. As you can see, the boys and girls were very excited to finally hold our […]

  • Are you mean?

    In maths today we learnt a new meaning to mean; we also learnt about mode, median and range. Whilst developing our Health and Well-being skills, pupils threw tennis balls 🎾 (How many throws in a half a minute?) and repeated 5 times. We then calculated the mean, mode, median and range.

  • Sports Relief In Nursery

    The nursery children have had a very busy day today. They participate in a range of different sports activities to raise money for Sports Relief. Well done boys and girls!

  • Thank you to Brett Johns for coming in to school this afternoon to open and close our Sport Relief event.

  • Baby Chicks in Reception!

    Yesterday, Reception pupils were lucky enough to meet the baby chicks that are being looked after by Year 2. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed holding and stroking the baby chicks and learning all about how they are being looked after. Thank you Year 2!!

  • Year 3 and Baby Chicks

    Year 3 Pupils has the opportunity to see and hold the chicks that are being cared for in Year 2. Here are some pictures:

  • Foundation Phase Sport Relief Fun

    The Foundation Phase children had a great time this morning working their way around various stations as part of our Sport Relief activities. They enjoyed further developing a range of skills, including kicking, throwing, catching, hitting, jumping, balancing and skipping.

  • Sportstatic for Sports Relief 🎾 πŸ€ ⚽️

    Today we are celebrating Sport Relief. We are working as a community to develop our skills and raise money for this amazing event. A huge Diolch to Blwyddyn 6 for stepping into their roles as teachers and leading sports stations this morning.

  • Year 1 Chick Cuddles

    The children had a treat today and had the opportunity to hold one of the chicks that have very recently hatched. They were extremely sensible and gentle. Well done boys and girls!

  • Year 1 Kindness Jar

    This afternoon the children participated in a lesson all to do with kindness. We gave examples of how to use kind words and compared them to soft cotton wool balls. We also discussed examples of words that are unkind and compared them to scratchy sandpaper. The children felt both and compared the soft feeling to […]

  • Reception Gymnastics!

    Reception pupils thoroughly enjoyed learning all about balancing and travelling during a gymnastics lesson today! Pupils started by completing a balancing circuit whereby they moved around in their groups and completed a different balance pose at each station. They then practised different travelling techniques such as skipping, jumping, crawling and hopping! Pupils then combined these […]

  • Pob Lwc Merched

    Good luck to our Year 6 girls who are competing in a Welsh Urdd Competition today. Pob Lwc Merched. Smash it

  • SΓͺr y Wythnos 🌟

    Congratulations to our stars of the week!

  • Year 2 Dawnsio Gwerin!

    As part of the children’s learning for Welsh Week, today they learnt a lovely Welsh folk dance called Cylch Y Cymru. They worked with a partner to practice the moves before all working together to create the class dance. Dawnsio gwych!

  • Heartstrings Drama!

    Following on from our introduction to the welsh short film Heartstrings, Reception pupils took to the stage to re-create scenes from the film! We started by pretending to be sculptures, where two pupils played the characters from the film and the other pupil the Artist. It was the artists job to model their sculptures and […]

  • Learning all about the short film Heartstrings!

    This week Reception pupils have had a lot of fun studying the short film Heartstrings which was created by a Welsh artist. Pupils first began by watching the short film and spoke about the different emotions apparent within the film. We then looked at the film more closely and discussed why there was no speech […]

  • A Monster in the Lake

    Following on from our work on the Welsh myth Yr Afanc, this week we watched a fantastic film called A Monster in the Lake. The film is based on the Afanc myth, with a modern day twist. In the film, a young girl named Anwen discovers the reason behind the Afanc’s anger is the amount […]

  • Pentre Graig Away πŸ‰

    The rugby team were in action again this afternoon in Pentre Graig Primary School. It was a hard fought game and Pentre Graig eventually run out as winners in what was a physical and competitive game. The children did themselves and the school proud and will look to bounce back with a win in their […]

  • Our Emotion Toolkits!

    Following on from our initial lesson whereby we chose to focus on the three emotions Happy, Angry and Worried, Reception pupils have spent the week creating the emotional tool kits that they chose to have when feeling such emotions. Reception pupils each chose to have a personalised notepad where inside they wanted to draw pictures […]

  • Jac Y Do

    This term, one aspect of our PE is dance. What better way to start the unit by also learning about our Welsh Herritage. In PE this week, Year 6 learnt a Welsh folk dance. Over the next couple of weeks, they will be dancing to a variety of folk songs and dances and finishing off […]

  • Year 1 The Runaway Pancake

    We read a lovely story today called “The Runaway Pancake” who rolled out of the pan and ran away – bumping into lots of different animals on the way. The children were challenged to try and remember all of the animals that the pancake met on his journey. They worked together in groups to sequence […]

  • Creating healthy pancakes!

    Reception pupils had lots of fun this morning designing and creating pancakes for pancake day! We decided that fruit would be a healthy decoration for our pancakes and used our understanding of emotions to create different faces based on our favourite expressions. Reception pupils could not wait to eat their pancakes and perhaps not unsurprisingly […]

  • Year 2 Love is all around

    Year 2 have had a lovely day taking part in activities linked to Valentine’s Day. This morning, we learnt about the history of Saint Valentine. We looked at some Valentines symbols before everyone voted on their favourite one in a tally chart. That information was then used to create a pictogram on HWB. The favourite […]