AoLE Health and Well-Being
Examples of Health and Well-Being at Pontlliw
  • Virtual Halloween activities 🎃 👻

    If you’re struggling for ideas for Halloween during the current lockdown, head over to Swansea Libraries Facebook page! There’s digital fun for all ages… if you dare 🕸🕷🧙‍♀️    

  • Halloween Fun!

    Reception had a wonderful day today, celebrating all their hard work since September. They came to school dressed up, and enjoyed the day together, dancing, playing ‘pass the pumpkin’, musical statues. When they were eventually tired out, we had a small sit down party. The children loved it! After ‘pass the pumpkin’ we opened it […]

  • Halloween In Year 1!

    Year 1 have had so much fun today undertaking lots of Halloween themed activities and of course, having a Halloween party! We started the day by learning a little bit about why Halloween is celebrated. The children then had lots of fun completing their Halloween spooktacular activity packs created by South Wales Police- real life […]

  • 4 Purpose at Pontlliw

    Pupils at Pontlliw are given opportunities every day to be: Ethical, Informed Citizens Enterprising, Creative Contributors Healthy, Confident Individuals And Ambitious, Capable Learners. Last year, every child, in their pupil voice group, had a voice in designing posters to identif the areas of each purpose. This term, pupils in Year 6 have been talking about […]

  • Hot Seating Activity with Janette

    This week we have been developing our questioning skills in our catch up sessions. Thank you Janette for answering our questions today, linking with our food and hygiene topic in Science.

  • Year 3 Make Egyptian Mummy Pizzas!

    This afternoon, the Year 3 children enjoyed making some Egyptian themed mummy pizzas. They began by carefully cutting their muffins in half which they used as their pizza base. After that, the children measured out how much tomato purée they would need and then proceeded to create their mummy pizzas using cheese to create a […]

  • Superhero Training Day!

    Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed training to be Superheroes today! The children undertook lots of different activities that all involved having to apply key skills that we have learnt this term! Year 1’s favourites were: Using the coding sheet to work out their secret superhero name. They then wrote this down using a secret ink […]

  • What a perfect Pumpkin!

    Reception spent the day today investigating pumpkins. The children described them, counted the lines on them, found out how tall they were and measured using blocks, and finally we investigated if the would sink or float! Reception know…… do you? Some of the children had a go at making square pumpkins! Yes you heard right! […]

  • Shwmae bawb!

    Diwirnod Shwmae Hapus i chi! Wow Reception had a great Shwmae day, they played musical ‘shwmae’, made hats, and talked about what it means to be special, and Welsh! The children also enjoyed a on-line Welsh concert! Dont forget to say Shwmae to someone today!

  • Shwmae oddi wrth blwyddyn pedwar!

    Year 4 celebrated Shwmae day by enjoying an online concert from Bronwen Lewis, then decorated shwmae posters to show their own personalities. Da iawn blwyddyn pedwar!

  • Year 3 Celebrate Shwmae Day

    Shwmae! Today in Year 3, we have been celebrating ‘Shwmae Day’. We’ve really enjoyed celebrating and promoting the welsh language by taking part in a variety of activities. We used the chrome books to create posters about Egypt in Welsh. We completed a ‘Lliwio’r Llun’ about Cleopatra and wrote some sentences about her in Welsh. […]

  • What’s the time, Year 3?

    This week in maths, we have been consolidating our understanding of telling the time on a digital and analogue clock. Today, we used this knowledge to help us take part in a ‘time hunt’ where the children had to match a digital time on their sheet to an analogue clock which had been hidden in […]

  • Shwmae from Blwyddyn 6

    Today, as a country, we celebrated Shwmae Day; a day where we greet our fellow Welshman/woman with a ‘Shwmae’ (How are you?) Year 6 have had a wonderful morning: making flags, word-search, plotting places in Wales on the map, taking part in a virtual concert with the a famous welsh singer, Bronwen Lewis, and a […]

  • Friendly or Unfriendly?

    This week Year 1 have started to learn all about ‘Supertato’ the hero and we looked at what qualities Supertato had that made him a kind friend to others. Year 1 then had lots of fun thinking about what actions could be classed as friendly or unfriendly. We looked at various scenarios and the children […]

  • Year 6 Well-being Check-in

    Today we completed the plenary of our PSE lesson by linking into a live Teams meeting, with each other and Miss Mathias. The focus of the chat was to check in on our well-being and discuss how we are feeling about the latest Coronavirus update that we watched on Newsround as part of our introduction.

  • Dear Diary…

    This week our Literacy focus is Recount writing. Today we began the week by developing our Oracy skills and knowledge of recount writing. One person was the ‘diary’ and the other the recount ‘writer’.

  • Our Number 4 P.E Lesson

    This week we combined our number of the week with our P.E lesson. Our number was 4, so the children were asked to do 4 repetitions of different actions, e.g, 4 hops, 4 jumps etc. Just look at how much fun they had.

  • Year 2 Emotions

    Today in Year 2, the children discussed various emotions that they might have felt at some point. In their groups they sorted cards into good or bad emotions, giving reasons for their choices. The children decided that some emotions could go into both columns, such as nervous. We also talked about the fact that sometimes […]

  • WRU Minecraft ”Club of the future Competition” 🏉

    As a Minecraft Learning Centre for Wales, we are very excited to be rolling out the WRU Minecraft ”Club of the Future” competition to all our learners from Y2 – Y6. They were shown the details of the competition this morning in our virtual assembly. More details can be found here: Lots of the children […]

  • Year 3 Mummify their Tomatoes 🍅

    What an interesting morning we’ve had in Year 3. After being covered in salt for the last week and a half, the children were able to free their tomatoes this afternoon in order to make their observations. It was fascinating to see what the salt had done to the tomatoes and some of the weight […]

  • Mental Health Awareness In Nursery

    This week the nursery children have been participating in activities that help them to understand their emotions. Today we discussed how to identify different emotions. The children used a mirror to study their facial features to see how they looked when they felt happy, sad or angry. They then used a marker pen to draw […]

  • Mental health awareness in Reception.

    How do you feel? Reception spent the afternoon talking about their feelings. We talked and sorted good and bad feelings, and the class even showed me what body language would be used when we felt a certain way. We played a guess the feeling game, and Mrs Griffiths wore her mask! The children made some […]

  • Mental Health Awareness in Year 5

    Year 5 studied how to look after our mental health this afternoon in preparation for Mental Health Awareness Day on Saturday. Firstly we talked about body health and what we do if we hurt our finger or have a bad head. We recognised that we should treat mental health in the same way and treat […]

  • Zentangles in Year 4

    As part of work towards World Mental Health Day on Saturdays, Year 4 discussed and learnt about mental health, and reminded themselves of some of the strategies they learnt about last year. They then had a go at drawing Zentangles – small artistic drawings focusing on patterns and focus. They did an amazing job and […]

  • Nursery’s Number Hunt

    The nursery children have been learning all about numbers, so today we went for a number hunt in the fairy garden. The children were really clever and managed to find them all. Well done nursery.

  • Raising Awareness of Mental Health in Year 6

    In preparation for World Mental Health Awareness Day (October 10th) Year 6 have been discussing what Mental Health and Mindfulness means to them. The children have been working on different activities to share strategies to help us when feeling down, upset, angry, frustrated etc. Pupils completed activities such as: Composing happy, upbeat songs using Music […]

  • Patterns in Nature.

    Reception have enjoyed listening to ‘Stickman’ this week, and have spent the day thinking about his feelings. The children also went out into the nature reserve to look at patterns on the bark of trees. Reception discovered that they could use their crayons in a different way to make a picture. The children looked at […]

  • Flu Nasal Spray – What to Expect

    Dear Parents, Swansea Bay Health Board have shared the below link with us to show children what to expect when they receive their annual flu nasal spray in school. Please feel free to show the children if you think they would benefit from seeing the video. Thank you for your continued support Pontlliw Staff

  • Year 1- Mental Health Awareness.

    Year 1 have had lots of fun developing their mental health awareness today, in preparation for World Mental Health Day (Saturday October 10th). We started off by looking at what World Mental Health Day is and why it is important. We then talked about ways in which we can understand our own emotions and that […]

  • Working on Our Mental Health in Year 2

    In preparation for World Mental Health Awareness Day, this afternoon the Year 2 children discussed ways in which we can improve our mental health. We started by discussing what mental health means, and the children were interested to learn about ways in which we can improve our mental wellbeing. We discussed strategies that the children […]

  • Numicon Relay Race

    We are working on our addition and subtraction this week and in particular the speed of which we work out sums mentally. We practiced our skills today by working in teams to make a total using numicon! We had to work out what numbers we would use as the 10s were off limits. We also […]

  • Mental Health Awareness in Year 3

    On Saturday, October 10th, it is World Mental Health Day. The Year 3’s marked this occasion in class today by discussing different ways we can help our minds be healthy. The children were so sensible in their discussions and were able to suggest some fantastic positive actions that could help us if we had sad […]

  • WW2 Expressive Arts

    This afternoon, we looked at pictures from WW2 and talked about how we would feel if we were in other people’s shoes. We expressed our feelings if we were evacuees, families of loved ones or soldiers in the war. We expressed our feelings through the medium of art.

  • Eat well plate 🍌 🍗 🧀 🍞 🍭

    This week, Year 5 have been learning about the different food groups  that make up the “Eat Well Plate” as part of our science focus. We learnt that fruit, vegetables and carbohydrates should make up the majority of the food we eat, with protein and dairy also playing an important part. We also learnt that […]

  • Skype a Scientist Canada 🇨🇦👩‍🔬

    Year Five were treated to a call with a Scientist based in Newfoundland, Canada! She told us about the different food groups and the effect each one has on our bodies. There were loads of questions from the pupils as they were so interested in healthy eating and the body!

  • Virtual Class Assemblies.

    Moving with the times, each week a different class will lead a whole school assembly via Teams online. This week, it was Year 6 to kick us off with this new tradition. We spoke to the whole school about our virtual meeting with the Jersey pupils from last Friday. We also showed the whole school […]

  • Show and Tell

    Our ‘Show and Tell’ was a little bit different this term. Instead of bringing an item to school to discuss with their friends, the nursery children, with a little help from their parents, uploaded a photo to their Hwb account. They were then able to put their photo on the big screen. Lots of amazing […]

  • Going on a Bear Hunt again!

    Reception had fun trying to find the Bear again! This time the children had to hunt for letters to make the word ‘bear’. All the children worked hard and found the letters, Mrs Besley had hidden them well. After this the children became kings and queens of the woods, and made some beautiful leaf crowns.

  • Year 6 Meet Jersey Pupils

    Today we had a virtual meeting with a year 6 class in Jersey, Channel Island. Jersey is situated near the coast of Normandy, France? Pupils shared their feelings about their return to school after lockdown. As it is National Languages Day in Jersey, we performed a Welsh song and played a Welsh game. We thoroughly […]

  • Keeping Safe Online in Year 3

    During our ICT lesson today, the children were introduced to the concept of online privacy and how to distinguish between information that is appropriate to give out and information that is better kept private. The children played an online game called ‘Privacy Pirates: Set Sail to Internet Island’ where they had to assemble a map […]

  • Nature Art

    The nursery children made some amazing nature art today. They went out into our outdoor area to see what natural materials they could find to make a face. They used shells, stones, sticks and leaves. They look fantastic! Gwaith da boys and girls.

  • Fish is the Dish! 🐟

    Year 5 had a very special treat this afternoon hosted by Swansea Council. We learnt about the different types of fish that can be sourced from Swansea Bay! It fitted in well with our science focus as we learnt about the benefits that fish has on our bodies and brains! Finally we got to taste […]

  • Going on a Bear Hunt!

    What a beautiful day for a Bear Hunt and Reception are NOT scared! We had great fun exploring our outdoor area, and collecting dinner for the Bear. We acted out the story by moving our bodies, and even made some fruity kebabs! Luckily the Bear didn’t arrive to steal the delicious fruit and we ate […]

  • Learning all about Super Healthy Heroes!

    When asked about what they would like to learn about this term, Year 1 were very eager to learn all about the kind of things superheroes would do to look after their body and mind. Therefore, this week we have been exploring lots of things that we can do to ensure we are super strong […]

  • Game time in year 4!

    Year 4 put their skills to the test by playing some mini games of hockey this afternoon. They used what they had learnt about passing, dribbling and shooting and put on a really good show demonstrating their skills. They watched and learnt from each other, and picked up rules very quickly. Da iawn blwyddyn pedwar!

  • Learning about our Rights in Year 3

    Today, we learnt all about children’s rights. These are all the things that children need to grow up happy, healthy and safe. We began by looking at each article and discussing why each one was important. The children then considered which of the articles they thought were the most important in helping us to create […]

  • What Do We Celebrate and When?

    Yesterday, the Year 2 children enjoyed finding out more about what we celebrate and when the celebrations happen. The children discussed our birthdays and sequenced them onto a class birthday timeline. They also enjoyed using the internet to find out the dates of popular celebrations, and then sorted them into the correct months. Super researching […]

  • Nursery Explorers

    The nursery children became explorers today. They went out into the nature area to see what they could find. They were pleased to find some amazing dens that the year six children had made. They also found bugs and lots of different sized sticks. After all that exploring it was time to go back to […]

  • Learning all about fast and slow objects in Year 1!

    During our EPIC planning this term, the children were particularly interested in learning all about how superheroes fly so fast and they wanted to know if any objects are super fast like them! Therefore, in Science we have started to explore objects that are fast and slow and the forces surrounding them. The children started […]

  • Growth Mindset and Positive Thinking 💭

    Year 5 received books to help them achieve a growth mindset and always think positively today. They have been encouraged to note down the positive things that happen to them on a daily basis so they can look back on how amazing they are on a day when they are not feeling so good. Some […]