AoLE Health and Well-Being
Examples of Health and Well-Being at Pontlliw
  • Year 2 Love is all around

    Year 2 have had a lovely day taking part in activities linked to Valentine’s Day. This morning, we learnt about the history of Saint Valentine. We looked at some Valentines symbols before everyone voted on their favourite one in a tally chart. That information was then used to create a pictogram on HWB. The favourite […]

  • Year 1 Tour de France

    We were lucky enough today to complete our Tour de France challenge before the rain set in! The children were fantastic – they listened to the instructions and showed off their control and balancing skills. Another fun day in Year 1.

  • Road Safety 🚗🚦

    The juniors were treated to a fantastic production about Road Safety this afternoon. It was a fun and interactive assembly but with a serious and important message. Have a lovely half term and stay safe on the roads

  • Emotion Tools

    Year 6 have been producing a variety of products to enable pupils to build up a bank of strategies to deal with emotions such as: anger, anxiety and depression. Products included a chatter qube, dice, poster, magnets, PowerPoint and a game coded by emotion. Pupils have enjoyed being part of such a valuable project; it […]

  • Sêr y Wythnos and Attendance 🌟

    Congratulations to our stars of the week. Attendace for the school was an impressive 97%!

  • Emotion Tools

    As part if our school’s Erasmus European project, this week the Year 2 children have been focusing on emotions and self-regulation. We read lots of fantastic stories, which helped us to think about the way various emotions affect us. We discussed times when we felt delighted, anxious, frustrated, scared and so on. We then talked […]

  • Safer Internet Day 2020

    The Year 2s enjoyed completing lots of work for Safer Internet Day. We talked about personal information and learned about information that needs to be kept private when online. We also discussed people who we can and cannot trust with out personal details. The children enjoyed making online identity posters which showed what they like […]

  • P.E Fun

    What a busy afternoon the nursery children have had today. During P.E they enjoyed  running around cones, practising stopping and starting. They were careful not to knock them over. Well done!

  • I Can Catch!

    The nursery children have had a lot of fun developing their motor skills today. They used chiffon scarves to practise catching. They threw the scarves into the air and used different parts of their body to catch them. They caught them with two hands, one hand, on their arms and even on their heads!

  • Reception Safer Internet Day!

    Reception pupils had lots of fun learning all about how to be safe when using the internet and their digital devices today. We started by discussing some popular apps and websites that pupils recognised and what they are for. We then looked at the story of Smartie the Penguin who taught us all about how […]

  • I Love to Ride my 🚲

    This week, Year 6 have been developing their cycling skills on the school yard, in our local estate and some have been cycling onto the main roads.

  • Our Potion Shop!

    Reception pupils continued to learn all about money this week and have paid particular attention to using coins to pay for items! Pupils took the opportunity to use our Muddy Kitchen to create potions and then practised their mathematical skills by selling and buying those items from their peers- Pupils even went on to providing […]

  • Sêr y Wythnos and attendance 🌟

    Congratulations to our stars of the week! School attendance was 96.3% for the week

  • Off to a winning start 🏉

    A huge congratulations to our rugby team who played against Pentre Graig this afternoon in the sunshine. They ran out 13 tries to 9 winners in what was a a fast paced and open game. All the players should feel extremely proud of themselves and we look forward to playing Pentre Graig again on the […]

  • Rolling And Catching

    In P.E today the nursery children worked on their catching skills. They worked with a partner and rolled a large ball to each other. They then practised gently throwing the ball for their partner to catch. Well done!

  • WRU Schools Design a Mascot Challenge!

    Reception pupils have had lots of fun this week designing a mascot as part of the WRU schools challenge! First we received a special message off a Welsh Rugby Player asking us to complete the design a mascot challenge. We then undertook research looking at different Mascots around the world and decided as a class […]

  • We love Playing Outdoors!

    The nursery children had lots of fun playing outside on Welly Wednesday this week.

  • Emotion Tools

    We have been creating personalised emotion tools this week as part of our school’s European Erasmus project. We identified 3 emotions which we found difficult to deal with. Feeling hurt 💔, feeling unwanted 😥 and feeling angry 😡. After discussing ways in which we could deal with the emotions, the children created personalised tools to […]

  • Solar System Scavenger Hunt

    We linked Science and Technology and Health and Well-being this afternoon by taking part in a scavenger hunt. Clues were hidden around the school linked to the Science of Space and the children had to run to find the answers to the questions. We added a little competitive element and timed the children, challenging them […]

  • WRU 6 Nations 2019

    In preparation for the start of the 6 Nations on Saturday, Year 6 have been busy researching and collecting data on the 6 Nations 2019 Pupils needed to create a database on J2Data, create fields, research and input data. They then created graphs and analysed the data developing their Numeracy skills across the curriculum based […]

  • Learning about our Emotions!

    As part of our Erasmus project, where our school is working with other schools across Europe on Health and Well-being projects, we further developed our understanding of Emotions. Here Reception pupils enjoyed meeting the various characters from inside out and then read a fantastic story titled ‘ The Colour Monster’. In the book we saw […]

  • Learning symmetry through creative movement!

    Reception pupils used their mathematical skills in our creative movement lesson today! Here their task was to create a dance routine with a partner whilst ensuring that they were symmetrical in their actions. Pupils enjoyed the challenge and then demonstrated their routine to the whole class. Pupils then had the secondary task of performing actions […]

  • Fairy Wand Sandwiches

    The nursery class have been participating in ‘fairy and troll’ activities this week. Today they made some delicious ‘fairy wand sandwiches’. Don’t they look amazing! They tasted delicious too!

  • Kerbcraft

    The Year 2s enjoyed their first outdoor Kerbcraft session this week. They went down to the Zebra crossing and learned how to use it correctly and safely. The boys and girls were very sensible and worked brilliantly.

  • Hockey 🏑

    Year 5 enjoyed their P.E. lesson today and used wooden hockey sticks for the first time. They had to use their coordination as they were not allowed to hit the ball with the curved side of the stick. We had some very competitive games and some very red faces after a lot of running and […]

  • Outdoor balance challenge!

    Inspired by our previous reading of ‘Going on a bear hunt’ pupils undertook a balance challenge whereby they had to guide their way around a balancing course/ forest trail. Pupils demonstrated wonderful balancing skills and all tried their best! Da iawn dosbarth derbyn!

  • Exploring The Outdoor Area.

    The afternoon nursery children had fun exploring our nature area for the first time. They enjoyed investigating the different areas and walking across the bridge. Before they made their way back to class, they sat in the outdoor classroom and had a sing along. Well done!

  • How Fit is an Astronaut?

    Today, Year 6 have been developing their skills across the curriculum. We have focused on: Literacy – research about the required fitness to be become an astronaut. Health and Well-being – a poster promoting living a healthy lifestyle. Sport Science – thinking of different exercises to do in a minute and discussing muscle groups activated. […]

  • Understanding our Emotions 😃😢😡

    Year 5 looked at emotions this morning, as part of our European Erasmus project where we link with 5 other schools across the E.U. to complete Health and Wellbeing projects. We read the book ”In my Heart” which looked at different emotions and how they made us feel. We then colour coded a number of […]

  • Year 2 A Bucket of Kindness

    In Year 2 today we having been talking about showing kindness to others and ourselves. During our Circle time session, the children each had a slip of paper with a child’s name on. They then had to write about a time when they had seen that person displaying kindness. They were then put into our […]

  • Year 5/6 Footballers

    Congratulations to our Year 5/6 boys football team. It was pretty bleak at Play Football today but our boys were amazing. They played like a strong team: communicating, supporting, celebrating and showing resilience when things didn’t quite go as planned. So proud of you boys, excellent sportsmanship 💪⚽️

  • Sêr y Wythnos and Attendance

    Congratulations to this week’s stars! Attendance for the school was an impressive 97.8%! Well done everyone

  • Hapus or Trist?

    The nursery children have been learning about different emotions this week and today we  discussed what made them happy. They said it was playing with their brothers and sisters, going to the park, and playing with their toys. I am very pleased to say that some said that it was coming to school that made […]

  • Skills Across the Curriculum

    This week Year 6 have been developing their Numeracy skills as well as their Health and Wellbeing and Welsh skills. Pupils asked questions in Welsh to collect data related to being healthy.

  • Kerbcraft Session 1

    On Monday, Charlie came in for our first Kerbcraft session. The Year 2s discussed the Kerbcraft rules and what they will be doing in the sessions each week. The boys and girls are very excited and are looking forward to learning important road safety skills this term. They cannot wait for our first outdoor Kerbcraft […]

  • Sorting Materials

    This week the Year 2s discussed the different materials that objects are made from. We talked about the importance of recycling and watched a really interesting video showing us what happens to the waste that we send for recycling after it leaves our houses. The children were fascinated. We then looked at some household waste […]

  • Afternoon Nursery’s First P.E Session

    The nursery children thoroughly enjoyed their first P.E session today. They practised balancing and jumping, and even did a bit of dancing!

  • Balancing and Jumping!

    Just look how good the nursery children are at balancing and jumping!

  • Year 1 Countries and Cultures

    The children are excited about our new topic “Countries and Cultures” and have provided lots of interesting ideas that will be included in the planning. It’s lovely to see their enthusiasm – especially when their ideas have been used in lessons. Our first destination is China! Keep up the good work boys and girls!

  • Pupils Involved in Planning

    Pupils have been developing their independence and are taking more and more responsibility for their own learning. At the start of each topic, pupils write a question on a leaf about something they want to find out about related to our topic this term, Space and Flight. The children came up with awesome ideas about […]

  • Sêr y Wythnos! ⭐️

    Congratulations to our stars of the week!

  • Goals and Resolutions

    The Year 2s enjoyed using their reading skills to find out about New Year traditions from around the UK. The children then wrote about their own goals for 2020.

  • Discussing the New Year

    The Year 2s enjoyed discussing New Year’s eve and resolutions, as part of our topic ‘Take a Trip in a Time Machine’. We discussed various New Year’s Eve traditions and celebrations from around the UK and the rest of the world. We also sand Auld Lang Syne, and then talked about the changes we would […]

  • African Dancing 🕺🏻💃🏼

    Year 5 had a great introduction to their new topic this afternoon. The children started by looking at the 6 areas of learning and outlining what they wanted to learn in each area this term. They then learnt some African dance moves and put them into practice when listening to “Waka Waka”. They are now […]

  • Year 6’s Final Christmas Party

    Year 6 enjoyed their last Christmas party. We exchanged Secret Santa gifts and played party games

  • All about the heart! ❤️

    Year 5 studied the heart today and undertook a number of activities in the process. This morning we studied the various parts that make up the heart and the circulatory system. After break we dissected lambs hearts and saw the various parts up close. This afternoon we consolidated our learning by making quizzes on Microsoft forms […]

  • Learning all about ‘Sprout Boys’ emotions!

    As part of our work on ‘Sprout Boy’, pupils in Reception studied various scenes from the video and plotted what emotions Sprout Boy was feeling throughout the story. All pupils worked very hard and produced lovely pieces of work- da iawn Reception!

  • Learning all about ‘Sprout Boy’!

    Reception pupils have had lots of fun this morning being introduced to the Christmas advert ‘Sprout Boy’. To start, pupils were shown clips of the video and made predictions about how they thought the story would end. Pupils then really enjoyed working in groups to draw and describe the character Sprout Boy. They wrote down […]

  • Football Tournament ⚽️

    The football team once again represented the school extremely well today. They won 3, drew 2 and lost 1 in a tough competition at play football, Llangyfelach.

  • Year 2 Feelings

    Over the last few weeks, Year 2 have been learning about different feelings. Today we listened to a lovely story about a little girl who was feeling a little angry. She described it as a balloon being blown up! We discussed strategies the children could use if they ever felt like that and they came […]