AoLE Health and Well-Being
Examples of Health and Well-Being at Pontlliw
  • Football Tournament ⚽️

    The football team once again represented the school extremely well today. They won 3, drew 2 and lost 1 in a tough competition at play football, Llangyfelach.

  • Year 2 Feelings

    Over the last few weeks, Year 2 have been learning about different feelings. Today we listened to a lovely story about a little girl who was feeling a little angry. She described it as a balloon being blown up! We discussed strategies the children could use if they ever felt like that and they came […]

  • Year 1Trip to the Fire Station

    This week year 1 have been on a trip to Parc Tawe Fire Station. We learned lots about firefighters and their jobs. The children had lots of fun.

  • Creating Pictograms

    This week Reception pupils have used their computing skills to create Pictograms online. This linked to our ‘Magical Me’ topic where pupils voted on which healthy fruit was their favourite and created a pictogram to show the results. Da iawn Reception!

  • Fireman Visit 👨🏼‍🚒

    This week year 1 have been learning about firemen and women. We had a visit from Mr Godwin to tell us about the uniform, smoke alarms and the dangers of hot items in the home.

  • Urdd Football Tournament

    Well done to our fantastic Urdd football team who played outstandingly well in terrible conditions today at Ashleigh Road. They lost 1, drew 2 and won 2, conceding only 1 goal in 5 games. We missed out on the semi finals by 1 goal! The boys not only played well but represented the school with […]

  • Road Safety in Year 5 🚗💨

    This week is Road Safety Week. This morning Year 5 took a trip into the village to look at the potential hazards that face them on the way to and from school. We learnt that it is not safe to cross the road near a bend, or across a t-junction. We also looked at the […]

  • Leaf Art

    Lots of lovely colourful leaves had fallen from the trees in the nursery yard, so we decided to make some ‘leaf art’. Just have a look at our lovely leafy pictures.

  • Netball Tournament

    Congratulations to our Year 6 Netball team on a storming fesitval today at Gowerton Comprehensive. Excellent determination, team work and resilience. Gwaith gwych merched.

  • Road Safety Assembly

    This week is Road Safety week. Our Safety Soldiers pupil voice group contacted Charlie from the road safety team and he very kindly came in to take assembly for us today. We discussed possible dangers for pedestrians and drivers, and Charlie showed us how many accidents gave happened recently in our local area. The children […]

  • Children in Need in Year 2

    Year 2 have had a busy day celebrating Children in Need.  We started the day by listening to a lovely story called Pudsey’s Great Fundraiser. Thank you to Freddy for bringing the book in! Throughout the day we decorated cupcakes, had toast, did some mindfulness colouring, watched some events live from the Children in Need […]

  • Children in need!

    Reception really enjoyed dressing up and raising money for children in need today!

  • Children In Need

    Year 1 enjoyed raising money for Children In Need today. Thank you for your support.

  • Beating Bullies

    This week was anti-bullying week. Year 2 enjoyed discussing what bullying is, and read a story which helped them identify lots of ways to stop bullying. The children also enjoyed watching the Pixar short film ‘For the Birds’, which helped the children to see that it’s ok to be different and how to stand up […]

  • Children in Need 2019

    This year for Children in Need, the children in Pontlliw have been working hard to raise money for charity. Led by the Enterprise Troopers, the children bought toast, decorated cakes, entered the duck race and dressed in Pudsey style clothes. Overall, the school raised a brilliant £393.51! Da iawn Pontlliw Primary School!

  • Anti-Bullying in Year 5

    We celebrated anti-bullying week by researching what bullying means in Year 5. We found out, it is repeated acts of unkindness to a person over a period of time. We also learnt that there were multiple types of bullying including physical, verbal, cyber and emotional. They then answered questions to test their knowledge on the […]

  • A fantastic visit to the art gallery!

    We have just got back from a superb visit to the art gallery! Pupils had lots of fun. When we arrived we had a tour of the art gallery and pupils had a check list of different paintings to find. Pupils then had the opportunity to create a self portrait out of several materials such […]

  • Freezing Football Friend

    On a cold Winter’s day at Play Football, Year 5 girls were doing the school proud and not allowing the cold to dampen their spirits. Da iawn girls, rougher and tougher than the rest 💪😊

  • #AntiBullyingWeek How Serious is Bullying?

    Year 4 have spent some time this morning discussing various scenarios, and trying to decide if any type of bullying is more serious than another. It was a hard task as, ultimately, any type of bullying is serious and can have serious consequences and impacts on everyone. They were incredibly mature in their discussions, and […]

  • Aldi Kit for Schools.

    Unfortunately we have 70 spaces left to fill on our poster. We have filled a staggering 830 stickers! Wow, thats an outstanding amound spent in Aldi. The closing date to send the poster, is the 18th of November, to be in with a chance of winning the sports kit and the £20,000 draw. A massivve […]

  • Teaching Nursery about teeth brushing!

    This morning Reception pupils had a lot of fun teaching nursery pupils all about how to brush their teeth! Reception pupils taught the nursery two songs about teeth brushing as well as showing them the equipment that they use. They also gave step by step instructions and used picture cards. Da iawn Reception!

  • WW2 Hot Seating Mr Hughes

    As we celebrate Remembrance Day today we think back to all of the people who were effected by the wars. We were fortunate today to be in the company of Mr Hughes who was born during WW2. His stories of the war were informative and interesting. Pupils were enthused and hung off his every world. […]

  • Year 5 Bronze Ambassadors

    Today 2 Year 5 Bronze Ambassadors have recieved training to help further develop sport and a healthy lifestyle at Pontlliw.

  • Fabulous Fireworks!

    The reception children enjoyed pretending to be fireworks during their P.E lesson. They twirled, jumped and spun to music. Then they took it in turns to put on their very own firework display. Amazing! Well done.

  • Fairies in the classroom!

    This week Reception had a shock to find that our class had been taken over by fairies!! They have been incredibly busy helping the ‘nurse’ write instructions for teeth brushing- they even had to help her find all of the items that the fairies had hidden around the yard! Pupils also got the chance to […]

  • Fantastic Fireworks!

    The Year 2s have had a very busy week! They have completed lots of exciting activities as part of the ‘Glitter and Glow’ topic. The children have been focusing on learning about fireworks celebrations. They have completed lots of tasks, including: * learning about the firework safety code and creating their own safety posters * […]

  • Let’s go fly a kite!

    This week pupils have been learning all about instruction writing and wrote instructions for how to make a paper kite! They then had the opportunity to make their own paper kite following the instructions.. we even got to see a real kite flying in the sky!

  • Baking Blackberry Tarts

    At the start of term, some of the Year 2 children said they would like to make blackberry tarts, and to taste blackberries. So today, we did just that! The children have worked brilliantly this half term, and are looking forward to taking home a delicious treat to start their half term holiday.

  • Abseiling and Rock Climbing (Group 1)

    Yet another successful day at Borfa House.

  • Outdoor Adventures!

    The nursery children have had a busy morning in the outdoor nature area. They played musical instruments and sang songs, and they decided they wanted to use a Santa blanket to make a den! After all that excitement we all sat down and had some tasty, warm vegetable soup and a bread roll. Delicious!  

  • Surf’s Up Dude!

    What a glorious day to catch the surf. Today we embraced the elements and surfed at Rhossili Bay.

  • Learning to wash our hands!

    Reception had lots of fun today learning about how to wash their hands! Pupils were taught all about germs through fun stories and we even saw how germs could be passed on through looking at the spreading of green glitter!

  • Hump Day at Borfa House

    Bore da from Borfa House. New PB for Pontlliw pupils… a full 10 hours sleep on a residential. We are currently refuelling, having breakfast, ready for our day ahead of body boarding and surfing.

  • Rock Hopping to Culver Hole

    The word “culver” derives from the Old English word “culfre”, meaning pigeon or dove. With its ability to breed all year round and its quick regeneration, pigeons provided a plentiful source of red meat – given the necessary shelter and food. The children have had a lovely day, walking the coast of the Gower and […]

  • Day 1 – Afternoon beach combing

    Year 6 enjoyed a first afternoon exploring the beach. They made ochre face paint and got to create designs on each other’s faces (even the teachers didn’t get away from the fun!) After that they visited the salt house, and learnt all about the smugglers who used to wreck ships using false lighthouses. On their […]

  • Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

    Port Eynon at its best.

  • Mae hi’n amser cinio

    We have had lunch and are now getting ready to head to the beach. (I won’t upload every hour normally, but as we are still at the centre and have wifi, I’m making the most of it -lol)

  • Learning about the people who help us!

    As part of our Magical Me topic pupils wanted to learn about the people who helped them! We were lucky enough to be joined by PC Parry who taught us all about the different emergency services. We even got to try on Police uniforms!!

  • Right and Wrong in Year 2 with P.C.Parry

    This morning P.C. Parry visited Year 2 to talk about ‘Right and Wrong’. We discussed making the right choices and consequences for actions.

  • Halloween Disco 2019 🎃👻

    A huge thank you to our wonderful P.T.A. for organising another very successful Halloween Disco. The children looked great in their costumes and enjoyed the music from our resident DJ and got to try halloween activities and tattoos throughout the evening. Thank you for bringing your children out in this awful weather to help raise […]

  • Organ Presentations

    Year 5 have swapped roles and became teachers this week. They have been busy researching the different organs in the body and this week it was time to teach the rest of the class (and me) about their chosen organ. We learnt lots of interesting facts from each other and now know a lot more […]

  • Super Ambassador Event

    Two of our Healthy Heroes attended Super Ambassador training this week. They had the opportunity to meet the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, Sally Holland and they took part in a variety of workshops and activities linked to Children’s Rights. They have lots of information and special missions to share with our school over the coming […]

  • Super Food Sorting

    As part of our topic ‘Glitter and Glow’, the Year 2s have started to learn about Harvest. This week, the boys and girls used Venn and Carroll diagrams to sort various items of food. They enjoyed learning the names of lots of foods in Welsh, and worked together to decide where the food should go. […]

  • Let’s Be Germ Free

    As part of our Science topic this half term we are studying Microorganisms. Children have been been researching famous Scientists and looking into the effects of Yeast. Pupils have also been developing their questioning skills, asking Janette questions on the importance of food hygiene. Today we had a mini experiment to see how far germs […]

  • Friend or foe?

    Year 4 were visited today by PC Parry. She led a session called “friend or foe” and challenged the children to decide just from looking at pictures whether or not we can trust people. There was a lot of good debate and discussion, which the class took part in well.

  • Year 1 Superhero P.E

    Year 1 have enjoyed taking part in some Superhero activities as part of their P.E lesson today. We started off with some Captain America warm up games (some which were led by the children). We then played a Heroes and Villians tag game before cooling down with some superhero posed yoga! They were fantastic.

  • Reception Enjoy Keeping Fit!

    The reception children thoroughly enjoyed their P.E session today.

  • Learning about our bodies!

    Reception have really enjoyed learning all about the human skeleton this week and the different parts of the body! They particularly enjoyed creating their own skeletons.

  • Run for Cover

    As part of our WW2 topic we are studying how people survived WW2. Year 6 had lots of fun developing their problem solving and team work skills building dens in our outdoor area. We embraced the experience by dressing in the 1939 – 1945 era.

  • Healthy Heroes

    Our Healthy Heroes had a busy meeting this week. As groups, they discussed what they feel we should focus on this year. They also planned how to take part in a competition to design a mascot for a Swansea Bay Health Charity. Finally, the Year 6 children had to decide between them which events they […]