AoLE Humanities
Examples of the Humanities at Pontlliw
  • 4 Purpose at Pontlliw

    Pupils at Pontlliw are given opportunities every day to be: Ethical, Informed Citizens Enterprising, Creative Contributors Healthy, Confident Individuals And Ambitious, Capable Learners. Last year, every child, in their pupil voice group, had a voice in designing posters to identif the areas of each purpose. This term, pupils in Year 6 have been talking about […]

  • Life as a Roman

    Year 5 studied life during Roman times this afternoon and how life differed significantly depending on a person’s social standing. They saw that not everyone in society could be a part of the senate and slaves didn’t get to vote. We learnt about the working class plebeian people as well as the upper class patricians.  There […]

  • Shwmae bawb!

    Diwirnod Shwmae Hapus i chi! Wow Reception had a great Shwmae day, they played musical ‘shwmae’, made hats, and talked about what it means to be special, and Welsh! The children also enjoyed a on-line Welsh concert! Dont forget to say Shwmae to someone today!

  • Happy Harvest!

    What a busy week we have had in Year 2, learning all about Harvest as part of our ‘Why do we celebrate?’ big question. The children worked so hard, using their literacy, numeracy and digital skills across a range of fun activities. The boys and girls enjoyed learning about the origin of food around the […]

  • A fun packed day in Year 5

    What a day we’ve had in Year 5! Following on from last weeks addition and subtraction work, we are working on multiplication and division this week, at speed! We raced against our friends to get the correct answers in the quickest time on the multiplication and division wheels. This afternoon, we started to look at […]

  • WRU Minecraft ”Club of the future Competition” 🏉

    As a Minecraft Learning Centre for Wales, we are very excited to be rolling out the WRU Minecraft ”Club of the Future” competition to all our learners from Y2 – Y6. They were shown the details of the competition this morning in our virtual assembly. More details can be found here: Lots of the children […]

  • Year 3 Mummify their Tomatoes 🍅

    What an interesting morning we’ve had in Year 3. After being covered in salt for the last week and a half, the children were able to free their tomatoes this afternoon in order to make their observations. It was fascinating to see what the salt had done to the tomatoes and some of the weight […]

  • All about Romans

    Year 5 have had a wonderful couple of afternoons getting to know the Romans this week. On Monday they took part in a Roman Bootcamp in class where the children got to learn how to march like a Roman soldier. They also looked at various Roman artefacts on the Caerleon National Museum website, giving their […]

  • Geographical Features of Egypt Year 3

    This afternoon, the Year 3’s found out about the geographical features of Egypt. We discussed information such as climate, population and location then compared the similarities and differences with our own country, Wales. The children then enjoyed using the iPads to research some other interesting facts about Egypt and the River Nile. Awesome work boys […]

  • Food Around The World!

    Year 1 had lots of fun this afternoon learning all about different foods from around the world and the countries that they come from. The children particularly enjoyed using their map of the world and their information leaflets to research about all of the different foods/countries. They then recorded everything that they found out on […]

  • Year 3 become Egyptian Embalmers!

    What an exciting day we’ve had today with the Year 3 children becoming Egyptian embalmers! After learning all about the mummification process during our Science sessions, the children had the chance to put into practise what they had learnt by using a tomato. First, the children washed their tomato (dead body) and then carefully made […]

  • A day in the life of a Celt!

    Year 5 have look at how an everyday Celt lived in Wales nearly 3000 years ago this afternoon. They looked at various things the Celt use to do in their daily lives and then used their research to create a diary entry. Lots of the children were able to use the skills we have been […]

  • Estimating and checking roundhouse diameters

    Year 5 took advantage of this week’s lovely weather by estimating the size of a 5 meter roundhouse in the yard. They then checked their estimate by measuring with a meter ruler. When that was compete they added the basic items the Celts had to see how much room a family would have had during […]

  • Battle of Britain – 80 Years

    Today we celebrated our victory of the Battle of Britain. The Battle of Britain is the name given to the World War II air campaign waged by the German Air Force against the United Kingdom during the summer and autumn of 1940. A lot of the day was built around discussion and research. It’s clear […]

  • Time to Save The World

    Today Year 6 developed their orienteering skills. Pupils marked out hidden ‘bombs’ on their maps and their partners had to find them in the limited time before the school blew up (WW2 related of course) Everyone enjoyed and every pupils learnt a brand new skill of orienteering a map. We have had a fantastic first […]

  • Which is the most common tree in Pontlliw park?

    Last week during our EPIC planning session, lots of the children came up with interesting questions about trees, such as ‘Why do we have Christmas trees?’, ‘Why do some trees have different colour leaves? and ‘Where do conkers and acorns come from?. Today we used these questions as the start of a lesson. We talked […]

  • Dynamic Dens

    Our learning objectives for today’s den building activities were: To work as part of a team and overcome problems, should they arise. To identify why they should be mindful of their own and others’ safety and how to respect the environment. To apply their skills in familiar and unfamiliar environments. Pupils were successful in achieving […]

  • Year 3 Are Curious!

    This year, I have introduced a Curiosity Cube to our classroom in order to promote curiosity, communication and exploration. Every Monday, an item will be placed in the Curiosity Cube for the children to discuss. They will be encouraged throughout the week to talk about what they can see, what they think it might be […]

  • Expressive Musical Art

    Year 6 listened to music from WW2 today. We played along to ‘We’ll meet again’ using bells and Glockenspiels. Pupils followed the music and drew a creative piece of art work linked to mood and tempo. Pupils them had an opportunity to compose their own piece of music using Google Music Lab

  • Rags2Riches4Schools – Eco Warriors

    Here are some images of The Rags2Riches4Schools project that has raised money for the school.

  • Researching the 6 Nations Flags

    This week the Year 2s researched the flags of the countries involved in the 6 Nations rugby competition. They used Image Quest on Britannica online, to find out what each flag looks like. We also focused on the Welsh flag, and used 2D shapes to create our own versions of Y Ddraig Goch.

  • Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus

    We have already had a busy morning at Pontlliw, celebrating St David’s Day. This afternoon the children will be in our Eisteddfod: reciting, singing and being presented with certificates for the winning art and writing competitions. And of course we will be finding out who will be crowned as our ‘chair’ of the Eisteddfod from […]

  • All about Sudan 🇸🇩

    A huge thank you to Bushra, Ahmed and their Mum and Aunty for presenting the wonderful country of Sudan to us this afternoon in Year 5. We learnt some amazing facts about the country and saw where the River Nile splits into the blue and white Nile. The children will use the information they have […]

  • Year 2 Love is all around

    Year 2 have had a lovely day taking part in activities linked to Valentine’s Day. This morning, we learnt about the history of Saint Valentine. We looked at some Valentines symbols before everyone voted on their favourite one in a tally chart. That information was then used to create a pictogram on HWB. The favourite […]

  • Designing and creating Gingerbread men!

    Reception pupils had lots of fun designing and making gingerbread men this week! They started off by using a planning sheet to name their gingerbread man, they then drew a design and made a list the ingredients that they would use. After making the gingerbread men, pupils then wrote an evaluation for what went well […]

  • Ghana 🇬🇭

    Year 5 were veery lucky to have a lady from Ghana in their class this morning. Grace moved to the UK a number of years ago and told the children all about the country. They made notes in their books in preparation for making persuasive leaflets next week. They also got to try some Plantain, […]

  • Year 1 China

    The children have thoroughly enjoyed the last two weeks learning lots of new facts about China. They have tried Chinese food, written their own message for a fortune cookie (and tasted a real one), looked at maps and atlases, tried Chinese writing, as well as completing lots of tasks independently – challenges that they thought […]

  • Freeee Nelson Mandela 🇿🇦

    Year 5 have studied the life of Nelson Mandela this week. They researched different facts about him from birth, prison, presidency and death. They worked collaboratively to create in depth Powerpoints explaining his life and submitted them to me on Microsoft Teams.

  • Space Composition and Exploration.

    As part of our bubble lesson this week, pupils used Google Chrome Music Lab to compose music related to the 4 stages of visiting Space: 1 Preparation for Flight 2 Take-Off 3 Flying in Space 4 Landing For each stage pupils focused on Tempo, Dynamics, Rhythm and Pitch. For our second bubble we looked at […]

  • Pupils Involved in Planning

    Pupils have been developing their independence and are taking more and more responsibility for their own learning. At the start of each topic, pupils write a question on a leaf about something they want to find out about related to our topic this term, Space and Flight. The children came up with awesome ideas about […]

  • Discussing the New Year

    The Year 2s enjoyed discussing New Year’s eve and resolutions, as part of our topic ‘Take a Trip in a Time Machine’. We discussed various New Year’s Eve traditions and celebrations from around the UK and the rest of the world. We also sand Auld Lang Syne, and then talked about the changes we would […]

  • EPIC Planning!

    The Year 2s have enjoyed discussing what they would like to learn about during this term’s topic, ‘Take a Trip in a Time Machine’. We will be learning a lot about changes over time, and the children came up with lots of great ideas during the Everybody Planning In Class session!

  • Origami Stars

    Year 6 have been as busy as bees first week back and hit the ground running, completing lots of tasks to enthuse them ready to start learning about their new topic, Space and Flight. One of our lessons this week developed following instruction to create an origami star whilst developing numeracy skills across the curriculum.

  • Christmas Around the World

    As part of their EPIC planning for our ‘Glitter and Glow’ topic, the Year 2s said that they wanted to find out about how Christmas is celebrated in other countries. Mr. Stonham and the Year 5s helped us to create Flipgrid videos in which we asked questions about Christmas, and we had replies from schools […]

  • Year 1 Christmas Party

    The children have had a lovely day, first going to the cinema in the morning and then having fun in  their class party this afternoon. They enjoyed eating their party food, playing pass the parcel, musical statues and having a good dance around to some Christmas music. What a busy day!

  • Christmas Traditions Trip

    The Year 2 children had a fantastic day learning about Christmas traditions in Wales. We started the day by visiting Swansea museum, where we listened to lots of stories about various Christmas traditions. The boys and girls enjoyed joining in with acting out the stories. We then had a look around the museum, before moving […]

  • Christmas Traditions Around the World

    When planning what they wanted to learn about this term, some of the Year 2 children said that they wanted to find out what Christmas is like in other countries. This week the children used their research skills to find out about various Christmas traditions all around the world. The boys and girls used maps […]

  • Caerleon Roman Fortress

    Year 5 had a fabulous day in Caerleon today. We started at the amphitheatre and barracks site and stood on the very grounds where Roman Soldiers used to fight and sleep 2000 years ago. We then moved on to the museum where we learnt all about Roman Feasts and the slaves that served the upper […]

  • WW2 Workshop

    Year 6 have been developing their writing skills under the expertise of a local author David Brayley. David brought in artefacts from WW2 and discussed the effects of the Blitz. The children then wrote a two part story on the effects. Their work and behaviour as a class stunned Mr Brayley, the work they have […]

  • Remembrance Day

    Year 1 have been learning about real-life superheroes linked to Remembrance Day this week. They created their own green screen videos explaining what they know about Remembrance day and suggesting something that they are thankful for. They also created their own poppy crafts and biscuits too.

  • Remembrance Day medal

    We are learning about instructions this term. The children looked at instructions to make a Remembrance Day medal. They had to use the ‘you will need’ list to find the equipment and materials they needed and then they independently followed the instructions to make their own medals.

  • WW2 Hot Seating Mr Hughes

    As we celebrate Remembrance Day today we think back to all of the people who were effected by the wars. We were fortunate today to be in the company of Mr Hughes who was born during WW2. His stories of the war were informative and interesting. Pupils were enthused and hung off his every world. […]

  • Fantastic Fireworks!

    The Year 2s have had a very busy week! They have completed lots of exciting activities as part of the ‘Glitter and Glow’ topic. The children have been focusing on learning about fireworks celebrations. They have completed lots of tasks, including: * learning about the firework safety code and creating their own safety posters * […]

  • Reflecting at the end of day 2

    We have had a busy second day: Rock hopping, walking the coast, orienteering, fire building and a walk to the beach. Your children are extremely tired tonight and were all in bed by 9:30 (a little earlier than last night – lol) Tomorrow we are surfing and body boarding.

  • Rock Hopping to Culver Hole

    The word “culver” derives from the Old English word “culfre”, meaning pigeon or dove. With its ability to breed all year round and its quick regeneration, pigeons provided a plentiful source of red meat – given the necessary shelter and food. The children have had a lovely day, walking the coast of the Gower and […]

  • Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

    Port Eynon at its best.

  • Where does our food grow?

    As part of our learning about Harvest celebrations, the year 2s enjoyed finding out where various foods grow. The children enjoyed learning about bananas, peppers, potatoes, avocados, pineapples and grapes. They then labelled world maps to show their findings.

  • Super Ambassador Event

    Two of our Healthy Heroes attended Super Ambassador training this week. They had the opportunity to meet the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, Sally Holland and they took part in a variety of workshops and activities linked to Children’s Rights. They have lots of information and special missions to share with our school over the coming […]

  • Autumn Senses Walk

    As part of our topic ‘Glitter and Glow’, we Year 2 have enjoyed learning about the changes that happen around us during Autumn. We have learned about why leaves change colour and how the changes in the weather affect the world around us at this time of year. This week the boys and girls went […]

  • Mountain men of the Rocky Mountains

    Year 4 were treated to another Skype lesson from Carrie at the Buffalo Bill Centre of The West in Wyoming, USA. They learnt all about the mountain men who travelled West in search of work, how they lived, hunted and trapped beavers for their pelts. It was a fascinating talk and the children joined in […]