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Examples of Language, Literacy and Communication at Pontlliw
  • Public Libraries Summer Reading Challenge 📖📚

    With public libraries in Swansea only operating a limited service, the Welsh Government and Books Council of Wales have provided an online Reading Challenge for children across Wales. Pupils can join the Summer Reading Challenge at We look forward to seeing how you all got on when we return after the holidays. Happy Reading!

  • Keeping Our Language Alive.

    BBC Bitesize is an excellent tool for learning Welsh. I’ve included the link on this post to help develop the language in a fun way, for adults and children to help with learning Welsh as a second language. Diolch, Mrs Evans.

  • Welsh Resources 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    Dear Parents, Please find below, some information on Welsh resources that may be of use. These can also be found on our website –   Diolch, Mrs Norman

  • Harry Potter at Home! ⚡️🧙🏼‍♂️

    We know from the World Book Day fancy dress costumes earlier in the year that we have an awful lot of Harry Potter fans in school, so we thought we would share the below website with you. It’s full of fun activities that the children can complete courtesy of J.K. Rowling. Enjoy! Mrs Norman

  • Sequencing Recounts

    In Year 2 we have been learning about recount texts, and how they must be in chronological order. We have also been learning about telling the time on analogue and digital clocks. Today the children were asked to use their reading and numeracy skills to sequence a diary. The boys and girls were fantastic, and […]

  • Fun Phonics!

    Reception pupils have had lots of fun this week continuing to learn their phonic sounds through playing a variety of games. Pupils favourite game was rolling the the dice and jumping the amount that it landed on through the hoops- they then had to identify what sound they landed on and name an object beginning […]

  • Chick Diaries

    The Year 2s have been working hard writing chick diaries throughout the week. The boys and girls enjoyed recording their observations about how our chicks have hatched, grown and changed throughout the last two weeks. Super recount writing skills were shown by all the children!

  • Year 2’s Feathery Friends

    As part of their work on explanation texts, Year 2 have been learning about the life cycle of a hen. So this week we were lucky enough to have 10 eggs in class. We have been busy writing explanations about the life cycle, and we have been so excited to see the brooding and hatching […]

  • World Book Day in Year 2

    Year 2 had a great time celebrating World Book Day, and all looked fantastic in their costumes and pyjamas! Our focus author was Dr. Seuss. We enjoyed reading some of his stories and used Get Epic to research his life online. The children used their problem solving skills effectively to complete a task based on […]

  • World Book Day in Year 1

    The children looked fantastic today in their costumes and pyjamas! We have been reading books this week by Julia Donaldson and today decided to focus on what seems to have been one of the favourites – The Gruffalo! The children each chose their favourite character from the book and after drawing it they were able […]

  • World Book Day in Year 5

    We had a lovely day celebrating the work of David Walliams today, specifically focusing on “Grandpa’s Great Escape”. We watched the TV version on Tuesday to arm us with the knowledge needed to complete two of nine possible challenges. The children looked great in their costumes and pyjamas and enjoyed being taught by a dodgy looking […]

  • World Book Day In Reception

    We have had an action packed day in Reception completing lots of different activities for World Book Day! We began by reading the book ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ as this was illustrated by our author of the day Oliver Jeffers. Pupils enjoyed reading the letters written by the different crayons and then had a […]

  • Celebrating World Book Day In Nursery

    Today, the children came into school dressed as their favourite book character or wearing their pyjamas. This was to celebrate ‘World Book Day’. Our chosen author was Roger Hargreaves, so the children participated in a range of different ‘Mr Men’ activities. They made Mr Men and Little Miss characters, and even made an edible Mr […]

  • Can Year 5 be persuasive?

    We are currently looking at persuasive texts in Year 5. We looked at the various features they include, such as exaggeration, emotive language, repetition, rule of 3, a hint of sarcasm and rhetorical questions. We then looked at a piece of text and highlighted the features we found. Once we were comfortable with the features […]

  • Big Huge Thank You

    The Criw Cymraeg (Welsh Ambassadors) would kike to say a huge thank you to every one who supports our wonderful PTA. With your help, support and donations, we have been able to resources our teachers to develop the Welsh Language in Welsh lessons.

  • Year 1 Welsh Film

    Today we watched a short film about uncovering the story of Jac Abertawe. It showed us several places around Swansea that the children recognised and it showed where the docks were that Jac made his rescues. The children found this fascinating – recognising places that they had been to! We then played a game looking […]

  • Welsh Week in Year 2

    We have been busy working on our Welsh myth Yr Afanc, as part of our Welsh week work. The Year 2s enjoyed creating beautiful watercolours of their visualisations of the mythical creature, and they wrote fantastic instructions to tell people how to catch Yr Afanc.

  • The Legend of King Arthur!

    As part of our learning during Welsh Week, Reception pupils have had lots of fun studying the legend of King Arthur! Pupils particularly enjoyed learning all about the marriage of Arthur and Guinevere. Pupils first began by writing a wedding invitation to the wedding of King Arthur and Guinevere where they had to use all […]

  • Year 1 The Runaway Pancake

    We read a lovely story today called “The Runaway Pancake” who rolled out of the pan and ran away – bumping into lots of different animals on the way. The children were challenged to try and remember all of the animals that the pancake met on his journey. They worked together in groups to sequence […]

  • Year 2 Love is all around

    Year 2 have had a lovely day taking part in activities linked to Valentine’s Day. This morning, we learnt about the history of Saint Valentine. We looked at some Valentines symbols before everyone voted on their favourite one in a tally chart. That information was then used to create a pictogram on HWB. The favourite […]

  • Year 1 Virtual Visit to France!

    This morning the children were lucky enough to participate in a Skype call to a school in France. The children were joined by the Year 5 class. They shared facts about Wales as well as listening to facts about France. The children in France then sung some lovely songs to us and we sang back […]

  • Glossary Challenge

    we have been learning about features of explanation texts in Year 2. This week we focused on the use of contents pages and glossaries. We learned about the way the different pages are organised, and how contents pages are in numerical order, whilst glossaries are in alphabetical order. The children were set the challenge of […]

  • Creating Labelled Diagrams

    As part of our learning about the features of explanation texts, this week the Year 2s enjoyed using J2E5 to create fantastic labelled diagrams of chicks and chickens. They used the text, picture and line tools confidently.

  • Year 1 Weather Boys and Girls!

    This afternoon – with the magic of a green screen – the children were transformed into weather boys and girls! They compared the weather in Wales to the weather in France and did it all in Welsh! This  was a lovely activity from the WRU linked with the six nations. The children were brilliant and […]

  • Year 1 Discussion Writing

    The children started the week discussing what they thought was the best way of travelling to France. Lots of ideas were put forward including ferry, aeroplane and train. They were then asked to think about the disadvantages of each vehicle – this caused an interesting debate. They were then asked to choose their favourite vehicle […]

  • National Welsh Music Day 2020

    Year 3 have been listening to songs by Welsh artists such; as Feeder-Buck Rogers, Bonnie Tyler-I Need A Hero, Catatonia-International Velvet Catatonia and The Manic Street Preachers- Design For Life. They have created a song review their favourite song. 

  • Exploring Explanation Texts

    This week the year 2s have been exploring the features of explanation texts. They enjoyed working together and as individuals to discuss and find the various features, including labelled diagrams, topic words, glossaries, contents pages, sub-headings, captions and facts.

  • Dyn Eira Models

    Last week the Year 2s designed their own Dyn Eira, writing about the clothing worn in Welsh. This week the children enjoyed following their designs to make their Dyn Eira models. The children used Welsh clothes and colours vocabulary to talk about their designs.

  • What’s That Sound?

    The nursery class decided to carry out a sound investigation. They took drumsticks out into the yard to see how many different sounds they could make. They used the drumsticks to tap the trees, the floor, the railings, the slide and the little houses. They noticed that they all made different sounds. Some were loud, […]

  • Come To The Puppet Show

    The nursery children enjoyed putting on a puppet show today. They told the story of Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and the Gingerbread man. Well done! It was a fabulous show.

  • Time For Tea!

    The nursery children enjoyed their afternoon tea party in our role play area.

  • Year 1 Tric a Chlic

    The children have been busy working on their Welsh skills today. First they wrote a postcard from Australia using several different Welsh sentence patterns. They then played some lovely games following our Tric a Chlic scheme. The children are beginning to read, write and speak in Welsh with confidence. Ardderchog boys and girls!

  • Dyn Eira Designs

    We have been using lots of Welsh vocabulary about Winter in Year 2 this week. We read a lovely story called ‘Hwyl yn y Parc yn y Gaeaf’, and we described lots of clothing in Welsh. After discussing what they like to do in the park in the Winter, the boys and girls set to […]

  • Coding with our bee-bots!

    Reception pupils really enjoyed using their coding skills to programme their bee-bots to move along our map! Pupils worked in pairs to help the three little pigs arrive at their homes by giving each other directions. All pupils were able to follow the directions and programme their bee-bots accordingly- da iawn Reception!

  • Space Stories

    Last week Year 6 had been very busy developing their imaginative skills. They were set the task to write a diary in the form of a Space Story for a 6-7 year old audience. They also had to produce an illustration in relation to the story. Pupils also added a twist of Welsh Heritage and […]

  • Super Shared Writing Skills

    The story Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish has taught the Year 2s a lot about issues regarding recycling and what can happen if we don’t look after our planet. The children enjoyed looking closely at an illustration from the book, which showed the effect of cutting down trees, not recycling and air pollution. The children […]

  • Reading for Information

    This week the Year 2s have been reading the story Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish. The children decided that the rich man in the story would need a rocket to travel to the star, and explained why this would be the best form of transport. They were then given a design brief from the rich […]

  • Super Spellers!

    Super spelling work by the Year 2s this week! The children used lots of different methods to learn their spelling words, including rainbow writing, dictionary hunts and word building.

  • Writing Welsh Recounts

    The Year 2s enjoyed using J2E to write recounts about our class trip to the museum. They used Welsh past tense sentences to write about where they went, how they got there, who they went with, what they saw, what they ate and what kind of time they had. The children confidently used shared images […]

  • Our Outdoor Puppet Show!

    Reception pupils had lots of fun this morning retelling the story of The Gingerbread Man using our outdoor puppet Theatre! Pupils had to use their language skills to ensure they used a variety of exciting vocabulary to retell the narrative as accurately as possible. All pupils did extremely well- da iawn dosbarth derbyn!

  • Welsh Language Commissioner

    Year 5 have been taking an interest in the Welsh Language Commissioner this week. We learnt lots of facts about the role that he has and the targets for doubling the amount of welsh speakers by 2050! We are proud that we can all speak Welsh confidently.

  • Super Spellers!

    The Year 2s love learning their spelling words using multi-sensory approaches. The children understand how to use the ‘Look, Say Cover, Write, Check’ method, and some of the children enjoyed using this strategy whilst chalking their words outside this week. This also developed their gross and fine motor skills. Super spelling, Year 2!

  • Helping Tedi Twt!

    Reception pupils have had a lot of fun learning new welsh vocabulary today related to ‘dillad’. Pupils first read the Dillad Tedi Twt story and then dressed their own bear for the weather. Pupils used lots of welsh vocabulary to discuss what clothing they had selected and then enjoyed writing all about the different clothing […]

  • Pupils Involved in Planning

    Pupils have been developing their independence and are taking more and more responsibility for their own learning. At the start of each topic, pupils write a question on a leaf about something they want to find out about related to our topic this term, Space and Flight. The children came up with awesome ideas about […]

  • Dyma Sioni Rhew!

    The Year 2 children decided that they wanted to learn about the changes in Winter, so this week we listened to the Welsh story ‘Sioni Rhew’, which tells us all about the things that Jack Frost does in the Winter. The children then used their writing and ICT skills effectively to create text and pictures […]

  • Goals and Resolutions

    The Year 2s enjoyed using their reading skills to find out about New Year traditions from around the UK. The children then wrote about their own goals for 2020.

  • Global Connections 🌎 🇦🇺

    Year 5 have been taking advantage of Hwb’s latest addition, Flipgrid. We asked a school in Australia lots of different questions about Christmas in their part of the world. We had lots of exciting replies and got to see that although there were lots of differences, w also had a lot in common even though […]

  • Reindeer Campaign Posters

    Following on from their work discussing the short film ‘Reindeer Ready’, the boys and girls felt very sorry for the poor reindeer as they don’t get as many treats as Santa on Christmas Eve. They made some super campaign posters on J2E5 to persuade people to leave carrots for the reindeer.

  • Reindeer Ready!

    The Year 2 children haven enjoyed watching and discussing the short film ‘Reindeer Ready’. The children worked on using their prediction and inference skills, before moving on to discussing the 3Cs and 3Ss of film: colour, character, camera, story, setting and sound. The children loved the film and showed excellent understanding during the group discussions.

  • Learning all about ‘Sprout Boys’ emotions!

    As part of our work on ‘Sprout Boy’, pupils in Reception studied various scenes from the video and plotted what emotions Sprout Boy was feeling throughout the story. All pupils worked very hard and produced lovely pieces of work- da iawn Reception!