AoLE Languages, Literacy and Communication
Examples of Language, Literacy and Communication at Pontlliw
  • Super Shared Writing Skills

    The story Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish has taught the Year 2s a lot about issues regarding recycling and what can happen if we don’t look after our planet. The children enjoyed looking closely at an illustration from the book, which showed the effect of cutting down trees, not recycling and air pollution. The children […]

  • Reading for Information

    This week the Year 2s have been reading the story Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish. The children decided that the rich man in the story would need a rocket to travel to the star, and explained why this would be the best form of transport. They were then given a design brief from the rich […]

  • Super Spellers!

    Super spelling work by the Year 2s this week! The children used lots of different methods to learn their spelling words, including rainbow writing, dictionary hunts and word building.

  • Writing Welsh Recounts

    The Year 2s enjoyed using J2E to write recounts about our class trip to the museum. They used Welsh past tense sentences to write about where they went, how they got there, who they went with, what they saw, what they ate and what kind of time they had. The children confidently used shared images […]

  • Our Outdoor Puppet Show!

    Reception pupils had lots of fun this morning retelling the story of The Gingerbread Man using our outdoor puppet Theatre! Pupils had to use their language skills to ensure they used a variety of exciting vocabulary to retell the narrative as accurately as possible. All pupils did extremely well- da iawn dosbarth derbyn!

  • Welsh Language Commissioner

    Year 5 have been taking an interest in the Welsh Language Commissioner this week. We learnt lots of facts about the role that he has and the targets for doubling the amount of welsh speakers by 2050! We are proud that we can all speak Welsh confidently.

  • Super Spellers!

    The Year 2s love learning their spelling words using multi-sensory approaches. The children understand how to use the ‘Look, Say Cover, Write, Check’ method, and some of the children enjoyed using this strategy whilst chalking their words outside this week. This also developed their gross and fine motor skills. Super spelling, Year 2!

  • Helping Tedi Twt!

    Reception pupils have had a lot of fun learning new welsh vocabulary today related to ‘dillad’. Pupils first read the Dillad Tedi Twt story and then dressed their own bear for the weather. Pupils used lots of welsh vocabulary to discuss what clothing they had selected and then enjoyed writing all about the different clothing […]

  • Pupils Involved in Planning

    Pupils have been developing their independence and are taking more and more responsibility for their own learning. At the start of each topic, pupils write a question on a leaf about something they want to find out about related to our topic this term, Space and Flight. The children came up with awesome ideas about […]

  • Dyma Sioni Rhew!

    The Year 2 children decided that they wanted to learn about the changes in Winter, so this week we listened to the Welsh story ‘Sioni Rhew’, which tells us all about the things that Jack Frost does in the Winter. The children then used their writing and ICT skills effectively to create text and pictures […]

  • Goals and Resolutions

    The Year 2s enjoyed using their reading skills to find out about New Year traditions from around the UK. The children then wrote about their own goals for 2020.

  • Global Connections 🌎 🇦🇺

    Year 5 have been taking advantage of Hwb’s latest addition, Flipgrid. We asked a school in Australia lots of different questions about Christmas in their part of the world. We had lots of exciting replies and got to see that although there were lots of differences, w also had a lot in common even though […]

  • Reindeer Campaign Posters

    Following on from their work discussing the short film ‘Reindeer Ready’, the boys and girls felt very sorry for the poor reindeer as they don’t get as many treats as Santa on Christmas Eve. They made some super campaign posters on J2E5 to persuade people to leave carrots for the reindeer.

  • Reindeer Ready!

    The Year 2 children haven enjoyed watching and discussing the short film ‘Reindeer Ready’. The children worked on using their prediction and inference skills, before moving on to discussing the 3Cs and 3Ss of film: colour, character, camera, story, setting and sound. The children loved the film and showed excellent understanding during the group discussions.

  • Learning all about ‘Sprout Boys’ emotions!

    As part of our work on ‘Sprout Boy’, pupils in Reception studied various scenes from the video and plotted what emotions Sprout Boy was feeling throughout the story. All pupils worked very hard and produced lovely pieces of work- da iawn Reception!

  • Stori’r Nadolig

    Reception pupils had a lot of fun this morning learning all about Stori’r Nadolig! After reading the story together, pupils independently sequenced the story parts and wrote all about Stori’r Nadolig in Welsh! Bendegedig Dosbarth Derbyn!

  • Learning all about ‘Sprout Boy’!

    Reception pupils have had lots of fun this morning being introduced to the Christmas advert ‘Sprout Boy’. To start, pupils were shown clips of the video and made predictions about how they thought the story would end. Pupils then really enjoyed working in groups to draw and describe the character Sprout Boy. They wrote down […]

  • Christmas Poetry

    We have begun looking at Christmas poetry in Year 5. We listened to a recording of Dylan Thomas’ ‘A child’s Christmas in Wales’ and identified some of the beautiful similes, metaphors and personification he used to describe the streets of Swansea at Christmas time. We then worked in partners on whiteboards to come up with […]

  • Llythyrau i Sion Corn

    The Year 2s have enjoyed writing letters in Welsh to Santa Claus. They worked well using an online dictionary to search for new words to help them write their letters.

  • Year 1Trip to the Fire Station

    This week year 1 have been on a trip to Parc Tawe Fire Station. We learned lots about firefighters and their jobs. The children had lots of fun.

  • Welsh Script

    We were improving our Welsh scripts in Year 5 this afternoon. We edited our original drafts following our feedback and then wrote the improved version using Microsoft word. We discovered the insert table feature to help us organise our script layout.

  • Persuasive Toy Adverts

    Following on from their work discussing persuasive features in adverts, the Year 2s enjoyed uisng J2E5 on Hwb to create their own persuasive posters advertising a toy from their Christmas lists to Santa. The children showed super skills, and were able to search, add and resize images, add and edit text, and use shapes effectively. […]

  • Super Superlatives Sorting!

    The Year 2s have been learning about persuasive features of texts. This week we read the story Pig, Pigger and Piggest by Rick Walton. The story contains lots of superlatives, and the children could see how superlatives are used for comparison. We discussed the use of superlatives in adverts and the children thoroughly enjoyed spotting […]

  • Selling our Mud and Leaf Pies

    This week reception have enjoyed using their knowledge of persuasive features to sell their leaf and mud pies to their friends. They had lots of fun using the mud kitchen and outdoor area.

  • Disgrifio’r Goeden Nadolig

    We enjoyed reading the story The Little Fir Tree in Year 2 this week. We have undertaken lots of independent challenges based on the story, as well as working on many focused tasks. One focus activity that the children particularly enjoyed was when we learned how to describe Christmas trees and decorations in Welsh. They […]

  • Leaf soup anyone?

    Reception had lots of fun this morning! They followed the recipe to make a leaf soup in our outdoor Mud Kitchen! They worked in pairs and showed great team work- da iawn Recpetion!

  • Skype Cymraeg 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    Year 5 struck back up their links with Richmond Park Primary School in Carmarthen today and Skyped them for their Welsh Drilling session before lunch. Three of the pupils asked and answered questions in Welsh to help their develop language patterns.  Da iawn pawb.

  • Remembrance Day medal

    We are learning about instructions this term. The children looked at instructions to make a Remembrance Day medal. They had to use the ‘you will need’ list to find the equipment and materials they needed and then they independently followed the instructions to make their own medals.

  • Instructions in Action!

    Our literacy focus this half term is instructional writing. We have looked at some of the features of this genre and tried to put what we had learnt into practice by helping our partner through an obstacle course with their eyes shut. We then moved indoors out of the rain and tried to do the […]

  • Teaching Nursery about teeth brushing!

    This morning Reception pupils had a lot of fun teaching nursery pupils all about how to brush their teeth! Reception pupils taught the nursery two songs about teeth brushing as well as showing them the equipment that they use. They also gave step by step instructions and used picture cards. Da iawn Reception!

  • Fairies in the classroom!

    This week Reception had a shock to find that our class had been taken over by fairies!! They have been incredibly busy helping the ‘nurse’ write instructions for teeth brushing- they even had to help her find all of the items that the fairies had hidden around the yard! Pupils also got the chance to […]

  • Tric a Chlic

    We have been using the Tric a Chlic this week, which encourages reading in Welsh…

  • Fantastic Fireworks!

    The Year 2s have had a very busy week! They have completed lots of exciting activities as part of the ‘Glitter and Glow’ topic. The children have been focusing on learning about fireworks celebrations. They have completed lots of tasks, including: * learning about the firework safety code and creating their own safety posters * […]

  • Fabulous Fireworks Poetry!

    The Year 2s have enjoyed creating fireworks poems this week. They started by learning about onomatopoeia, and used these words to create shape poems whilst experimenting with different styles of writing. They then moved on to learning about acrostic poems, and made some fantastic group poems about fireworks, where they used lots of fantastic descriptive […]

  • Connecting with the World! 🌎

    As we entered day two of Microsoft’s Global Connect initiative, Year 5 listened to students from Ecuador, Tunisia, USA, Pakistan and India today. They had posted videos on Flipgrid and we watched what they had to say about their countries. We then posted facts about Wales so other pupils from across the world can watch […]

  • Saving Ioan the Sheep

    We have had a traumatic week in Year 1. The Evil Pea from Supertato decided to kidnap our class sheep, Ioan. In order to get him back, the children had to use all the persuasive skills that they have learnt as part of our language this term to try and persuade the Evil Pea to […]

  • Let’s go fly a kite!

    This week pupils have been learning all about instruction writing and wrote instructions for how to make a paper kite! They then had the opportunity to make their own paper kite following the instructions.. we even got to see a real kite flying in the sky!

  • Super spelling

    The Evil Peas from Supertato took over our classroom this week and just like in the story, they ended up in some jelly! We had to try and use the tweezers to find letters to spell our spelling words, but we weren’t allowed to touch or disturb the peas! It’s was harder than it looks!!

  • Making Chocolate Apples

    The Year 2s made some delicious chocolatey treats this week. They applied their reading skills well, and were able to read and follow instructions for how to make chocolate apples.

  • Sequencing Instructions

    The Year 2 children have been enjoying learning about instructional texts. This week we discussed various features of the genre, including bossy verbs, time words, titles, bub headings, diagrams, equipment/ ingredient lists, numbered steps and bullet points. The children were able to spot the features in various texts, and worked collaboratively to sequence jumbled instructions.

  • Bossy Verbs!

    This week the Year 2s have started their work learning about the features of instructional texts. The children enjoyed learning about the use of bossy verbs, and they worked together to sort the verbs into categories based on when they would use them.

  • Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw?

    This week reception had lots of fun learning all about the weather in welsh!

  • Phonics

    We have been busy practising our phonics. We have had fun playing different games and using the computers to help us learn too.

  • Language learning

    We have been practising lots of different language skills this week. We used our superhero pens to write our ‘secret’ spelling words. We also creatively used wool to spell. We have been practising our phonics and spelling by using the magnetic letters and we completed activities on the computers too.

  • Spelling Fun in Year 5

    Year 5 had a different kind of spelling lesson today. We used the coding element of Minecraft to input our new spelling words and move the ‘agent’ around our worlds using the spelling words as the commands. The children loved this different approach and this helped them in the learning of their new words.

  • Learning about our bodies!

    Reception have really enjoyed learning all about the human skeleton this week and the different parts of the body! They particularly enjoyed creating their own skeletons.

  • Pa liw?

    We have been practising our Welsh colours and have enjoyed playing some games.

  • Super Spellers!

    The Year 2 children enjoyed trying out different ways of learning their spelling patterns this week. They are using the ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ method really well!

  • Owl Babies

    This week in Year 2, we have been reading the story Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. The children enjoyed retelling the story using story mountains, summarising the five main parts. They also explored the feelings of the characters at different points in the story. The children enjoyed discussing the use of movement, music and sound […]

  • Skype a Scientist

    Year 5 got to speak to Dr Richter this afternoon. She is a biology scientist and taught us how she can tell what people who lived thousands of years ago used to eat, by scraping the plaque from their teeth! We looked at different food groups in line with our science focus and saw how […]