AoLE Mathematics and Numeracy
Examples of Mathematics and Numeracy at Pontlliw
  • Fraction Hunt

    Fraction hunt! This week Year 3 have been comparing and ordering fractions. They have achieved this by undertaking a number of practical, written, digital and independent tasks.

  • Year 1 Counting in steps of 2

    We have been counting in steps of 2 this week. There has been lots of jumping (counting in 2s as our feet hit the floor) as well as other fun activities. We finished the week by counting the animals on to Noah’s Ark. A super effort by everyone!

  • Learning all about symmetry in Reception!

    This week receptions pupils have learnt all about symmetry through a variety of fun learning activities. Pupils first created symmetrical butterflies through finger painting. They then created symmetrical images through colouring and drawing shapes. Lastly, pupils enjoyed creating symmetry through copying their partners actions and movements! A very fun week in Reception- da iawn!

  • Christmas Co-ordinates 🎄⛄️🎅🏼

    We have been looking at co-ordinates in maths this week. We learnt that all points needed to be on the line and some pupils even took on 4 quadrant coordinates. You can see some of the finished articles below.

  • Marshmallow Maths!

    The Year 2s enjoyed investigating division this week using marshmallows. We learned that it is important to share equally and looked at the concept of remainders as items being ‘left over’. Super sharing, Year 2!

  • Jellybean Maths!

    This week the Year 2 children were set a problem: Find out how many jellybeans were of each colour and how many there were in total. The children used their counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to solve the problem and were able to show their workings clearly.

  • Super Measuring Skills

    The Year 2s have been busy learning how to measure accurately using cm rulers. They enjoyed measuring various strips of Christmas wrapping paper, and tried hard to work systematically.

  • Creating Pictograms

    This week Reception pupils have used their computing skills to create Pictograms online. This linked to our ‘Magical Me’ topic where pupils voted on which healthy fruit was their favourite and created a pictogram to show the results. Da iawn Reception!

  • Bee Bot Directions

    The Year 2 children thoroughly enjoyed using the Bee Bots this week. The children were learning about directional vocabulary, and then used their skills to programme and direct the Bee Bots through mazes that they created. As you can see by the photographs, the children were totally engaged and applied their skills very well.

  • Toy Shop Problem Solving

    This week the Year 2s have been learning about positional vocabulary. To consolidate their learning, they were set a problem-solving challenge: help the toy shop owner to sort the toys into the correct spaces by reading the clues about where each toy should be placed. The children worked brilliantly, and learned to read on and […]

  • Learning all about 3D shape!

    Pupils have learnt a lot about 2D and 3D shape over the past two weeks! Pupils particularly enjoyed classifying 2D and 3D shapes in to the correct hoops. They also used their cutting and sticking skills to match the 3D shapes to their correct names.

  • Making Shapes Outdoors

    Just have a look at how clever the nursery children are. We have been learning all about 2D shapes, so we decided to go outside and make shapes out of skipping ropes. The children compared the shapes to see which were the biggest and smallest, and they counted how many children they could fit into […]

  • Learning About 2D Shapes

    In nursery, we have been learning all about 2D shapes. The children were shape detectives and went on a hunt around the school to see how many 2D shapes they could find. They also hunted for shapes hidden in shaving foam and made different 2D shapes out of colourful pipe cleaners. They thoroughly enjoyed making […]

  • Fantastic Fireworks!

    The Year 2s have had a very busy week! They have completed lots of exciting activities as part of the ‘Glitter and Glow’ topic. The children have been focusing on learning about fireworks celebrations. They have completed lots of tasks, including: * learning about the firework safety code and creating their own safety posters * […]

  • Fireworks Problem Solving

    The Year 2s enjoyed working on lots of fireworks problem solving activities this week. They confidently applied their addition and subtraction skills. Super work Blwyddyn 2!

  • Minecraft Maths

    Year 5 looked at area and perimeter today. We learnt what each of them meant and then the children were tasked with making quadrilaterals that had the same figure for the shape’s perimeter and area! They were extremely excited when they learnt that they would be building the quadrilaterals in minecraft! We only found one […]

  • Terrific Two-Times Tables!

    Learning the 2-times table has been a focus for the Year 2s this week. The boys and girls have enjoyed playing board games in groups, Maths Universe games on the iPads and completing table mountain challenges on the computers. They have also loved learning our 2-times table song, and have made super progress with recalling […]

  • Comparing Numbers Using < and >

    Super maths work was completed by the Year 2 children this morning. They were introduced to the < and > symbols, using the ‘Charlie Crocodile’ strategy. The children understood that the crocodile mouth always eats the largest number. The boys and girls even moved on to comparing three and even four-digit numbers using the more Super shapes

    We have been learning all about shape this week in maths. We have been busy exploring and finding different shapes in our environment. We have played lots of different games and we have tried to make our own 3D shapes using playdough.

  • Investigating 2D Shapes

    The Year 2 children have been investigating the properties of 2D shapes this week. They learned about quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons and octagons. We investigated lines of symmetry and started learning about right angles. The children then moved on to using Carroll and Venn diagrams to sort regular and irregular shapes. The boys and girls have […]

  • Triangles!

    We looked at the different types of triangles that we could identify in Year 5 this morning. We learnt that there are: Equilateral Scalene Isosceles Right angled Triangles   We also learnt that the angles of any triangle add up to 180 degrees. The children learnt novel ways on how to remember this information including […]

  • Coding with our Bee-Bots!

    This week reception pupils have enjoyed learning about coding! Pupils programmed their bee-bots to move along our ‘bear hunt’ map to reach their destination. Pupils had to use their numeracy skills to count how many squares were needed to reach each point on our map. 

  • Super Problem Solving Skills!

    This week the year 2s have been working on lots of practical problem solving activities. We discussed the problem solving steps, and focused on the ‘make it simpler’ strategy. The children were able to see how organising, grouping and counting in different steps can help us to solve various problems. Gwaith da, blwyddyn 2!

  • Learning about our bodies!

    Reception have really enjoyed learning all about the human skeleton this week and the different parts of the body! They particularly enjoyed creating their own skeletons.

  • Learning outdoors!

    Reception have had a fantastic time going on an outdoor letter hunt and learning to group objects using outdoor resources!

  • Learning About Number 3

    The nursery children have been learning all about our special number of the week; number 3. They practised the correct formation and participated in a range of number 3 themed activities. Gwaith da nursery. Well done.

  • Brilliant bonds

    We have been practising our number bonds in Year 1 this week and we have taken part in a variety of different activities. Our Superheroes needed rescuing and we had to match the correct key to the padlock to unlock them. Each key had a number on it and the corresponding number bond was on […]

  • Learning About Number 2

    The  nursery children have had lots of fun learning all about the number 2. They looked for the number 2 in shaving foam, practised the correct formation on the whiteboard, made numbers with multilink cubes and carried out other number 2 activities with the grown ups. Well done nursery! Gwaith da!

  • Problem? We can solve it!

    Year 6 are defectives at solving problems and absolutely smashed this problem in record time. Each child used a stretegy that worked for them and experimented in a variety of ways to record their answers: practical, act it out, draw it, creare a stop motion animation and uploaded their evidence to their Hwb accounts! Pure […]

  • Brilliant Bonds!

    This week the Year 2s have been super busy working on using bonds to 10 to work out bonds to 20 and 100. They used addition and subtraction skills in a variety of activities,and their mental recall of the various number bonds has really improved. The children could see patterns in their work and enjoyed […]

  • Estimating and checking

    Year 5 out their maths skills to the test this afternoon by estimating a diameter of 5 meters. This as the average size of a Celtic round house. Once they had finished estimating, they measured exactly to see how close they were. We learnt that the centre of the circle to the edge is called […]

  • Cool counting in Year 1

    We have been practising our number skills in maths this week. We have been counting lots of different superheroes and we even counted cheerios in order to find out how tall some of our superheroes are. We have also been reading and recognising different numbers and ordering numbers too.

  • Developing Numeracy with Numicon

    Today, Year 6 explored the use of Numicon to help develop their visualization skills to actually see what sums look like, in particular, place value and multiplication. In the next couple of week we will be further developing the use of Numicon to help us understand the world on number and application.

  • Eager Entrepreneurs

    There is much debate right now about enterprise education in schools. It is clear we need to find time in the school day to teach children about how wealth is created and how good ideas can be turned into businesses. In particular, we need to teach them how to think in an entrepreneurial way. The […]

  • Big, Bigger, Biggest!

    In Nursery we have been learning how to sort objects by size. The challenge was to put the dinosaurs in order of biggest to smallest. We then discussed the dinosaurs using the words, big, bigger, biggest and small, smaller and smallest.

  • Mr Stonham is mean!

    Year 5 have looked at averages this morning and started with ‘Mean’. We learnt that it is the meanest of all averages as you have to add up all the data and then divide by the number of pieces of data that are present. For example if you took a sample of shoe sizes: 2,5,6,2,4,7,2,4 […]

  • Worded Problems in Year 2

    This morning the Year 2 children enjoyed solving worded problems. They read very carefully and discussed the language in the questions, deciding whether they needed to add or subtract to find the answers. Super work Year 2!

  • Problem Solving in Year 2

    This week the Year 2 children have been working hard on lots of problem solving skills. They did really well working systematically and showed their workings clearly. Super work, Year 2!

  • Ladybird Addition.

    Who thought a ladybird could be so useful… Reception found out this week. Our Maths this week has been adding 2 amounts, but we had to check our number recognition first. We chose a number stone and hunted around to find items to count. Then came the tricky part… we added the sides together! We […]

  • Year 3 Super Symmetry!

    This week for maths, the Year 3’s have been investigating symmetry in a range of 2D shapes. They have enjoyed the challenge of these tasks and in particular creating their own symmetrical shapes. Well done boys and girls!

  • Super subtraction

    We have been learning about ‘taking away’ in our maths this week. We played a very competitive game of skittles where we used our subtraction skills to work out our scores. We also played bingo, used the IPads to pay a subtraction game and have taken part in lots of subtraction challenges together.

  • Multiplication Monsters!

    The Year 2s enjoyed investigating multiples of 2, 5 and 10 today using monsters with various amounts of legs. Some of the children even moved on to multiples of 3 and 4! Later this week we will look at the relationship between multiplication and division. Gwaith gwych, Blwyddyn 2!

  • ….And We’re Done!!!!

    The Year 2s have worked so hard this week with their first ever National Tests. They all tried so hard and we are incredibly proud of them all. The boys and girls are looking forward to a treat this afternoon as a ‘Thank You’ and ‘Well Done’ for working their socks off.

  • Counting up to 100.

    This weeks challenge is to count up to 100! Can you do it? Reception have been looking at different ways of counting amounts up to 100, trying to group items and make it easier. We have used links, and Numicon to help us. By Friday we shall be experts……. Take a look!

  • Dinosaur Counting

    The nursery children have been busy developing their numeracy skills today. They had to roll a dice, identify the number and match the corresponding number of dinosaurs. Excellent counting boys and girls! They also practised their number formation on the interactive whiteboard. Then they enjoyed a lovely game of dinosaur dominos.

  • Counting money in Year 1

    Year 1 have been exploring money this week…

  • Year 3 Investigate Shadows

    The children have been busy the past two weeks investigating shadows. The question we were investigating was ‘What happens to the size of a shadow as you move the light source away from an object?’ We had a mixture of interesting predictions with some children thinking the shadow would get bigger and some predicting that […]

  • KNex robots and Sphero coding

    Year 4 finished their robots and attached their lights and buzzers. They made some fantastic creations! This afternoon, they have been learning to code and trouble shoot using Sphero robots. They then had a challenge to try to drive it around a road layout map. Da iawn blwyddyn pedwar!

  • Circuitry with XL Wales

    Year 4 have been practising making parallel and series circuits with switches in preparation for making robots with lights and sounds. They now have to create a robot using KNex which has to include their circuitry!

  • Solar Systems Specialists

    Our Numeracy challenge today was to draw our solar system on the yard, drawn to scale: cm = a million miles. The children faced the challenge and worked well as a team.