AoLE Mathematics and Numeracy
Examples of Mathematics and Numeracy at Pontlliw
  • Learning all about Number Bonds in Year 1!

    This week the children have had lots of fun undertaking a variety of activities linked to number bonds. The children particularly enjoyed making number bonds with some guttering outdoors, writing number bonds in their books and playing a number bond board game. Da iawn Year 1!

  • Learning About Number 2

    We have been learning all about the number 2 in nursery today. We used colourful stickers to make number 2, rainbow writing to write number 2, used giant Numicon shapes and played a match the pair of socks game. We even had a number 2 self inflatable balloon. Vey exciting!

  • Numicon in Nursery

    The nursery children have been using numicon shapes to develop their maths skills. They threaded pipe cleaners through the holes in the numicon pieces, counting them as they went along and they took giant numicon pieces outside. They counted the holes in the giant pieces, then used chalk to draw around them to make some […]

  • Instrumental Sounds

    The listening activity in nursery was a lot of fun today.ย The aim of the activity was to develop the children’s awareness of different sounds. They had to listen very carefully, to sounds made by various instruments. The activity included, comparing and matching sounds, playing instruments alongside a story and making loud and quiet sounds. They […]

  • Missing a Number?

    Reception have spent the week sorting out numbers. They have been using a variety of activities to order numbers, group items, and create patterns. The children have also used their Welsh counting skills to match the groups to the numbers! Well done Reception you found all the missing numbers in our number line!

  • Developing our Number Bonds in Year 3

    This week in maths, we have been developing our understanding of Number Bonds. The children have completed a range of activities to help develop these skills, with their favourite being the game ‘Find My Number Bond Partner’. The children thoroughly enjoyed playing this game throughout the week and were eager to try and beat their […]

  • Bubble Counting

    The nursery children had a lot of fun practising their counting today. They chased the bubbles and counted how many they could pop. They had to be quick to catch the bubbles before they blew away.

  • Finding shapes and sorting Numbers.

    In Reception today, the children began their learning in Maths. Some of the children looked at the properties of shape and searched the class for the shapes in the environment. Finally using their cutting skills, created a dinosaur picture from the 2d shapes they had described. Wonderful work! When Reception thought they could rest, they […]

  • Year 5 Emoji Maths Hunt ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿฅถ๐Ÿฆ„๐Ÿ๐Ÿ˜บ

    Year 5 exercised their brains and bodies this morning in our Emoji Maths Hunt. They had to work out sums in order to crack the codes and reveal the locations of the emojis in the KS2 yard. Who would be able to find them all first!? When they had identified all 5 emojis, their task […]

  • Sumdog Competition Last Day ๐Ÿ†

    Just a quick reminder that today is the last day of the Sumdog competition, it closes at 8pm. Well done to Oliver and Dexter of Year 5 who are currently both in the top 10 students! Year 5 are currently in 13th place, Year 2 are in 33rd place, Year 6 are in 45th place. […]

  • Swansea Sumdog Competition ๐Ÿ†

    The Swansea Sumdog competition starts today! Children have 1000 questions each to get through by Thursday for a chance to top the leaderboard and beat all other classes across the county! We are hoping our classes fill the top 10 spaces by the end of the week. Remember the school code pontlliw-primary-school when logging in. […]

  • Could your child become a World Record Holder? ๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ†

    TT Rockstars are launching a world record attempt for children across the UK! Video entries must be submittedย by 23:59 on 4th June 2020 toยย Please also email any entires to the school so we can see who our Word Record attempt children are! Some rules below: The attempt must take place in a Studio game. The […]

  • Sumdog UK Competition Update ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

    There are just 2 days to go in the Sumdog UK competition, it closes tomorrow at 8pm. We are still going well at Pontlliw with Year 5 currently in 6th place, just 100 points off the top spot and Year 6 hot on our tails in 16th place! Tom from Year 3 is still in […]

  • Sumdog UK Competition Update ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

    Wow! What a response from Pontlliw over the weekend! Congratulations to Tom R in Year 3 who is currently sitting in 5th place! Congratulations also to Oliver D in Year 5 who is in 25th place! Congratulations to Year 5 who were the best class in the UK on Friday and are currently in 4th […]

  • Marvellous Measuring

    The nursery children enjoyed their measuring activity today. They used rulers, tape measures and a metre ruler to measure different things around the classroom. They then measured their height with ribbon and carefully cut it so they could compare their height with others. They also recorded the results on a whiteboard. Gwaith da nursery!

  • Year 1 Capacity

    This week the children have had so much fun exploring capacity. They have carried out challenges with water, sand and cubes – making predictions and estimations before carrying out each challenge. Well done boys and girls!

  • Mirror image…

    Year 4 have been learning about symmetry this week. As part of their work, they focussed on mirroring each other to create symmetrical positions. They also used Chrome Music Lab to cheat symmetrical musical patterns!

  • Probability ๐ŸŽฒ๐Ÿƒ

    We have been concentrating on probability in Mathematics this week in Year 5. We got to grips with the language on Monday and carried out our own investigations yesterday with dice, coins and games of rock paper scissors. Today we learnt that when betting you are unlikely to win! We bet virtual money on 3 […]

  • Year 1 Tally Charts

    The children have been busy collecting data and learning all about tally charts this week. One of their challenges was to work out what the most popular initial letter was for the names in our class – they found that it was M and A! Each group also listened to the story The Snail and […]

  • Mr Stonham is Mean!

    Year 5 are looking at averages this week. I have taught them that the ‘Mean’ is the meanest of all averages as you have to add up all the data and then divide by the number of pieces of data that are present. For example if you took a sample of shoe sizes: 2,5,6,2,4,7,2,4 total […]

  • Year 2 Love is all around

    Year 2 have had a lovely day taking part in activities linked to Valentine’s Day. This morning, we learnt about the history of Saint Valentine. We looked at some Valentines symbols before everyone voted on their favourite one in a tally chart. That information was then used to create a pictogram on HWB. The favourite […]

  • Learning all about weight through using balancing scales!

    This week reception pupils have particularly enjoyed exploring the use of balancing scales to determine if an object is the heaviest, lightest or balanced in weight! Pupils used numicon and their understanding of number bonds to balance the weight on both sides- da iawn dosbarth derbyn!

  • Our Potion Shop!

    Reception pupils continued to learn all about money this week and have paid particular attention to using coins to pay for items! Pupils took the opportunity to use our Muddy Kitchen to create potions and then practised their mathematical skills by selling and buying those items from their peers- Pupils even went on to providing […]

  • Awesome Addition Skills!

    In Year 2 we have been working hard to further develop the strategies that we use to solve addition problems. The children have worked their socks off this week, and enjoyed trying out various methods for solving missing number sentences.

  • Outdoor Maths

    Year 4 put their estimation and measuring skills to the test this morning by heading outside and measuring various objects around the school. Their estimations were pretty good, and they used teamwork to measure larger objects. Da iawn Blwyddyn Pedwar!

  • Using Numicon To Learn about Numbers

    We’ve had lots of fun using numicon shapes to learn about numbers. We pressed numicon shapes into play dough, chalked around giant numicon shapes in the yard and dipped numicon shapes into paint to make pictures.  

  • Learning all about Money!

    Reception pupils have started to learn all about money this week! We looked at the different types of coins and what value each coin was worth. Pupils then undertook a variety of exciting activities to develop their understanding- pupils favourites were buying and selling magical items using real coins,ย coin rubbing and undertaking a task where […]

  • We are the champions ๐Ÿ†

    A Hughe congratulations to Year 5 who finished top of the Swansea Sumdog Competition last week. They fought off stiff competition from primary and secondary classes around Swansea and were dedicated enough to work on their questions at home too!

  • Practical Maths

    As part of our work on measurements in maths this week, year 4 have been practising their skills of measuring accurately using a range of different sized containers and cylinders. They have shown excellent concentration, and worked on their skills of reading mixed scales.

  • Year 1 Measuring Temperature

    This week, in maths, the children were set a challenge – Ioan the sheep wanted to go on holiday to somewhere where the sea was just the right temperature – not too hot and not too cold. They were given a thermometer to measure the temperatures of water from different countries ๐Ÿ˜‰ and they all […]

  • Learning symmetry through creative movement!

    Reception pupils used their mathematical skills in our creative movement lesson today! Here their task was to create a dance routine with a partner whilst ensuring that they were symmetrical in their actions. Pupils enjoyed the challenge and then demonstrated their routine to the whole class. Pupils then had the secondary task of performing actions […]

  • Super Problem Solvers!

    We did lots of problem solving in Year 2 this week, focusing on the strategy of ‘making an organised list’. This strategy really helped the children to organise their ideas and work.

  • Learning About Shapes.

    The afternoon nursery children enjoyed learning about shapes today. They played a game on the smart board where they had to feed the correct shape to the correct monster. Gwaith da boys and girls!

  • Fraction Hunt

    Fraction hunt! This week Year 3 have been comparing and ordering fractions. They have achieved this by undertaking a number of practical, written, digital and independent tasks.

  • Year 1 Counting in steps of 2

    We have been counting in steps of 2 this week. There has been lots of jumping (counting in 2s as our feet hit the floor) as well as other fun activities. We finished the week by counting the animals on to Noah’s Ark. A super effort by everyone!

  • Learning all about symmetry in Reception!

    This week receptions pupils have learnt all about symmetry through a variety of fun learning activities. Pupils first created symmetrical butterflies through finger painting. They then created symmetrical images through colouring and drawing shapes. Lastly, pupils enjoyed creating symmetry through copying their partners actions and movements! A very fun week in Reception- da iawn!

  • Christmas Co-ordinates ๐ŸŽ„โ›„๏ธ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿผ

    We have been looking at co-ordinates in maths this week. We learnt that all points needed to be on the line and some pupils even took on 4 quadrant coordinates. You can see some of the finished articles below.

  • Marshmallow Maths!

    The Year 2s enjoyed investigating division this week using marshmallows. We learned that it is important to share equally and looked at the concept of remainders as items being ‘left over’. Super sharing, Year 2!

  • Jellybean Maths!

    This week the Year 2 children were set a problem: Find out how many jellybeans were of each colour and how many there were in total. The children used their counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to solve the problem and were able to show their workings clearly.

  • Super Measuring Skills

    The Year 2s have been busy learning how to measure accurately using cm rulers. They enjoyed measuring various strips of Christmas wrapping paper, and tried hard to work systematically.

  • Creating Pictograms

    This week Reception pupils have used their computing skills to create Pictograms online. This linked to our ‘Magical Me’ topic where pupils voted on which healthy fruit was their favourite and created a pictogram to show the results. Da iawn Reception!

  • Bee Bot Directions

    The Year 2 children thoroughly enjoyed using the Bee Bots this week. The children were learning about directional vocabulary, and then used their skills to programme and direct the Bee Bots through mazes that they created. As you can see by the photographs, the children were totally engaged and applied their skills very well.

  • Toy Shop Problem Solving

    This week the Year 2s have been learning about positional vocabulary. To consolidate their learning, they were set a problem-solving challenge: help the toy shop owner to sort the toys into the correct spaces by reading the clues about where each toy should be placed. The children worked brilliantly, and learned to read on and […]

  • Learning all about 3D shape!

    Pupils have learnt a lot about 2D and 3D shape over the past two weeks! Pupils particularly enjoyed classifying 2D and 3D shapes in to the correct hoops. They also used their cutting and sticking skills to match the 3D shapes to their correct names.

  • Making Shapes Outdoors

    Just have a look at how clever the nursery children are. We have been learning all about 2D shapes, so we decided to go outside and make shapes out of skipping ropes. The children compared the shapes to see which were the biggest and smallest, and they counted how many children they could fit into […]

  • Learning About 2D Shapes

    In nursery, we have been learning all about 2D shapes. The children were shape detectives and went on a hunt around the school to see how many 2D shapes they could find. They also hunted for shapes hidden in shaving foam and made different 2D shapes out of colourful pipe cleaners. They thoroughly enjoyed making […]

  • Fantastic Fireworks!

    The Year 2s have had a very busy week! They have completed lots of exciting activities as part of the ‘Glitter and Glow’ topic. The children have been focusing on learning about fireworks celebrations. They have completed lots of tasks, including: * learning about the firework safety code and creating their own safety posters * […]

  • Fireworks Problem Solving

    The Year 2s enjoyed working on lots of fireworks problem solving activities this week. They confidently applied their addition and subtraction skills. Super work Blwyddyn 2!

  • Minecraft Maths

    Year 5 looked at area and perimeter today. We learnt what each of them meant and then the children were tasked with making quadrilaterals that had the same figure for the shape’s perimeter and area! They were extremely excited when they learnt that they would be building the quadrilaterals in minecraft! We only found one […]