AoLE Science and Technology
Examples of Science and Technology at Pontlliw
  • Jack’s Beanstalk Life Cycle!

    Having read the book Jack and the Beanstalk as part of our Fairy Tale topic, Reception pupils were eager to learn all about how a beanstalk and therefore plants grow. We therefore decided to examine the life cycle of a beanstalk and also go outdoors to witness the different stages our plants were at in […]

  • Savanna Food Chains 🦁🌾

    Year 5 have been learning about the Savanna and the animals that inhabit it this week. They were looking at producers, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and working out who ate what. They researched on a BBC bitesize website, then noted down the food chains in their science books.

  • What’s the time Mr Sundial?

    Today we rolled back time to 3500BC and challenged ourselves to make a sundial to tell the time just like the ancient Greeks and Romans did. Children measured 15 degrees with a protractor and marked out the time for each hour from 6am to 6pm. Unfortunately we were unable to test if our sundials worked […]

  • Online Equality in Year 4

    As part of safer internet day, year 4 had to discuss what they thought about equality online. They looked at different people, from themselves, their friends and families to celebrities and other online personalities. They discussed who they thought was more important, and had to justify their thinking. The discussions and chats were very sensible, […]

  • Safer Internet Day Year 5

    After our KS2 assembly this morning, we delved further into our online presence this afternoon and how to create a positive identity online. We looked at what we say, how we interact and even our usernames can have an effect on how we are perceived online by our peers and even future employers! We have […]

  • Reception Safer Internet Day!

    Reception pupils had lots of fun learning all about how to be safe when using the internet and their digital devices today. We started by discussing some popular apps and websites that pupils recognised and what they are for. We then looked at the story of Smartie the Penguin who taught us all about how […]

  • Can the Solar System Fit onto our Yard?

    This was the challenge that Year 6 were set: Can you fit our Solar System onto the school yard? After looking at data about the distance of each planet from the sun, children rounded to the nearest 1,000,000km and decided on a scale of 1cm = 1,000,000km. So in answer to the question…YES, you can […]

  • Elephant Sanctuary Call 🐘

    Year 5 were treated to an amazing video call with an Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee this afternoon! We learnt all about the Savanna Elephant in line with our Africa topic. They also taught us about the differences between African and Asian elephants. We learnt how elephants use their bodies to survive in the wild and […]

  • Connecting with the Minecraft Team in Seattle! 🇺🇸

    I do not think I’ve ever seen the children in Year 5 so excited. Before Christmas, we posted questions on Flipgrid to the Minecraft Team in Seattle, USA. Due to our status as a Minecraft Learning Centre, we were able to connect with the team there. We watched their replies to us this morning in […]

  • Sony Trip – Day Two

    We had another awesome day at Sony Bridgend today. We started the day with a factory tour where we saw the production of top of the range Sony Camcorders, Raspberry Pi computers as well as their repair facility for older Sony Items. It was fascinating. We then moved in to our coding workshop where we […]

  • Coding with Logo

    Year 4 have been practising their coding and problem solving skills using the J2Code LOGO app. They tested using the repeat function, and had to work out angles for a variety of shapes to create repeating patterns using different shapes and colours.

  • Chromatography Trolls

    Our topic this term is ‘Mythical Creatures’ so for the last couple of weeks we have been having fun with a lot of ‘fairy and troll’ activities. The children decided they wanted to make trolls with colourful hair so we carried out a chromatography activity. They used felt pens to draw lines onto filter paper, […]

  • Properties of Materials

    The Year 2s have been learning about properties of materials, and enjoyed showing their learning using J2E5. They made posters using lots of words linked to materials, including rigid, opaque, transparent and waterproof..

  • Building Materials

    This week the Year 2s went outside to investigate the various materials that buildings are made from. We discussed the reasons for the various choices of materials. The children understood that glass is used for windows because it is transparent, brick is used for walls because it is rigid and strong, and that plastic is […]

  • Investigating Electronics

    Year 4 have been putting their prediction skills to the test and have been trying to work out how many electrical components they can make work using just two batteries. They had lots of creative solutions and managed to get lots going on in just one circuit. Da iawn Blwyddyn pedwar!

  • Solar System Scavenger Hunt

    We linked Science and Technology and Health and Well-being this afternoon by taking part in a scavenger hunt. Clues were hidden around the school linked to the Science of Space and the children had to run to find the answers to the questions. We added a little competitive element and timed the children, challenging them […]

  • Coding with our bee-bots!

    Reception pupils really enjoyed using their coding skills to programme their bee-bots to move along our map! Pupils worked in pairs to help the three little pigs arrive at their homes by giving each other directions. All pupils were able to follow the directions and programme their bee-bots accordingly- da iawn Reception!

  • South Africa Skype 🇿🇦

    Yea 5 travelled 9000 virtual miles to speak to a South African teacher this morning. We learnt about what life was like for black people before Nelson Mandela made his impact and how they live now in comparison. The children were shocked to hear some of the conditions they had to endure pre 1994. This […]

  • How was Earth formed?

    This week the Year 2s enjoyed using their research skills to learn about how the Earth began. We talked about where Pontlliw is and the children loved using Google Earth to locate our school. We then zoomed out and looked at Swansea, Wales, the UK and finally zoomed right out to look at the shape […]

  • Creating a new home for the Three Little Pigs!

    Reception pupils got set the challenge today of creating a new home for the Three Little Pigs out of natural materials found in the outdoor area. They had to ensure that they worked as a team and used their understanding of materials to build a house that would not fall down! We even tested the […]

  • The Three Little Pigs Science Investigation!

    This week Reception pupils have thoroughly enjoyed conducting The Three Little Pigs Materials Investigation. To start, pupils made predictions about which material they believed would be the strongest and not fall down. Pupils then decided upon a method on how to test which material was the strongest- pupils chose to use a hairdryer to act […]

  • How Fit is an Astronaut?

    Today, Year 6 have been developing their skills across the curriculum. We have focused on: Literacy – research about the required fitness to be become an astronaut. Health and Well-being – a poster promoting living a healthy lifestyle. Sport Science – thinking of different exercises to do in a minute and discussing muscle groups activated. […]

  • Creating Gingerbread men using J2E Paint (Part 1)

    Reception pupils have started this week creating their favourite scenes from the Gingerbread Man using the J2E Paint software on Hwb. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed this activity and could talk all about what they had created. More groups will complete this activity next week. Da iawn Dosbarth Derbyn!

  • Sorting Materials

    This week the Year 2s discussed the different materials that objects are made from. We talked about the importance of recycling and watched a really interesting video showing us what happens to the waste that we send for recycling after it leaves our houses. The children were fascinated. We then looked at some household waste […]

  • Digital Dragon’s Coding Competition

    To try and boost coding skills across the school, the Digital Dragons have proposed a Coding Competition to get our pupils using their digital skills throughout January. The children are invited to create a game, project or simple code in J2E code and let Mr Stonham know about their entry by 7th February. The Digital […]

  • Stop Animation 🎥

    Year 5 enjoyed created stop animation movies this afternoon. We looked at the various types of animation including computer generated, drawings and stop animation with clay. The children were taken back in time and watched an episode of ‘Trap Door’ and saw how the characters moved and interacted. They came up with some wonderful creations […]

  • Electronics Everywhere!

    Year 4 have had a great start to their new topic of Robots! They have investigated circuits, and begun to make Doodlebots (although some of the components didn’t work but a new set has arrived ready for next week.) They have also had a go at creating some 3D art, and started to have a […]

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…

    Whilst assembling the origami stars pupils listening to music related to stars from various artists and researched facts about stars. The facts were mind blowing: A star is a massive, bright, sphere of very hot gas called plasma which is held together by its own gravity. Stars radiate energy created from nuclear fusion, which is […]

  • Origami Stars

    Year 6 have been as busy as bees first week back and hit the ground running, completing lots of tasks to enthuse them ready to start learning about their new topic, Space and Flight. One of our lessons this week developed following instruction to create an origami star whilst developing numeracy skills across the curriculum.

  • Roman Catapults

    We have completed our Design and Technology project for this term in Year 5. We have made catapults similar to the ones the Romans would have used to conquer the Celts. Under supervision, the children used glue guns to create their wooden creations. They were very pleased with the results.

  • Global Connections 🌎 🇦🇺

    Year 5 have been taking advantage of Hwb’s latest addition, Flipgrid. We asked a school in Australia lots of different questions about Christmas in their part of the world. We had lots of exciting replies and got to see that although there were lots of differences, w also had a lot in common even though […]

  • Minecraft Hearts! ❤️

    After a day learning about the heart Friday, Year 5 were tasked with recreating a 3D heart in minecraft with all four chambers with valves for the blood to pass through. We had some wonderful creations

  • Designing and creating Sprout Cakes!

    Reception pupils thoroughly enjoyed designing and making Sprout Cakes today! First, pupils completed a planning sheet where they had to decide what flavours and ingredients they would need to create their cakes. Pupils then sketched their design, paying particular interest to Sprout Boys emotions. Reception then used their plans to create a sprout cake using […]

  • All about the heart! ❤️

    Year 5 studied the heart today and undertook a number of activities in the process. This morning we studied the various parts that make up the heart and the circulatory system. After break we dissected lambs hearts and saw the various parts up close. This afternoon we consolidated our learning by making quizzes on Microsoft forms […]

  • Christmas Candle Jars

    Following on from their Santa candle investigation last week, the Year 2s received a letter from Mrs. Claus. She asked us to design Christmassy candle jars so that Santa can burn our candle safely. The children came up with some fantastic designs and followed the success criteria well. They enjoyed experimenting with various materials and […]

  • Learning all about ‘Sprout Boy’!

    Reception pupils have had lots of fun this morning being introduced to the Christmas advert ‘Sprout Boy’. To start, pupils were shown clips of the video and made predictions about how they thought the story would end. Pupils then really enjoyed working in groups to draw and describe the character Sprout Boy. They wrote down […]

  • Digital Dragons in the DVLA Code Challenge

    Our Digital Dragons attended the DVLA code challenge today and thoroughly enjoyed. We watched schools showcase their entries and then went outside to interact with the fire service, police and army! They also met Sian Lloyd from BBC news and looked at virtual reality videos and robotics during their lunch break. They behaved impeccably and […]

  • Creating Pictograms

    This week Reception pupils have used their computing skills to create Pictograms online. This linked to our ‘Magical Me’ topic where pupils voted on which healthy fruit was their favourite and created a pictogram to show the results. Da iawn Reception!

  • The Wonders of Yeast

    Year 6 have been investigating the effects of yeast. They predicted that when you add yeast to a sugar and water solution it causes a chemical reaction to form the gas carbon dioxide. We investigated this theory by putting balloons at the top of bottles with different amounts of yeast and sugar in. We then […]

  • Seat belt Safety Experiment

    Last week Year 1 carried out a science experiment on seatbelt safety using a boiled egg. They enjoyed this investigation.

  • Digital Dragons – Minecraft Coding

    One of the Digital Dragons aims this year is to improve coding across the school. They were introduced to coding in Minecraft for Education in their Pupil Voice group today. They are now confident to go back to class and show their peers how it is done!

  • Author Skype!

    Year 5 were lucky enough to Skype Caroline Lawrence this afternoon, the author of our current class novel. After researching her yesterday using Hwb playlists, the children asked some really impressive and insightful questions and enjoyed speaking to this accomplished author. Da iawn pawb

  • Investigating Lights

    This week the Year 2s were set a challenge after reading the story ‘Can’t you Sleep, Little. Bear?’: Investigate which light would be the most suitable to help Baby Bear get to sleep. The children made lots of predictions, decided on how they would test the lights, discussed fair testing, and they used tables to […]

  • Free Minecraft and Microsoft Office!

    Microsoft Office is FREE to learners and teachers in maintained schools in Wales. Save up to £69 with your child’s Hwb account! How do you get your free version of Office at home? Follow the link below:

  • Minecraft Ampitheatre

    While the girls where away at football today, the boys collaborated to build a Roman amphitheatre in preparation for our visit to Caerleon. They had to communicate and work together in order to complete the project. They did well to complete the structure with great team work.

  • Growing Grassheads.

    A few weeks ago, the nursery children sowed grass seeds into pots. They watered them, watched them and waited. Just look at them now!

  • Fantastic Fireworks!

    The Year 2s have had a very busy week! They have completed lots of exciting activities as part of the ‘Glitter and Glow’ topic. The children have been focusing on learning about fireworks celebrations. They have completed lots of tasks, including: * learning about the firework safety code and creating their own safety posters * […]

  • Making Poo! 💩

    We recreated the human digestive system in Year 5 today! Children used scissors as teeth, water as saliva, gravy browning as stomach enzymes, and tights as an intestine! The children recreated the process and could see how nutrients leave the intestine into the body to be used, while the waste gets processed through the intestine […]

  • How much fat in Crisps?

    Year 5 have been independently investigating how much fat is in various brands of crisps. We crushed the crisps on to squared paper and counted the amount of squares that were fully covered in grease. We made sure the test was fair by keeping all conditions the same (dependant variables) apart from the brand of […]

  • Esafety Assemblies

    All classes from Reception to Year 6 received an esafety lesson from the Prevention Officer from the Childen’s Society. They were taught how to stay safe online and how to act towards others when interacting online.