AoLE Science and Technology
Examples of Science and Technology at Pontlliw
  • Learning about Pumpkins

    At the start of term, during our EPIC planning session, the Year 2 children decided that they would like to find out more about pumpkins…so this week we did just that! The children used their creative skills to make fantastic pumpkin shaped autumn wreaths. We read fiction and non-fiction texts on Get Epic, and the […]

  • 4 Purpose at Pontlliw

    Pupils at Pontlliw are given opportunities every day to be: Ethical, Informed Citizens Enterprising, Creative Contributors Healthy, Confident Individuals And Ambitious, Capable Learners. Last year, every child, in their pupil voice group, had a voice in designing posters to identif the areas of each purpose. This term, pupils in Year 6 have been talking about […]

  • What a perfect Pumpkin!

    Reception spent the day today investigating pumpkins. The children described them, counted the lines on them, found out how tall they were and measured using blocks, and finally we investigated if the would sink or float! Reception know…… do you? Some of the children had a go at making square pumpkins! Yes you heard right! […]

  • Fatty Crisps and Online shopping

    Year 5 have had an exciting end to the week. We have carried out our fatty crisp experiment and will gather the results together next week, to analyse the data that we have recorded! We are researching which is the healthiest crisp, so we can advise Leigh Halfpenny which ones he can eat as part […]

  • Teddy Toast

    As part of our topic, we have been learning all about old and new teddy bears. As a treat we decided to make some Teddy Toast. We used wholemeal bread, peanut butter, bananas and raisins. The children were really clever slicing the bananas and spreading the peanut butter on their toast. The Teddy Toast looked […]

  • Learning all about Animal movements and adaptations!

    This week in Science Year 1 have learnt all about how animals move and the adaptions that allow them to move in this way. We started by observing videos of animals and then discussing how they move e.g. crawl, stomp, bounce etc. We then spoke about their adaptions that allow them to do this e.g. […]

  • WRU Minecraft ”Club of the future Competition” 🏉

    As a Minecraft Learning Centre for Wales, we are very excited to be rolling out the WRU Minecraft ”Club of the Future” competition to all our learners from Y2 – Y6. They were shown the details of the competition this morning in our virtual assembly. More details can be found here: Lots of the children […]

  • Creating Superhero Underpants!!

    What a super fun afternoon we have had today in Year 1! After reading the story Charlie’s Superhero Underpants, the children were incredibly excited to design and create their own as part of our D&T project. All pupils were able to create their superhero underpants independently, and enjoyed choosing a superhero word to write on […]

  • Investigating Shadows

    The year 2s enjoyed learning about shadows this week. We discussed what shadows are and the children made some super shadow puppets. They were set a challenge: find out how to make the shadows bigger and smaller. They were able to use rulers to measure the shadows and compare the sizes. Super investigating, year 2!

  • Year 3 Mummify their Tomatoes 🍅

    What an interesting morning we’ve had in Year 3. After being covered in salt for the last week and a half, the children were able to free their tomatoes this afternoon in order to make their observations. It was fascinating to see what the salt had done to the tomatoes and some of the weight […]

  • Year 5 Class Assembly

    This morning, it was the turn of Year 5 to entertain the school in the weekly class assembly slot. via Microsoft Teams. We presented our findings of the Human Body and it’s different organs confidently during our Science lessons. All children spoke very well. Da iawn pawb.

  • Collaborative Databases

    Year 5 were shown how to create databases this afternoon on J2E. When they were confident, they created a database of their own and shared it with a friend. Both friends were then able to collaborate and work on the same database together to speed up the process, collecting various data about the different players […]

  • Digital Dragons 🖥🐉

    The newly formed Digital Dragons were established yesterday. As we are now in classroom bubbles, Year 5 will represent the school in this area. We appointed our Chair, Vice Chair and Secretaries and set out our mission and goals for the year. We also discussed the Playground Buddies scheme introduced by the Healthy Hero’s.

  • Eat well plate 🍌 🍗 🧀 🍞 🍭

    This week, Year 5 have been learning about the different food groups  that make up the “Eat Well Plate” as part of our science focus. We learnt that fruit, vegetables and carbohydrates should make up the majority of the food we eat, with protein and dairy also playing an important part. We also learnt that […]

  • Nursery’s Science Investigation

    One of the nursery children asked what would happen to their stick of chalk if it got wet, so we decided to investigate. Firstly the children put on their coats and wellies and went outside to chalk in the rain, then they decided to investigate further. They used the colourful chalks to draw on the […]

  • Skype a Scientist Canada 🇨🇦👩‍🔬

    Year Five were treated to a call with a Scientist based in Newfoundland, Canada! She told us about the different food groups and the effect each one has on our bodies. There were loads of questions from the pupils as they were so interested in healthy eating and the body!

  • Creating and interpreting bar charts in Year 1!

    This afternoon, Year 1 really enjoyed creating bar charts on J2E (HWB) . We took a class vote on which colour was the most popular (for a superhero costume) and the children then displayed these results using their ICT Skills. The children then showed their bar charts to the class and answered key mathematical questions […]

  • Show and Tell

    Our ‘Show and Tell’ was a little bit different this term. Instead of bringing an item to school to discuss with their friends, the nursery children, with a little help from their parents, uploaded a photo to their Hwb account. They were then able to put their photo on the big screen. Lots of amazing […]

  • Designing our own Web Warriors!

    Year 1 have had lots of fun this afternoon designing their own web warriors online using their ICT skills. The children had to navigate the software and make several selections within that software to select their heroes powers, costumes design, colours, powers etc. All the children managed to do this independently- da iawn Year 1!

  • Woodland Animal Research

    This morning, we started reading a lovely story called ‘Pricklebum’s Amazing Adventure’. We talked about how hedgehogs are woodland animals and compared them to other animals that live in different habitats, listing all the animals we could think of and sorting them into an alphabet chart. The children then did lots of research about woodland […]

  • Fish is the Dish! 🐟

    Year 5 had a very special treat this afternoon hosted by Swansea Council. We learnt about the different types of fish that can be sourced from Swansea Bay! It fitted in well with our science focus as we learnt about the benefits that fish has on our bodies and brains! Finally we got to taste […]

  • Going on a Bear Hunt!

    What a beautiful day for a Bear Hunt and Reception are NOT scared! We had great fun exploring our outdoor area, and collecting dinner for the Bear. We acted out the story by moving our bodies, and even made some fruity kebabs! Luckily the Bear didn’t arrive to steal the delicious fruit and we ate […]

  • The importance of strong passwords 🔐

    Year 5 looked at the importance of strong passwords and how to create them in our Digital Citizenship lesson this afternoon. We learnt that we could make a memorable word or phrase into a complex one by using a mixture of small and capital letters, numbers and special characters. They then read up about why […]

  • Learning all about fast and slow objects in Year 1!

    During our EPIC planning this term, the children were particularly interested in learning all about how superheroes fly so fast and they wanted to know if any objects are super fast like them! Therefore, in Science we have started to explore objects that are fast and slow and the forces surrounding them. The children started […]

  • Researching organs of the body ❤️

    As part of our science focus this term, this morning, we studied different organs of the body in groups. Each group looked at a separate organ, either the heart, lungs, liver, brain or digestive system. Two pupils from each group collaborated on a shared PowerPoint while others in the group used Hwb playlists and information sheets […]

  • UN Convention of Rights and Microsoft Forms

    Year 5 located the UN Convention of Rights for children on their Hwb Class today. Each pupil decided on their most important 5 rights and then created a Microsoft Form with the 5 chosen articles. They then shared their forms with their peers via Hwb classes so they could vote for their favourite. We were […]

  • Which is the most common tree in Pontlliw park?

    Last week during our EPIC planning session, lots of the children came up with interesting questions about trees, such as ‘Why do we have Christmas trees?’, ‘Why do some trees have different colour leaves? and ‘Where do conkers and acorns come from?. Today we used these questions as the start of a lesson. We talked […]

  • Welly Wednesday

    The nursery children had their first ‘Welly Wednesday’ of the new school year today. They put on their wellies and coats, and went out exploring. They made the outdoor area look pretty by hanging some lovely colourful butterflies in the trees. The fun still continued  when they returned to the classroom. The children used their […]

  • Expressive Musical Art

    Year 6 listened to music from WW2 today. We played along to ‘We’ll meet again’ using bells and Glockenspiels. Pupils followed the music and drew a creative piece of art work linked to mood and tempo. Pupils them had an opportunity to compose their own piece of music using Google Music Lab

  • Hwb Keeping safe online – Summer challenge

    Hwb competition details and entry form: We’ve all been spending more time online during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, whether to stay in touch with friends and family, keep up with school work or for entertainment. Keeping yourself safe online has never been more important. Many of you will have been taking steps to protect yourselves […]

  • Blended Learning – Staff Training

    Today, staff have received training on how to perform Live Lessons via Microsoft Teams. We are very excited about this new way of learning and potentially rolling this out as a school in September for some lessons, should the need still be present.

  • Minecraft Pontlliw Primary School

    Dear Parents, We know how much the children are missing school from various feedback we have received, so we thought outside the box… If the children cannot go to the school, we will bring the school to the children! We have created a replica of Pontlliw Primary School in Minecraft for the pupils to explore. […]

  • Houseparty – How to stay safe

    Dear Parents, During this unprecedented time, we know that lots of adults and children have turned to the ‘Houseparty’ app to stay in touch with friends. We have been sent an infographic by Swansea Bay Healthy Schools, outlining how everyone can stay safe while using this app. Please find this information below – please note, […]

  • Marvellous Magnets!

    The Year 2 children had great fun learning about magnets this week. They worked well making predictions before testing various items, and recorded their results carefully in a table. The children also learned how the opposite poles attract. Some children even went on to learn more about magnets by reading information books on Get Epic!

  • African Masks

    The time finally came to make our African masks today. The children enjoyed following their chosen design as part of their Design and Technology project. We had some wonderful creations and the children enjoyed an African tribal dance to end the day.

  • Savanna Artwork ☀️ 🦁 🐘

    Year 5 have been immersed in expressive arts in latter half of this week. We studied images of the African Savanna during sunset and then recreated this setting with pastels and black card. This afternoon we recreated the scene using Microsoft excel by using pixel art. We had a discussion about which technique the children preferred […]

  • Mirror image…

    Year 4 have been learning about symmetry this week. As part of their work, they focussed on mirroring each other to create symmetrical positions. They also used Chrome Music Lab to cheat symmetrical musical patterns!

  • Looking For 2D Shapes

    The nursery children went on a special shape hunt today. They took i Pads with them to take photos of any 2D shapes they found. They were then able to show their friends back in class what they had found. Gwaith da pwb!

  • Stylish Spaceships

    As we have learnt a lot about the creation of Earth (God or the Big Bang debate) planets, stars, seasons, time zones and the history of space travel; we now move on to the element of flight. To engage pupils enthusiasm we started with our Design and technology project. Year 6 have been designing, making […]

  • Coding In Nursery

    One of the school’s digital leaders came over to the nursery class today to help the children with an ICT activity. They helped the children to programme the ‘Bee-bots’. The children then built tunnels out of Lego and had to programme the Bee-bots to go through the tunnels. Fantastic fun! Thank you digital leader!

  • Beautiful Bird Boxes

    As part of our Design and Technology project, Year 6 have been designing a bird box for a robin. Today Mr Hughes came in to school to help the children assemble the boxes. They also varnished the wood to protect them from the weather. Next week we will be making fat balls of seeds. We […]

  • Year 2’s Feathery Friends

    As part of their work on explanation texts, Year 2 have been learning about the life cycle of a hen. So this week we were lucky enough to have 10 eggs in class. We have been busy writing explanations about the life cycle, and we have been so excited to see the brooding and hatching […]

  • Mad Science 🔬🌡🔭

    Our budding scientists enjoyed Mad Science club after school today! They explored different adhesives including velcro, glue and different types of tape. They explored how these different adhesives recated with various materials.

  • Super Science in Waterfront Museum – Free!

    See below information on a Science day planned in the Waterfront Museum on Sunday! All activities are free.  Visitors of all ages will see a huge range interactive science exhibits from animals and insects to meteorites and robots!  Plus hands on activities and jaw-dropping experiments. There will also be talks from special guests throughout the […]

  • Irreversible Changes

    The nursery children conducted a very messy science experiment today. They learnt that mixing some substances together can cause an irreversible change that creates a new substance. They also learnt that some things cannot be changed back to its original form. They used flour and water, and mixed them together. They were very clever and used […]

  • States of Matter 🧪

    Year 5 looked at the changing states of matter this afternoon in preparation for our evaporation experiment next week. The children pretended to be particles for a solid, liquid and a gas. We discussed how each changes as they gain more energy when heated up! See if you can guess which photos represent a solid, […]

  • Year 1 Making a Rain Gauge

    This afternoon the children have been busy transforming empty plastic bottles into rain gauges. They used their reading skills to follow the instructions and their measuring skills to make a ruler to stick on the side. Next week we will be collecting data and measuring the rain that falls every day.

  • Jack’s Beanstalk Life Cycle!

    Having read the book Jack and the Beanstalk as part of our Fairy Tale topic, Reception pupils were eager to learn all about how a beanstalk and therefore plants grow. We therefore decided to examine the life cycle of a beanstalk and also go outdoors to witness the different stages our plants were at in […]

  • Savanna Food Chains 🦁🌾

    Year 5 have been learning about the Savanna and the animals that inhabit it this week. They were looking at producers, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and working out who ate what. They researched on a BBC bitesize website, then noted down the food chains in their science books.