AoLE Science and Technology
Examples of Science and Technology at Pontlliw
  • Mad about Minibeasts!

    What a fun day! Reception were out and about again learning in the outdoor area. Their challenge this week was to find Minibeasts. We read our book and chose our favourites, and then went out and about to discover the different creatures in Pontlliw School. Try it at home pop down a hoop and count […]

  • Drone Coding

    There was a mixture of fear and excitement in Year 5 this afternoon as the children were introduced to Drones for the first time. They used their coding skills to make the drones move, twist and flip in the direction they wanted. We will look at more in depth coding of the machines after half […]

  • A Messy Morning In Nursery!

    What a fun and messy outdoor day we had today. We had a morning full of volcano themed activities. The children enjoyed making their own mini volcanoes using bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid and vinegar. They did splatter painting to represent lava, by dipping cotton wool balls into paint and ‘splatting’ them onto the […]

  • Outdoor Air Resistance! 💨

    We explored the opposing forces of air resistance and gravity in Year 5 today. We came to realise that an object’s weight does not determine how fast it falls – putting in to question the famous saying “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” We learnt that it is actually air resistance that determines […]

  • Healthy Eating Nutrition

    Not only are we working on developing our healthy minds but also developing our knowledge of nutrition; looking at the healthy plate and sugar content in drinks. Pupils then had the opportunity to scan drinks, using the app food scanner, they were shocked by the results. Pupils analysed the data, including sugar, salt, fat and […]

  • Theme Park Owners

    We have become entrepreneurs in Year 5 and have created our own virtual theme parks using Microsoft Excel. We have used multiple tabs on our spreadsheet to set out a plan, work out our overheads and income and we will be looking at profits later in the week. This has been a great task to […]

  • Sea exploration

    We have been learning about some of the creatures that live under the sea this week.

  • Thrill Engineer Skype Call 🎢🎡🎠

    Year 5 were treated to a Skype Call with Professor Brendan Walker this afternoon. Brendan Walker is a thrill engineer and helps theme parks across the world design rides that both scare and excite thrill seekers. He took time out to speak to us and answer our questions. We learnt a lot and it fitted perfectly […]

  • All About Forces 🍎

    We have begun to learn about different forces in Year 5. We used a variety of materials and resources to independently learn about the different types of force that are present around us. The children shared their knowledge at various intervals during the lesson so that other groups could gain from their friends’ research!

  • Year 1 explore Chatterpix

    We explored the Chatterpix app this week (with a little help from Year 6 too!) by choosing a sea creature and recording what we already know about that animal.

  • Let’s go under the sea…

    We have been busy activating our prior knowledge of our new topic of under the sea this week…

  • Year 6 – Tour de France

    The pupils are excited to start their new topic, which is Tour de France. Our main focus for this term is health and well-being; looking at nutritional bars, effects of exercise on our bodies and making the right choices to live a healthy lifestyle. The children have written their question on to their learning leaves, […]

  • Forces – Levers

    Year 5 started their forces journey today as we looked at Levers and how they help us when shifting heavy loads. We learnt that by changing the position of the fulcrum, that we need far less effort to shift a heavy load (and a Year 5 teacher!) The children then investigated  this theory, documenting their […]

  • Animation Club! 📹🎞

    Some of our Year 5 girls have started an after school animation club on a Tuesday. They are teaching children from all over the school how to animate using clay characters. Each week, they will teach them new skills to help them progress over the half term. Well done girls.

  • Journey With Us Over Land, Sea, Air and Space!

    The Year 2 children have thoroughly enjoyed activating their prior knowledge about transport, in preparation for the start of this term’s topic ‘Journey With Us Over Land, Sea, Air and Space’. We looked at lots of images of different ways of travelling and various forms of transport, and the boys and girls came up with […]

  • Weather vanes

    As part of our weather topic, we designed and made our own weather vanes. We then took them outside to see whether they worked and considered how we would improve them.

  • Pasg Hapus

    Year 6 celebrated their last day of the Spring term by having an Easter egg hunt, making Space themed food and eating the food in the sun this afternoon. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and safe Easter.

  • Digital Dragons hard at work!

    Our Digital Dragons recently compiled a questionnaire for all pupils in Years 2 to 6. We were shocked at the results! 20% of pupils watch YouTube for 3 hours or more per night 30% of pupils had spoken to someone online that they didn’t know 50% of pupils play games or have apps that have […]

  • Live Skype Session with Dr. Jane Goodall

    This afternoon, Year 6 joined in live to Dr Jane Goodall who set up the scheme of ‘Roots and Shoot’. Dr Jane visited Africa in her younger days and discovered her love for chimpanzees. She decided from that day that she would do all that she could to help the planet. Her message to us […]

  • Wacky weather

    We have been observing the weather this week. We have measured rainfall (using the gauges we made in class!) and temperature as well as investigating wind strength using windmills. Think we chose the right week to investigate given the range of weather we’ve had…

  • Year 3 Investigate Shadows

    The children have been busy the past two weeks investigating shadows. The question we were investigating was ‘What happens to the size of a shadow as you move the light source away from an object?’ We had a mixture of interesting predictions with some children thinking the shadow would get bigger and some predicting that […]

  • KNex robots and Sphero coding

    Year 4 finished their robots and attached their lights and buzzers. They made some fantastic creations! This afternoon, they have been learning to code and trouble shoot using Sphero robots. They then had a challenge to try to drive it around a road layout map. Da iawn blwyddyn pedwar!

  • Circuitry with XL Wales

    Year 4 have been practising making parallel and series circuits with switches in preparation for making robots with lights and sounds. They now have to create a robot using KNex which has to include their circuitry!

  • Solar Systems Specialists

    Our Numeracy challenge today was to draw our solar system on the yard, drawn to scale: cm = a million miles. The children faced the challenge and worked well as a team.

  • Measuring Evaporation ☀️

    Year 5 used the current sunny weather to their advantage and carried out an evaporation investigation this week. We left 200ml of water in different containers and left them outside for 2 days. We then collected them in and independently measured what was left of the water after 2 days of evaporation. We discovered that […]

  • Investigating Eggs

    Phew, what a busy day we’ve had in Year 2! The children were set a challenge…find out how eggs help to protect a chick when it is growing inside. The children worked their way around a number of tasks, showing lots of enthusiasm and excellent skills with recording their observations in different ways. They looked […]

  • Robo-Biscuits

    Year 4 put the finishing touches to their robot inspired biscuits! After busily baking on Friday, they added icing yesterday and decorated them today to try (in some cases!) to replicate the original designs. They’ve done a great job on them, so take a look at the gallery to see them being made, and the […]

  • How to make a rain gauge

    We have been making our own rain gauges in Year 1, ready to measure rainfall as part of our weather topic.

  • Pontlliw’s BIG Clean!

    What a fantastic morning! All of the children from Nursery up to Year 6 were involved in cleaning up our school grounds. From litter picking to planting and washing to sweeping the school has been given a ‘Spring Clean’. We are very proud of our children who got their hands, and clothes dirty…. there was […]

  • Umbrella Investigation

    This week the Year 2 children were set a challenge: investigate which material would be the most suitable for making an umbrella. They came up with super suggestions for their method, developed super labelled diagrams and made excellent predictions. The children showed an excellent understanding of fair testing, deciding which variables they would change and […]

  • Fun and Games with our Feathery Friends

    Today the Year 2 children enjoyed handling the chicks. They were very careful and took good care of them. The children were amazed by how much they are growing and changing every day. The boys and girls have also enjoyed taking turns to feed them and change their water every day.

  • Concentration was on point!

    In maths this week, year 6 are calculating: Range Mode Median And mean. Pupils will complete activities such as: throwing a tennis 🎾 ball 6 times in a minute then calculated the range, mode, mean and median. Linking to our science experiment, pupils will make and throw 3 paper planes 5 times, calculating the above […]

  • Searching For Signs Of Spring.

    Spring marks the beginning of warmer weather and longer daylight hours. the budding of flowers, and leaves growing on the trees. As it is the first day of spring this week, the nursery children put on their wellies and wet weather gear and went outside to see if they could see any signs of spring. […]

  • Nine Fluffy Friends!

    Today more of the Year 2 chicks have hatched! So far we have nine fluffy friends named Marshmallow, Pixie, Chicklick, Alfie, Jakey, Lucky, Turbo, Maisie and Gary (named by the children!) The boys and girls have enjoyed watching them in the brooder box and incubator. We are hoping that the last egg hatches soon!

  • Chirping Chicks!

    There has been a lot of EGGcitement in the Year 2 classroom today as two of our chicks hatched! The children decided to name them Marshmallow and Pixie. They are watching the rest of the eggs very closely, as a few more have little cracks in them. We can’t wait to meet the rest of […]

  • Egg Watch: Day 2!

    The Year 2 children have been watching the class eggs very closely today. None have cracked yet. Tomorrow is day 21 after they were laid, so we think some chicks will appear tomorrow!

  • Eggciting Visitors in Year 2!

    The Year 2 children are very excited because today our class eggs finally arrived! We will be watching closely for any signs of the eggs hatching, and we will update the blog to keep you all up to date with our feathery friends!

  • Mad Science Assembly

    On Wednesday, Mad Science visited our school to present a fantastic assembly to the children. They were shown lots of amazing experiments linked to air and forces. All pupils thoroughly enjoyed, and left feeling inspired to further their scientific knowledge through undertaking their own investigations and experiments!

  • Fun With Chatter Kid

    Pupils have been exploring our new APP of the week, Chatter Kid. Year 6 have been developing their Literacy (Oracy) and Numeracy skills by recording facts related to the planets in our solar system.

  • We’ve ‘bean’ planting in Reception!

    This week we have been reading ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We have read lots of different versions, but one thing we have noticed mum always throws the beans away and they grow! Reception accepted the challenge of planting their own beans and we will hopefully have some sky scrapping beanstalks!

  • Celebrating Valentines Day in Nursery.

    The nursery children celebrated Valentines Day by making some delicious heart shape cakes. Mmm, they look tasty!

  • Delicious Dinosaur Fossil Cookies

    This week the Year 2s continued their learning about fossils. They made some delicious dinosaur cookies which looked absolutely fantastic. Well done, Year 2!

  • Marvellous Magnetic Materials

    This week the Year 2 children have enjoyed learning about magnetic materials. They enjoyed making predictions and then testing the materials to see whether their predictions were correct. Super investigating boys and girls!

  • Feeling the Love in Year 2!

    Today the Year 2 children were feeling the love, as they completed lots of Valentine’s Day themed activities. We started off by listening to and discussing the story of St. Valentine. The children then used their speaking and listening skills well, participating in group discussions about how to be a good or bad friends. They […]

  • Year 3 Techniquest Trip

    What an amazing time we all had at Techniquest today. As soon as we arrived, the children were eager to explore all of the interactive exhibits – and they weren’t disappointed. They began by watching an interactive show called ‘The Adventures of Dr. Isosceles’. Throughout the show they had to solve problems with Dr. Isoceles to […]

  • Total Eclipse of the Heart

    To celebrate Welsh Music Day, Year 5 listened to two versions of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, the original and a techno version! After appraising the songs, we drew upon Mr Keegan’s musical expertise to help the children create their own Welsh techno music using google chrome lab, with some amazing results. Da […]

  • Welsh weather

    The children enjoyed using the green screen this week to give a weather forecast in Welsh.

  • Watch out there is a Wolf about!

    The Reception have had great fun this morning trying to blow down their straw, stick and brick houses. The children got into groups to design their houses, showing great team work the houses were ready. A very excited Reception waited to meet the Wolf… They began to tell the story and all of a sudden […]

  • Burning Energy Gyda Ynni Da

    On Friday 1st February we had an awesome ‘Welsh’ day – saving energy can be fun and keep you fit. We held our very own Eco School Party with this unique Pedal power experience. All the energy for the disco, was produced by pedaling bikes. It gave the pupils an understanding of the energy requirements […]

  • Tornado in Pontlliw!

    Year 1 have been learning about the weather as part of science and technology. This week, we looked at extreme weather, especially in other parts of the world. We experimented by making our very own tornadoes!