• We’ve ‘bean’ planting in Reception!

    This week we have been reading ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We have read lots of different versions, but one thing we have noticed mum always throws the beans away and they grow! Reception accepted the challenge of planting their own beans and we will hopefully have some sky scrapping beanstalks!

  • Year One Christening

    In year one we have been learning about Christianity. We have been finding out all about the church and learned that some Christians choose to have their children christened.  The children thought it would be fun to have our own christening, so we had a lot to organise! They made cucumber or jam sandwiches for […]

  • Football Fun in Nursery.

    What an amazing time the nursery children had taking part in Beatbox Football on Friday. They practised their football and dancing skills. Da iawn everyone!

  • Explanation Text Experts

    This week the Year 2 children continued their work on explanation texts. The children worked on rotation through a number of tasks which looked at different features of the genre. The children used their reading skills brilliantly when sequencing the life cycle of a hen. They then worked together to put topic words in alphabetical […]

  • Marvellous Magnetic Materials

    This week the Year 2 children have enjoyed learning about magnetic materials. They enjoyed making predictions and then testing the materials to see whether their predictions were correct. Super investigating boys and girls!

  • Feeling the Love in Year 2!

    Today the Year 2 children were feeling the love, as they completed lots of Valentine’s Day themed activities. We started off by listening to and discussing the story of St. Valentine. The children then used their speaking and listening skills well, participating in group discussions about how to be a good or bad friends. They […]

  • Welsh weather

    The children enjoyed using the green screen this week to give a weather forecast in Welsh.

  • Chinese New Year

    As part of our Countries & Cultures topic, we have been learning about China and specifically Chinese New Year. To support our language genre of discussion, we experienced trying a variety of different Chinese style food this week, providing lots of opportunity to discuss our likes/dislikes and give our opinions.

  • Working Together.

    During this week the children in Reception have created some digital posters. We have talked about being safe on-line and how it is important to keep our information private. We also talked about using pictures and that it is important to get permission to use images. The children then collaborated on some posters choosing pictures […]

  • Fairy Tale Music.

    Did you know a drawing can make beautiful music? Reception have been practising their pig drawing skills using ‘Music lab’. The children designed their own pigs on the screen and pressed play, each shape created a sound which the Reception children danced around to. We have some Mozart’s in the making in Recption!

  • Watch out there is a Wolf about!

    The Reception have had great fun this morning trying to blow down their straw, stick and brick houses. The children got into groups to design their houses, showing great team work the houses were ready. A very excited Reception waited to meet the Wolf… They began to tell the story and all of a sudden […]

  • Exploring Explanation Texts!

    This term the Year 2 children will be learning about explanation texts. This week they worked in groups to make predictions about the text features that they might find inside an explanation book. The children worked brilliantly together. The group managers made sure that everybody took turns and had a chance to share their ideas, […]

  • Where on Earth Did the Dinosaurs Live?

    The Year 2 children decided that they would like to learn about how the world has changed since the dinosaurs were alive. This week they found out about the super continent Pangea, and were amazed to find out that the continents used to be joined together. We watched some interesting videos and read a fascinating […]

  • Dyn Eira Hyfryd yn Blwyddyn 2!

    This week the children have been further developing their Welsh language skills whilst focusing on Dyn Eira (snowmen). Last week the children designed snowmen and wrote about them in Welsh using the third person. This week the children followed their designs and made fantastic junk model snowmen. They also completed some pelen eira (snowball) maths […]

  • Brilliant Balancing!

    Today in P.E the nursery children participated in activities to develop their coordination and gross motor skills. Miss Miles is now a qualified ‘Balanceability’ instructor and has been helping the children to improve their balancing skills. Soon they will be ready to go on the balance bikes. Gwaith da nursery!

  • Year of the Pig!

    Reception have had a great morning taking part in lots of ‘pig’ activities. The children have listened to the Chinese Traditional story of the New Year tale, telling us the order of the animals. The pig is the 12th animal, and one of the stories states that a wolf blew down the pigs house, and […]

  • Burning Energy Gyda Ynni Da

    On Friday 1st February we had an awesome ‘Welsh’ day – saving energy can be fun and keep you fit. We held our very own Eco School Party with this unique Pedal power experience. All the energy for the disco, was produced by pedaling bikes. It gave the pupils an understanding of the energy requirements […]

  • Tric a Chlic

    Year 1 have been enjoying developing their understanding of the Welsh language and phonics by using our new resource, Tric a Chlic.

  • Tornado in Pontlliw!

    Year 1 have been learning about the weather as part of science and technology. This week, we looked at extreme weather, especially in other parts of the world. We experimented by making our very own tornadoes!

  • Another Busy Day in Nursery.

    Once again the nursery children have been busy, busy, busy! They have been painting, making models with playdough, building tall towers with wooden blocks, and making 3D shapes with the polydron. They even had time to colour, read some books, and have a tea party. What a busy morning!

  • Feeding the Birds.

    As it is sometimes difficult for the birds to find food in winter, the nursery children decided to make some bird feeders. They mixed bird seed with lard and put it into yoghurt pots to hang on the trees. It was a messy job but I’m sure the birds will appreciate this tasty treat.

  • Origami 🌟

    This term our genre element is instructional work. Today pupils wrote and followed instructions to create an origami star. Pupils were confident to follow instructions and overcame the problems that they were faced with when folding the paper.

  • ‘T’ for Toasted Teacake.

    Our special sound of the week was ‘t’, so the nursery children had some toasted tea cakes at snack time. Delicious!

  • Ordinal numbers

    We have been learning about ordinal numbers in our maths. The children were especially shocked to learn that a delicacy in France is frogs legs, so we had a frog race, recording which frogs managed to escape and come 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. We also read the book ’10 little rubber ducks’ by Eric Carle […]

  • Weather forecasts

    We are learning about the weather and we are becoming more familiar with the vocabulary associated with the weather. We presented some weather forecasts for France this week…

  • Heated discussion in Year 1

    We have been looking at the genre of ‘discussion’ this week. The children were presented with one ‘pain au chocolat’ and were asked to consider whether someone should eat one or not. The children had a fantastic discussion, coming up with lots of different opinions and ideas. However, they were then extremely excited to see […]

  • Ser Yr Wythnos

    Llongyfarchiadau i ser yr Wythnos

  • Finding Out About Planet Earth

    As part of out topic ‘Take a Trip in a Time Machine’, the Year 2 children decided that they wanted to find out about how Planet Earth came to be. We looked at a variety of information sources and learned about how the oceans were formed, how meteors shaped the landscape and how life began […]

  • Newyddion

    Super Welsh skills were used by the Year 2 children this week! They confidently shared news in Welsh using past tense phrases such as Es i and Ces i. Da iawn, Blwyddyn 2!

  • Lego Simple Machines

    This week the Year 2 children have enjoyed using Lego Simple Machines kit to investigate gears. They worked brilliantly in pairs, and created some fantastic moving machines! Gwaith gwych, Blwyddyn 2!

  • Dinosaur Fossil Tiles

    As part of our topic, the children decided that it would be interesting to make some dinosaur fossils using clay. We learned about how the dinosaurs died and how fossils are formed. Then the children used air drying clay and model dinosaurs to create their own fossil tiles. Next week they will paint their tiles […]

  • Little Explorers!

    The nursery children became little explorers today. They put on their wellies and their warm coats and went out to explore the nature area.

  • Snowball Painting and Snow Cakes!

    Continuing the theme of ‘Snow and Ice’, the nursery children did some ‘snowball’ splatter painting today. They used cotton wool balls that looked like snowballs, dipped them in icy coloured paint and ‘splatted’ them onto the paper. They also made some delicious ‘snow cakes’ using desiccated coconut to look like snow. Delicious!

  • Friendship Fruit Salad

    The reception children have been learning all about being a good friend. They learnt that we are all different and like different things. Today they made a ‘Friendship Fruit Salad’. They asked their friend what their favourite fruit was, then they used their fine motor skills to chop up the fruit and put it into […]

  • Welsh Trip Recounts

    This week the Year 2 children enjoyed writing recounts in Welsh about the trips we went on before Christmas. They used lots of past tense phrases, such as ‘Es i’ and ‘Ces i’. The children were able to add a shared image and confidently changed the font size, style and colour to enhance their work.

  • Investigating 2s, 5s and 10s in Year 2

    This week the Year 2 children have been investigating multiples of 2, 5 and 10. They have undertaken lots of fun activities, including singing the 2, 5 and 10 times tables songs, completing sequences of numbers, investigating jumps made by different size kangaroos, counting groups of coins and investigating different ways of making totals. Gwaith […]

  • Ser Yr Wythnos

    Llongyfarchiadau i ser yr wythnos.

  • Pupils Voice Meeting

    Today Mrs Norman met with our pupil voice groups to discuss progress with the representative chair person. All pupils were confident and enthusiastic to discuss progress made and further action for the next couple of weeks.

  • Ice Painting.

    The nursery children had lots of fun this morning. As part of our ‘Snow and Ice’ topic we will be experimenting with ice. Today we thought we’d have some fun and paint the ice. The children were fascinated to see how the colours and textures changed as the ice melted. We can’t wait to carry […]

  • Orienteering Experts

    Year 6 have been developing their orienteering skills in PE by not only reading maps but creating their own maps on HWB. They then had to mark on the map where they would go and hide and their partners had to find them.

  • Solar System Scavenger Hunt.

    This afternoon, as part of our topic entry, pupils were sent on a scavenger hunt. They needed to look around the whole school to locate the answers to the space related questions. (Sorry if I haven’t taken a picture of your child – they were running too fast for me to capture 😂)

  • New Year’s Resolutions

    This week the Year 2 children have been learning about New Year’s Resolutions. They discussed how they celebrated new year, and watched videos of celebrations around the world. They enjoyed joining in with Auld Lang Syne! The children used their reading skills to find out more about new year celebrations around the world, and then […]

  • Sioni Rhew

    This week the Year 2 children enjoyed listening to a Welsh story about Sioni Rhew (Jack Frost). They then wrote in Welsh about the things Sioni Rhew likes to do in the Winter. The children made fantastic symmetrical snowflakes online and using their cutting skills, and then used a variety of materials and techniques to […]

  • Take a Trip in a Time Machine

    This week the Year 2 children have started their new topic ‘Take a Trip in a Time Machine’. They began by activating their prior knowledge about the topic, using pictures to generate discussions about what they already know. They then thought about what they would like to learn and do this term. The children came […]

  • Ser Yr Wythnos

    Congratulations to our stars this week. Llongyfatchiadau.

  • Christmas Stories and Traditions Museum Trip

    On Friday, the Year 2 children visited Swansea Museum to learn all about Christmas traditions. The children enjoyed participating in acting out Christmas stories, and also had a go at playing with lots of toys that children would have been given a long time ago. The children then moved on to the Waterfront Museum, where […]

  • Marvellous ‘Me’ Tubs!

    Reception have spent the past week talking about themselves! The children brought into school some fantastic boxes, decorated and full of their favourite items. The rest of the class guessed which of the children they belonged to. We had some great surprises along the way, and found out some lovely things about our children. Well […]

  • Ser Yr Wythnos

    Congratulations to our stars this week

  • Christmas Candle Jars

    Last week the Year 2 children solved a problem for Santa, and sent him a candle which would help him to make toys for a long time during the North Pole power cut. This week, Mrs. Claus got in touch with the children to eplain there had been a slight problem; Edgar Elf had knocked […]

  • Christmas Traditions in Iceland

    This morning, Year 2 and Year 5 pupils enjoyed a live web chat with Mr. Stonham’s cousin Darren. Darren lives in Iceland and he told us all about their various Christmas traditions. The children listened attentively, and asked lots of thoughtful questions. They enjoyed learning about the thirteen trolls who leave treats for children, the […]