• As one door closes…

    As Year 6 approach their final days at Pontlliw Primary, we reflect on their journey. Your children have grown so much and achieved things they never dreamed possible. We are so proud of each and every one of them. Pob Lwc Blwyddyn 6. Year 6, as you approach Year 7, remember all we have taught […]

  • Year 2s Graduate Foundation Phase in Style!

    This morning the Year 2s had lots of fun receiving personalised certificates to celebrate their graduation from the Foundation Phase. What a lovely way to end a wonderful year. Each and every one of them is a star in their own right, and I couldn’t be prouder!

  • Happy, sunny days…

    Year 1 had a treat today for winning the attendance award. We went to the shop, bought ice creams and had a great time in the park. What a fun-filled afternoon!

  • Beach Trip – Youtube video

    You can now see highlights of our beach trip on our YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/i1192mdz8SQ  

  • Beach Trip 2019!

    We had a perfect day at the beach today with all classes from Reception to Year 6. We had lots of fun in the sunshine, digging holes, making sandcastles and playing sport. The children were a credit to the school once again and represented us well. Thanks to all the staff for capturing images of […]

  • Healthy Snack Time

    Our special sound of the week this week was ‘v’ so the nursery children made some healthy vegetable wraps. Delicious and healthy!

  • Ser Yr Wythnos

    Llongyfarchiadau to our stars this week.

  • Sports Day 2019 – Juniors 🏃🏼‍♂️ ☀️

    What a fabulous time we had at Sports Day today! Thank you to all who were able to make it to the park and support the children. They all performed really well and did themselves, the school and you proud! In hot conditions they ran extremely well and enjoyed the day. Thank you to the […]

  • Sports Day 2019 – Infants 🏃‍♂️☀️

    What a fabulous time we had at Sports Day today! Thank you to all who were able to make it to the park and support the children. They all performed really well and did themselves, the school and you proud! In hot conditions they ran extremely well and enjoyed the day. Thank you to the […]

  • Fun at Forest Schools

    We had a fantastic time at the Forest School site this week. We used the mud kitchen, practised our digging skills and made clay sculptures. We used up our energy levels in the willow maze and then relaxed in the hammock. We finished off with some popcorn which was heated using the outdoor fire. What a […]

  • Ned’s Mindset Mission Show

    Last week, the whole school were treated to an interactive show called  ‘Ned’s Mindset Mission’. The purpose of the show was to help the children learn the power of ‘yet’, how to spark courage in others and how to keep learning and growing, even when we think we already know something. Through the use of […]

  • Oakwood – Fun in the sun ☀️ 🎢🎡🎠

    Year 5 and 6 had a fabulous day in Oakwood today. As forecast, the weather didn’t disappoint and we enjoyed going on rides in the warm sunshine. The children were once again a credit to the school and represented us well around the park. There should hopefully be a few ‘lie ins’ in the morning […]

  • Water safety

    We have been learning about water safety in Year 1.

  • Nursery’s Big Toddle

    The nursery children dressed up in animal costumes today to raise money for a good cause. Mums, dads, nanas and grampas, all joined us to take part in Barnardos’ Big Toddle. With the help of the year 5 children, we all walked around the yard in the lovely sunshine. The children were then presented with […]

  • Nursery’s Nature Art

    The nursery children went on a nature hunt today to look for items for a nature art activity. They explored the nature reserve and found different size twigs, leaves and pieces of bark. Just look at the amazing pictures they made. Gwaith da nursery!

  • Rugby Event!

    A big Thank You to Mr Humphreys for organising a fantastic afternoon of rugby for our Year 6. We were joined by Pontybrenin and we carried out various skill and physical activities. The afternoon was finished off with a game between the school’s rugby teams. Despite having less experience than the Pontybrenin team, we managed […]

  • Finger on the Pulse

    As we have been focusing on being healthy, Year 6 collected date related to resting and exercising pulse rates. Pupils will collect the date of everyone in the class and analyse the results tomorrow.

  • Blustery Day Fun!

    Winnie the Pooh was the inspiration for the Reception to complete some science challenges using balloons! The children experimented with static electricity and found out what items a balloon could pick up. They also looked at the temperature of air and the effect it would have on a balloon… I think the children were surprised […]

  • ‘F’ is for Fish!

    Our special sound of the week this week was ‘f’, so the children decided to make some tasty fish finger sandwiches. They were delicious!

  • Year 3 Rainforest Fruit Tasting

    This week, we have tickled our taste buds by tasting a variety of rainforest fruits. The children had the opportunity to try mango, passion fruit, dates, pineapple, papaya, avocado, coconut, grapefruit, lemon and lime! I was really impressed with the amount of fruit the children were willing to eat. Well done boys and girls, it […]

  • Year 3 Gymnasts!

    The children have been busy during our gymnastics session this week. They have practised their balancing, travelling, jumping and being able to work as a team! In small groups they choreographed a short sequence which they performed to their friends. The performances were peer assessed and they were given targets how to make them even […]

  • Triumphant Triathletes

    Today triathletes from Pontlliw absolutely smashed the race course today.

  • Tennis Taster in Year 1

    For our P.E. today, Year 1 had a tennis taster. We enjoyed learning new skills…

  • Clothes recycling with ‘Rags 2 Riches’.

    Many thanks for the support from everyone who brought in their unwanted, clothes and items to recycle. The Eco Committee counted up the bags which totalled 78! They had a quick presentation from the collection driver, and then the bags were loaded. The children waited patiently to find out how much you have helped to […]

  • Tennis Stars!

    Reception were very lucky to have a visit from an instructor from Swansea Tennis Centre. They had the chance to try out some activities and practice some old and new skills. Hopefully this could be the start of inspiring some tennis stars of the future! We had great fun! Thank you so much.

  • Finding out about Habitats

    After our visit to the WWT Llanelli, the children decided that they would like to learn more about habitats, and the animals that could share the same space. We began by investigating our own outdoor areas, and thinking about the animals we see within them. We also talked about animals that come out at night, […]

  • Reception at the Wetlands Llanelli.

    What a wet and windy day! But spirits were not dampened, the reception were ready to learn all about the differences between themselves and birds. As part of our ‘Amazing Animals’ topic, the children wanted to find out about birds, what they eat, where they live, how they eat and how they swim. The children […]

  • Oral Health Assembly

    Today, we have been learning about the importance of oral health. Helen, our school nurse, kindly came in to school to present a very informative assembly about brushing our teeth and what we need to do to keep them nice and healthy. Thank you Helen!

  • Dyma fy ffrind!

    This week the Reception children have been thinking about the wonderful things their friends do. The children discussed all of their favourite things about each other, and then they thought about the special things they do themselves. The children created some beautiful pictures, ready for display in class. Take a look……

  • Tour de Pontlliw

    This morning Year 6 cycled 10 miles around the school yard as part of their Tour de France topic. Pupils refuelled with water and orange segments. Pupils also had the opportunity to code the drones to follow the cycle journey of the riders.

  • Developing Our Motor Skills In Nursery

    The nursery children enjoyed their P.E lesson this morning. The older nursery children have progressed to steering the balance bikes around cones! All of the children took part in a lively dough disco session and they also enjoyed riding the bikes through water to see who could make the longest tracks. Great fun!

  • Ladybird Addition.

    Who thought a ladybird could be so useful… Reception found out this week. Our Maths this week has been adding 2 amounts, but we had to check our number recognition first. We chose a number stone and hunted around to find items to count. Then came the tricky part… we added the sides together! We […]

  • Mad about Minibeasts!

    What a fun day! Reception were out and about again learning in the outdoor area. Their challenge this week was to find Minibeasts. We read our book and chose our favourites, and then went out and about to discover the different creatures in Pontlliw School. Try it at home pop down a hoop and count […]

  • Year 3 Mental Health Awareness Week

    This week in Year 3, we have been finding out about ways in which we can keep our minds and thoughts healthy. Over the week, we have taken part in 15 minutes ‘Mindfulness Moments’ where the children have had the opportunity to practice a mindfulness technique in order to help increase their ability to focus […]

  • Marvellous Mindfulness in Year 2!

    As part of mental health awareness week, the year 2s have enjoyed participating in different mindfulness activities.

  • Mental Health Week in Year 1

    As part of Mental Health Week, Year 1 have been taking part in exercises designed to help us think about own emotions…

  • Dough Disco!

    While some of the nursery children were practising their balancing skills on the balance bikes, the others were busy developing their fine motor skills by taking part in ‘dough disco’. Dough disco is exercise for the fingers, to improve muscle control. It involves moulding playdough to music, by performing actions such as squeezing, rolling and […]

  • Football First

    The children thoroughly enjoyed the Beat Box assembly today to promote our fundraising event. Sponsorship forms will be sent home today for the fun football day on June 7th.

  • Healthy Eating Nutrition

    Not only are we working on developing our healthy minds but also developing our knowledge of nutrition; looking at the healthy plate and sugar content in drinks. Pupils then had the opportunity to scan drinks, using the app food scanner, they were shocked by the results. Pupils analysed the data, including sugar, salt, fat and […]

  • Mindfulness Mayhem

    They say that the best medicine is laughter…this saying certainly was appropriate for this mornings activities. As part of our Mental Health awareness week we played a game called, Passing the Balloon. The aim of the game was to pass the balloon, chin to chin, or knees to knees. I’ll let the pictures [tell the […]

  • Mental Health Month

    May marks the start of mental Health Month. Year 6 discussed the matter with maturity. We stuck suggestions on how to grow a healthy mind around our class brain. Take a look on how we can help you.

  • Balance bikes

    After our training sessions last term, Year 1 put their balance bike skills to the test…

  • Writing Practise.

    What better way to practise our letters than writing with chalk! Reception had fun copying letters, practising their name and making a picture to go with it. Well done Reception beautiful work!

  • Balance Bikes.

    The nursery children have been working really hard on their balancing skills and now big nursery (N2) have progressed to using the balance bikes. Just have a look at how clever they are! Da iawn boys and girls!

  • Outdoor Balancing!

    The nursery children took their ‘Balanceability’ session outside today. Have a look at all the fun they had.

  • Kerbcraft Session 1

    Today the Year 2 children were visited by Charlie from the Kerbcraft road safety scheme. He talked to us about what we will be doing in our Kerbcraft sessions this term. We discussed the importance of road safety, who uses pavements and named various vehicles that use the roads. We learned about the use of […]

  • Year 6 – Tour de France

    The pupils are excited to start their new topic, which is Tour de France. Our main focus for this term is health and well-being; looking at nutritional bars, effects of exercise on our bodies and making the right choices to live a healthy lifestyle. The children have written their question on to their learning leaves, […]

  • 🤸‍♀️ Gymnastic 💎 Gems

    The children, Reception to Year 4, thoroughly enjoyed their first gymnastic after school session.

  • Fit Kids!

    Reception have been getting fit this afternoon, using a range of skills to get their muscles working and their heart pumping. The children took it in turns to develop their balance skills using our new set of balance bikes, while the other group developed throwing, catching and bouncing skills using our new balls. Take a […]