“I can if I try!”

Dear Parents / Annwyl Rhieni,


I am thrilled to have the opportunity of teaching your child this year and I am thoroughly looking forward to all the exciting activities we have planned.

Starting nursery is a very important part of your child’s life and at Pontlliw Primary we believe that children thrive within a caring environment, where they feel appreciated and valued.

Class Topics

The topics for this year are:

Autumn Term:  Out of this World!

In this topic we will be exploring space, the planets, rockets, spacemen, stars and any other things that are in outer space.

Spring Term:  Roll Up, Roll Up!

We will be learning all about the exciting and colourful world of the travelling circus.

Summer Term: Oh, I do like to be Beside the Seaside!

We will be learning about the different aspects of the beach, e.g. creatures that live on the beach, building sandcastles and how to stay safe.

Class routines


Our special sound of the week is introduced today. We follow the Jolly Phonics scheme, which is a fun and multi-sensory approach to teaching literacy.  With actions and songs for each of the forty two letter sounds, the method is both motivating and enjoyable for children. It would be beneficial for your child if you could support their learning at home by looking for things that begin with this initial sound, or by playing I spy games. In class, our phonics are reinforced through a variety of different methods that suit all learning styles. For the children that are quite confident with their sounds, alternative, appropriate activities are provided.

Each week, one group will be given the opportunity to bring an item to school that begins with our special sound for show and tell. Please, nothing fragile or valuable!


‘Magical maths’. Today we concentrate on learning our shapes and numbers.

We also have circle time where we develop our personal, social and emotional skills.

‘Welly Wednesday’

Every Wednesday we will be teaming up with the reception class and taking our learning outdoors. Throughout the morning the children will participate in activities based in the outdoor area. These activities will incorporate all of the foundation phase areas of learning. We are very lucky to have the use of our very own nature reserve but it can sometimes get a little bit muddy, so could your child please bring to school a pair of wellingtons and wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty.


Our PE session will be every Thursday. This will include both indoor and outdoor sessions depending on the weather and time of year. Could you please ensure that your child wears trainers on this day and clothes that are comfortable and easy to move around in.


On Fridays, your child will be given the opportunity to participate in a cooking activity. We will be cooking something that is connected to our special sound of the week. Could you please ensure that you keep me up to date of any allergies or food intolerances.
Today is the day your child can choose a library book to take home to share and enjoy with you. They can return their book the following Friday and choose a new one. If you require a book bag, they are available from school at a cost of £3.50.

Welsh is taught daily through a combination of songs and activities, and through incidental Welsh (phrases that are used regularly).

Every week, one child will be given the opportunity to take home Doug the dog for the weekend. Could you please help your child by filling in Doug’s book so that when they return Doug on Monday they will be able to share their experiences with the rest of the class.

Every day your child is able to order a healthy snack from our fruit tuck shop at a cost of 20p.

In foundation phase the emphasis is on experiential learning which involves spending time outdoors, so could you please ensure that your child comes to school with a warm coat. Alternatively if the weather is sunny, could your child bring a hat and please ensure sun cream has been applied. Could I also ask that you please label all of your child’s clothing, as this can save a lot of time, and tears, trying to reunite items with the correct person.

Finally, if you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to pop in to see me.

Looking forward to a fun filled year,

Mrs Richardson.


What have Nursery been up to?
  • Elvis the Elf joins nursery.

    The nursery children have had a special visitor in their classroom, Elvis the Elf! Usually, the cheeky little elf hides in with our Teddy bears but today Elvis was missing! Elvis had left the building! The children went on an elf hunt to see if they could find him. They looked under tables, in the […]

  • A Christmas Themed Welly Wednesday!

    The nursery and reception children had a fabulous Christmas themed Welly Wednesday today. They wrapped presents ready for Santa, made Christmas cards, elf masks, read Christmas stories and did some elf colouring. They also used their maths skills to complete a counting activity where they had to stick the correct number of pom poms on […]

  • Children in Need – Nursery

    We had a fun morning in nursery today supporting Children in Need. We all wore our comfy pyjamas or something spotty. The children were able to buy toast and cakes and all the money raised will help to support less fortunate children. Thank you for all your kind donations.

  • An Outdoor Musical Morning.

    What an amazing morning the nursery children have had today! They spent the morning outside in the nature area. They took out some musical instruments and Mrs Rees played her guitar. She was like a rock star!  They sang and played along with Mrs Rees and then they had some lovely cawl to warm them […]

  • Being a Good Friend.

    Today in Welly Wednesday we learned about being kind to our friends by considering their feelings. Mrs Griffiths read us the story about ‘Hugless Douglas’, a little bear who is in need of a hug and goes on a journey to try and find one. We then discussed the best ways to help our friends […]

  • Helping to feed the birds.

    The nursery children were very kind today and made some bird feeders for the birds. First an adult helped them to remove the core and thread string through the middle of the apple, then they used their fine motor skills to push seeds into the apple peel. The birds are going to enjoy eating those.

  • Foundation Phase Autumn Exploration Day

    Today the Foundation Phase children enjoyed lots of hands-on, practical Autumn-themed activities. Unfortunately, the weather was against us, but with some adaptations to the planned activities, the children had a fantastic day, during which they further developed their personal & social and independence skills. The children developed their fine motor skills through making bird feeders, […]

  • Popping Popcorn!

    Nursery’s special sound of the week was ‘p’, so they asked if they could make popcorn. We decided it would be safer to make it in the microwave, and the children would be able to watch, and listen for the pop. They waited, and waited, then, pop, pop, pop! The children were really excited and […]

  • Elmer Day.

    It was Elmer day in Welly Wednesday today.  Elmer is a colourful patchwork elephant who discovers that it is good to be different. We listened to the story about Elmer, then we went outside to participate in a range of colourful activities. We made a patchwork pattern out of stickle bricks and blocks and even […]

  • Painting with pegs and pom-poms.

    The nursery children practised their fine motor skills today. Our special sound of the week is ‘p’, so they used pegs to pick up pom-poms and dipped them in paint. They then used the pom-poms to print on the letter p. Well done nursery. Gwaith da!

  • A Fun Filled Friday in Nursery.

    The children had another fun filled day in nursery. They played in the home corner, practised their cutting skills, played with the doll’s house and in the sand. They practised their counting skills in the maths area, and as our special sound of the week was ‘i’, they even made Incy Wincy Spider out of […]

  • A Wet, Windy Welly Wednesday!

    What a wet and windy Wednesday it was today, so we had to do some of our activities indoors. We went on a walk in our nature area to collect some sticks, acorns and leaves, and we used the sticks when we made our salt dough hedgehogs. We also made some fabulous playdough faces on […]

  • Stick Man.

    The nursery and reception children had a super Welly Wednesday full of ‘Stick Man’ activities. Firstly the nursery children joined reception to hear the Stick man story, then they all went outside for some fabulous Stick man themed activities.

  • Tasty Tacos!

    Our special sound of the week this week was ‘T’ so the nursery children made some some tasty tacos. They chose from a selection of healthy fillings to put in their taco shells. Delicious!

  • Teddy Bear Hide and Seek!

    The nursery children had fun today. They started the morning by doing a little bit of dancing to wake themselves up, then they went outside to look for some cheeky little teddy bears that we had hidden in the yard.  When the children used brushes to brush away the glittery sand on the tuff tray, […]

  • Super ‘S’

    The nursery class had lots of fun learning about their special sound this week. The special sound was ‘s’ so they sprinkled sand to make an s shape. They used the interactive whiteboard and the iPads to practise the correct formation of the letter and they rolled playdough into sausages and snipped them with scissors. […]

  • We Love Welly Wednesday!

    The nursery and reception children thoroughly enjoyed their first Welly Wednesday of the new school year. They listened to the story, ” We’re going on a Bear Hunt!” then they acted out all of the parts. They pretended to go through the swishy, swashy grass,  and squelch, squerch in the mud and then they splash, […]

  • Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, We’re Going to the Moon!

    As part of our topic, “Out of this World!” the nursery children are learning all about space rockets, so we decided to make our own rocket out of cardboard and a lot of sellotape. The children used their fine motor skills to make astronaut tools out of nuts and bolts, then they decorated their rocket […]

  • September INSET Days

    Just a reminder that there are 2 INSET days at the beginning of the Autumn Term – September 4th & 5th.  We look forward to seeing the children on Wednesday 6th September.

  • Stars of the Year

    Today we had our final star of the week. The whole school received the peer supporter certificate for being kind and caring friends on the yard, the sports award for supporting each other in every sporting event and each class had star of the week for being AWESOME. We have had a fantastic year fill […]

  • Race For Life

    Congratulations to our school for supporting such an amazing cause. Our grand total raised for cancer research is £2,300. Your support is outstanding! Thank you for supporting our yearly event and making it a continuous success. (Photo taken from Tuesdays evening post)

  • Infant Sports Day 2017

    Please do not repost these photographs on social media sites – thank you.

  • End of Term Fun

    The nursery and reception children had a lot of fun today celebrating the end of term. They wore their party clothes, danced and played party games. Then we sat down to eat our delicious party food. We all had a fabulous time, even the ladies were dancing!

  • A Day at the Beach.

    The nursery children, and their parents and grandparents, had an amazing time in Aberavon today. First of all they played in the adventure park where they climbed, balanced and zipped along on the zip wire. Then we went onto the beach where we made sand castles and paddled in the sea. After eating our lunch, […]

  • Nursery’s Race for Life.

    The nursery children ran their Race for Life today. After a warm up with Mrs Evans they were off, running as fast as their little legs would carry them. They were amazing and they were all rewarded with a medal. Da iawn nursery! I am so proud of you.

  • Bye Bye Butterflies!

    Today was the day that the nursery class set their butterflies free. The nursery children have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. A few weeks ago we had some tiny little caterpillars given to us. Within a couple of weeks they had grown much bigger and we watched as each caterpillar turned […]

  • Race For Life

    Rain stopped play today! But we celebrated our yearly Race for Life with an assembly discussing all about how we can support people with cancer. We even had special visitors come to the school to celebrate the event – Our Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, our chair of Governors and the Evening Post. We will […]

  • Pontlliw Beach Party

    It was a lovely sunny day so we brought the beach to Pontlliw. The nursery and reception children had their very own beach party! We paddled in the paddling pool, built sand castles, made pretend ice creams and real ice cream sundaes that we could eat. Yum! It was such a fabulous day that even […]

  • Nursery’s Big Toddle.

    The nursery children have been raising money for Barnardos. They took part in ‘The Big Toddle’, which is a sponsored walk for the under 5s. With the help of the year 5 children, and some parents and grandparents, they walked nearly half a mile round and round the yard. It was a boiling hot day, […]

  • Windy Welly Wednesday

    The nursery and reception children had great fun this week learning all about air and wind. We learned that air is all around us but we can’t feel it unless it moves, so we tried to think of ways to make it move. We listened to the story of the three little pigs where the […]

  • Music Time!

    There was lots of music and singing in nursery today. The children were in fine voice and enjoyed playing the musical instruments with Mrs Lewis.

  • Bananas and Custard.

    The nursery children made some delicious bananas and custard today. They used their fine motor skills to slice the bananas, then they poured some tasty custard over the top. Yummy!

  • Fun in the sun!

    The nursery children enjoyed the sunshine yesterday. They played football and tried hula hooping. Look at Mrs Burder showing them how it’s done! You go Mrs Burder!

  • Superworm Wednesday Part 2!

    We had so many lovely Superworm activities planned that we had to have Superworm Wednesday Part 2! In the story there is a wicked wizard lizard that tries to capture Superworm so the children decided that they would like to make their very own wizard wands.  Some of the children also made magic potions and […]

  • Superworm Wednesday!

    The nursery class joined the reception children today and enjoyed a wonderful ‘Superworm Wednesday’. First of all Mrs Griffiths read a story about Superworm, the wriggly superhero. Then the children made some lovely long worms out of sticklebricks and lego. They threaded beads with Mrs Burder to see who could make the longest worm and […]

  • Monday Morning in Nursery

    Today was the beginning of another busy week in nursery. The children started their day with some fabulous dance moves. Just look at them ‘Shaking their Sillies Out’! Then they did some Finger Gym, where they had to squeeze, squash and roll the playdough before they used scissors to chop up their playdough sausages. They […]

  • Yummy Yoghurt Smoothies

    The nursery children made some yummy yoghurt smoothies today. They used yoghurt, milk, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, a little bit of honey and mixed them together in a very noisy blender. Delicious and super healthy too!

  • Nuts and Bolts

    Finger gym this week involved a toolbox full of nuts and bolts. The children were given a selection of different size nuts, bolts and washers to play with. The twisting, pinching and turning actions used will help to strengthen their fingers and develop their fine motor skills. They enjoyed seeing how many different washers and […]

  • Splatter Painting!

    We had lots of messy fun in nursery today. We dipped different size cotton wool balls in paint and threw them onto a large sheet of paper to see what shapes they would make. They made lots of lovely colourful shapes and they all landed with a big splat!

  • Nursery’s Arctic Friend!

    This term we have been learning about polar bears. In order for the children to appreciate the size of a polar bear, we decided to make a life size model out of a large piece of cardboard and a lot of cotton wool. It was all their own work. Fabulous effort! Well done nursery! Think […]

  • Busy Little Fingers!

    In nursery this week, the children have been very busy developing their fine motor skills. In finger gym, they used sugar cubes to build an ice palace for Elsa and in their cooking activity, they used marshmallows and twiglets to make a very tasy Olaf.

  • Look at our lovely Easter crowns!

    The nursery children have been really busy designing and making their Easter crowns. Don’t they look smart!

  • Nursery’s Cool Costumes!

    The nursery children wore some fabulous fancy dress costumes to their end of term party. There were Disney characters, Ninja Turtles, PJ Mask, Minions and even Darth Vader! Elsa said that you all looked amazing!

  • Nursery’s Frozen Party.

    What an amazing morning the nursery children have had! To celebrate the end of term and mark the end of our topic, ‘Snow and Ice’, they had a fabulous ‘Frozen’ themed party. We had a visit from Elsa who played pass the parcel, sang songs and danced with the children. We then sat down and […]

  • V is for Vegetables

    The nursery children made delicous, healthy vegetable wraps today. They chose their favourites  from a selection of fresh, colourful vegetables to make a tasty snack and couldn’t wait to take them home to eat.

  • Mud, Glorious Mud!

    The nursery children went on a ‘Feely Walk’ during Welly Wednesday. They tried to find as many different textures as they could. They used lots of lovely adjectives to describe what they could feel but their favourite was the soft, squishy mud!

  • Nursery’s Feathered Friends.

    We had some visitors in nursery this week. Mrs Cusack very kindly brought her chicks into the nursery classroom. We were all very excited as we were allowed to hold them. We were very careful and held them very gently.  

  • Happy World Book Day!

    The nursery children all looked amazing today! They dressed up as their favourite book characters to celebrate World Book Day. They listened to stories read from books they had brought in from home. They drew pictures of their favourite characters and told each other stories. How many characters do you recognise?

  • Celebrating St David’s Day in Nursery.

    The nursery children celebrated St David’s Day by taking part in a range of Welsh themed activities. They sang Welsh songs, made a colourful daffodil collage, drew dragon pictures and tasted welsh cakes. Don’t they look amazing in their Welsh costumes!

  • Nursery’s Welsh Dragons.

    The nursery children were getting ready for St David’s Day by painting some wonderful Welsh Dragons. They look amazing! Da iawn  Meithrin!