We are the Criw Cymraeg, Blwyddyn 6. Our aim is to promote the Welsh Language and to inform staff, governors, pupils and parents on our progress in working towards achieving our Silver Siarter Iaith. 

This year, we aim to … 

  • Look through our school blog for evidence on what other classes have been doing linked to welsh. 
  • Play Kahoot as a drilling session with Year 3. 
  • Set up opportunities for other classes to link up, via Teams, to develop the Welsh language.  
  • Set up a Criw group via HWB to share ideas with the Primary cluster

Information & Resources


Meeting Notes

Week 6

  • Complete a questionnaire about the silver award to the whole of KS2 

Week 5

  • At Pontlliw Primary, Shwmae day was a success. The whole school enjoyed their live music session with the very talented Bronwen Lewis. All pupils took part in various activities to celebrate this special day. 


  • Walk around the village and say to shwmae to people we see & make a shwmae flag to take with us. 

Week 3

  • Spoken to the whole school in assembly. Asking them to complete shwmae activities. 
  • Completed this year’s school action plan with Mrs Evans 

Week 2

  • Whole school assembly to show chatterboxes. 
  • E-mailed each other in welsh. 
  • Organised for Bronwen Lewis to take part in a live signing lesson for shwmae day. 

Week 1

  • Celebrated our welsh language and heritage with Jersey. 
  • Given out a new scheme of work to KS2. 
  • Bought books and resources for the whole school.