Our Digital Dragons – Year 3 & Year 5!

Our purpose is to …

  • Help pupils, staff, parents, grandparents and governors with digital tools and help them to keep them safe online by setting a good example

This year, we aim to …

  • Help everyone in our school understand how to keep safe when using technology at home.
  • Help others understand the different social media platforms and the guidelines around using them.
  • Encourage others to use digital technology safely and with confidence.

Online Safety:

We are very proud of the Keeping Safe online webpage that we have been working hard on this year to create. This can be found on our website- http://www.pontlliwprimary.co.uk/home/information/keeping-safe-online/

Safer Internet Day 2022!

The theme of this year’s Safer Internet Day was ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’. This year we enjoyed hosting a whole school assembly via teams where we spoke about this theme and the important rules that we must follow when using digital platforms. We also spoke about trusted people who you can turn to if you need any help or support.

Below you can see pictures from our assembly:

Meeting Notes:

20/10/21- Meeting 1

  • Year 3 and Year 5 both held a meeting to discuss the purpose and aims of the digital dragons this year.
  • Common factors discussed by pupils included promoting internet safety (at home and school) and encouraging the use of technology.
  • Decided that pupils wanting to be a chair or vice chair should prepare a speech to present at the next meeting (pupils to vote).

3/11/21- Meeting 2

  • Teams meeting held between Year 3 and Year 5- respective Year groups delivered their speeches on why they would make a good chair/ vice chair for the digital dragons.
  • Votes held- vice chair and chair elected from each Year group.

16/11/21 –  Meeting 3

  • Teams meeting held between Year 3 and Year 5. Each year group contributed their ideas for what could be included on the online safety page on school website.

30/11/21- Meeting 4

  • Completion of web page discussed.
  • Year 3 and 5 discussed via teams the key messages that they would like to be placed in to our email to parents and the wider community. Pupils then drafted a letter to send out which included the link for our new online safety page and information its content.

11/1/22- Meeting 5

  • Discussion surrounding the theme of this year’s Safer Internet Day which is approaching on February 8
  • Listed suggestions for what could be included in our Safer internet day assembly and possible activities that we could encourage pupils to carry out to develop their understanding of online safety.

25/1/22- Meeting 6

  • Name of volunteer pupils to take part in the Internet Safety Day gathered and parts given out.
  • Year 5 and 3 then practiced their lines and key messages that they wanted to deliver in the assembly.

1/2/22- Meeting 7

  • Year 5 and 3 met on teams to carry out their rehearsal for the Safer Internet assembly next week.
  • All pupils happy with assembly content and confident in delivering their parts.