We are the Enterprise Troopers and our aim is to raise money for the school, so that school can buy more equipment and replace damaged things to make school more enjoyable and beautiful.


This year we aim to:

  • Raise between £750 and £1000
  • Plan a range of different fund-raising opportunities


Meeting  Notes


Week 4

2 ideas were suggested before half term – weekly/two weekly newsletter and a Christmas card competition. 

1) Christmas Card Competition –  

  • £1 suggested entry to the competition, make a poster around the school to advertise. 

  • Snow decoration scene colouring competition. 

  • Put baubles on a card – “Design a bauble” or give a choice of templates. 

  • Online entry via HWB – could the Digital Dragons help out with that? 

  • Decided upon choose a template – Bauble, Snowman, Reindeer, Santa Claus, Elf, Angel, Christmas Tree, Present, Candy Canes, Sleigh, Toys, Lights, Magic Elf Doors, Penguin, Baby Jesus, Advent Calendar, Star, Stocking, Fireplace, Cookies for Santa. 

2) We will discuss the Newsletter in the next meeting.  


Week 3

Today we discussed ideas about how we could possibly raise money without having to handle cash/coins as this poses a risk of transmitting. Some ideas were: 

1) Have a “Spare Change” collection box outside which is only emptied on a Monday to allow money to sit for over 72 hours before being handled.  

2) Could we use sQuid to collect money?  

3) Are we going to be able to fund raise effectively? 

We also thought about ways of making money (if we are allowed to) which includes running a Christmas Card competition, designing/colouring a Christmas picture competition and starting a weekly newsletter to keep people up to date with nice news going on in school.  

Week 2

Discussed who would like to be Chair/Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. 

We decided on: 

Chair – Jake Williams  

Vice – Amelia Hadley 

Secretary – Team 1 – Asana, Bella, Amelia Ward, Joseph, Poppy, Ava 

Team 2 – Tom, Grace, Lara, Bushra, Leo, Charlotte 

Treasurer(s) – Team 1 – Aiden, Finleigh, Jackson, Raiden, Megan Holle, Quinn, Megan Richards 

Team 2 – Theo, Roman, Thomas, Amelia Watkins, Isabel, Archie 


Week 1

Discussed Mission Statement and came up with  

“To raise money for the school to replace broken things, to raise money for charity and to support people who have been affected by the lockdown period.” 

Set a fundraising target for the year.