We are the Healthy Heroes, and our purpose is to encourage and promote awareness of how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

This year, we aim to:

– To share ideas and strategies, linked to Mental and Emotional Health.

– To lead local and National initiatives and events in our school, linked to Health & Well-being.

– To take part in the Super Ambassadors Scheme, ensuring that children’s rights are promoted in our school.

–  To develop pupil’s understanding of vocabulary linked to the Four Purposes.


Meeting Notes:

Week 2

Helping us to calm down:

We discussed things we might like to do to help people understand how they can calm themselves down if they are angry or upset. We thought of strategies such as:

·Stress balls · Running · Reading a book · Taking a deep breath · Having a drink · Exercise · Yoga · Go outside · Rest / chill out time · Write things down · Look at your strategy poster · Listening to music · Colouring / drawing ·Poppits / Fidgets · Think positive thoughts

…and we also thought about how we could communicate this with the whole school, such as:

· Make posters with a mixture of ideas to help people.

· These could be put up around the school.

· Someone could go to each class to explain in person about the strategies.

· Go to other classes to read calming stories.


Week 1

  • Welcome Back meeting. Teams meeting between year 1 and year 4 to choose chair and vice-chair people for each class.