We are the Healthy Heroes, and our aim is to inform and encourage staff, governors, pupils and parents on how to lead a healthy lifestyle both in school and home.

This year, we aim to:

  • Continue to encourage everyone to choose and eat a healthy snack at playtime.
  • Lead local and National initiatives and events in our school, linked to Health & Well-being.
  • Share ideas and strategies, linked to Health & Well-being with others, therefore helping to raise awareness of and promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Work with the Eco Warriors to further develop our outdoor area so that we can grow healthy foods, such as fruit and vegetables.


Meeting Notes:

Week 6

  • Discussion of Anti-bullying week approaching and what anti-bullying week is. 
  • Reflection on what the healthy heroes did for anti-bullying week last year- pupils who took part in the Anti-bullying week assembly discussed their parts and key messages from assembly as a whole (LH/EW/OL/NB/JJ). 
  • Suggestions of ant-bullying activities that can be conducted in each Year group- making friendship posters (TT), friendship handprints (WM), friendship hearts (EL) random acts of kindness (MW) kindness jar (BB) 
  • Action- to research and plan activities for Year groups to carry out for Anti-Bullying Week. 


Week 5

  • Healthy Heroes shown the Playground Buddy badges purchased by the school. 
  • Discussion of Playground Buddy Checklist- suggestions of key rules for playground buddies; to play with people who do not have anyone to play with (NB), to tell a teacher if something is wrong (CE), to help people who have fallen over (EH), to help people find their coat and snack (OL), to play kind games with people who want to play (AW), kind and caring towards everyone (BS) 
  • Action- Year 3 Healthy Heroes to present playground buddy badges and checklists during virtual assembly (MW, ER, HE) 

Week 4

  • Discussion of KS2 pupils being unable to act as our playground buddies due to COVID 19 and class bubbles. 
  • Planning of alternative ideas- suggestion of class playground buddies instead (whole class). 
  • Discussion of resources that can be used in class to promote the playground buddies- possible suggestions of buddy hats (WM)/ badges (EH)/ wrist bands (GJ), stampers (ER), Colourful bib (AK) Lanyard (LM) 
  • Vote on Badges for playground buddies and rules poster. 
  • Action- resources to be created for each Year group. 

Week 3

  • Reflection on previous meeting- when is World Mental Health Day? 
  • Pupils produced lesson ideas that are linked to World Mental Health Day- mindfulness colourings (TT/JD)/ exercising (WM)/ emotional toolkits e.g. emotion notebooks (LA/EH), drawing our feelings (EH).  
  • Action- CJ to email all staff on behalf of the Healthy Heroes sharing ideas and links. 

Week 2

  • Review of calendar highlighting key dates for our school- what national days are we celebrating this year linked to the Healthy Heroes? (AB/CJ) Which do we think are important? 
  • World Mental Health Day- what is it? Pupils discussing the importance of Mental Health (EW/ CE). Discussion of strategies we use in our class (SE/ BR/MP) 
  • Action- pupils to plan ideas for the school to undertake on World Mental Health Day. 


Week 1

  • Welcome back- discussion of conversion to class pupil voice groups due to bubbles (COVID 19) (CJ/AB) 
  • Prior healthy heroes to introduce new pupils to the group (EW/LH/JJ/NB/OL)- Discussion of what initiatives we introduced last year and key responsibilities. 
  • Class vote on new Healthy Heroes chair and representatives. 
  • Discussion of this year’s action plan- what are we focussing on this year? What are our aims and objectives?- Key aim- to implement new playground buddy approach throughout FP and KS2/ to lead initiatives throughout the school to promote being healthy.