We are the Safety Soldiers and we aim to keep pupils, staff and visitors safe in and around our school.

This year, we aim to …

  • Look after everyone in the school and keep them safe.
  • Make sure that areas inside school are safe and sort things out if we find problems.
  • Make sure that everyone is following the rules to stay safe inside school.
  • Make sure everybody understands the rules for keeping safe inside school.
  • Make sure that areas outside school are safe and sort things out if we find problems.
  • To make sure that everyone knows how to stay safe on the roads around school.
  • To teach the children in school about Stranger Danger.


Chair – Molly

Vice Chair – Ahmed


Meeting Notes

Week 6

  • Today we discussed an email we had been sent from the PTA.  They have provided us with enough reflectors for every child in the school with the help of Gorseinon Co-Op Funeral Care and Go Safe Cymru. We decided that next week we will sort out the reflectors into class sets and hand them out in preparation for road safety week. 


Week 5

  • In our meeting today we chatted about safety reflectors.  We would like to ask the PTA if they would buy us some reflectors so we can give them out to all the children in our school to help keep them safe in the dark mornings and nights.  We emailed Mrs. Norman to ask her for the email address of Mrs. Hall, our PTA chair, so we could discuss this with her. 


Week 4

  • Today we agreed on our Autumn term action plan: 
  • Make signs to remind everyone to wash their hands, not to mix class bubbles and face the front.  
  • Make road safety posters to put around the school.  Ask Charlie to train us on Road Safety so we can persuade others to follow the rules.  Organise a roads safety assembly.  Ask the PTA for money to buy reflectors for all the children in school.

Week 3

  • In today’s meeting we discussed the role of Playground Buddies that the Healthy Heroes have set up, and discussed the links with the Safety Soldiers group

Week 2

  • In today’s meeting we set up our action plan for the year which can be found above.

Week 1

  • Today we discussed the format of this year’s pupil voice meetings and our role as Safety Soldiers.  We voted in our Chair (Molly) and Vice-Chair (Ahmed).