Dear Parent/Carer/ Annwyl Rhieni

Next week, to celebrate Safer Internet Day, the Digital Dragons are challenging the pupils of Pontlliw to put down their electronic devices for 5 days!


Children are to stay off any electronic device for a week when they are at home before and after school. Parents must sign each day to confirm that their child did not use any electronic device each day. If children achieve all 5 signatures, they will receive a reward of a sports and activities afternoon later in the term with (of course) no electronic devices involved.

As part of the challenge, pupils will be permitted to watch 30 minutes of TV per night on a standard TV (not an ipad/iphone etc)

This challenge is not compulsory, however we would like as many children as possible to take part and experience childhood as many of us knew it when we grew up. The children will be provided with a sign off sheet to bring home. We will be looking for feedback after the event to gauge parents and pupils thoughts on the challenge and if you enjoyed the experience.

Thank you for your continued engagement and support. Good luck!

Mr Stonham

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