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Over the past two weeks, as part of our ‘Take a Trip in a Time Machine’ topic,the year two children have been busy finding out what the world was like when the dinosaurs were alive. They have been enjoying reading the story ‘Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish’, and they have written some lovely sequels to the story. The children have also been busy using their research skills to help them make dinosaur information posters on Hwb. They now know how to add text and images in a document, and have been thoroughly enjoying experimenting with changing the fonts, colours and text size.
They have also further developed their creative skills by making fantastic dinosaur fossils, which they can’t wait to bring home tomorrow.
Today we learned about the supercontinent Pangea. The children were fascinated to learn how the continents were all connected during the time of the dinosaurs. They enjoyed watching informative films about the topic before getting busy and exploring Pangea. They worked in groups to compare Pangea and the modern world, and showed a fantastic level of understanding about how the world has changed over time. They also had fun using continent cut outs to try and connect them in the way they could have looked when they were known as Pangea. Then children also used atlases to identify the continents and could see how far each piece of land had moved over time.
What a busy fortnight we have had in Year 2! Gwaith ardderchog!

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