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Year 1: Royal Wedding Party

Year 1 have had a fantastic day celebrating the upcoming Royal wedding. We enjoyed a party in the morning, with the rest of the Foundation Phase and then took part in a variety of games and activities later in the day, especially aimed at developing our problem solving skills and which required us to work as part of a team.
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Pasg Hapus

We celebrated Easter 🐣 today with an Easter service ; readings from the staff, recitals, songs and cornet playing.
Llongyfarchiadau to our Easter colouring competition winners. We’d like to wish you all a healthy and happy Easter. Continue reading

Safer Internet Day – Year 3

Year 3 had lots of fun celebrating safer internet day today. We talked about what we love about the internet and all of the wonderful opportunities it provides us. We also discussed what we can do to keep ourselves safe when using it. After our discussions, the children took part in an activity where they were given different scenarios about being on line. The children had to decide how the scenarios made them feel and what they could do to make the situation better. They came up with some fantastic and sensible suggestions. Da iawn year 3!