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Year 3 Egyptian Trip – Group 1

Today we visited the Egypt Centre to learn about Ancient Egyptians and their way of life. The children were split into two groups for the day but all experienced the same activities. They explored the House of Life where they got to dress up in Egyptian costumes. They also had chance to visit the House of Death where they performed the mummification process. Everyone enjoyed!

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The Mummified Tomatoes

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After being covered in salt for the last two weeks the children were able to free their tomatoes this afternoon in order to make their observations. It was fascinating to see what the salt had done to the tomatoes and some of the weight differences recorded were amazing – one of the tomatoes pre mummification weight was 86g and this had dropped down to 36g after being left in the salt for two weeks. The tomatoes had shrunk and the skin had gone crinkly. The children drew and recorded their observations before mummifying their tomatoes further by wrapping them in bandages! Year 3 are now professional embalmers, da iawn!!

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