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Jolly Juggling!

This term the nursery children are learning all about the exciting and colourful world of the travelling circus. One of the first circus skills we decided to learn was juggling. We used silky scarves because we liked the way they shimmered in the light, and also they are easier to catch. We watched a demonstration of clowns juggling on the big screen, then it was our turn to have a go. The music started and we threw our scarves in the air and tried really hard to catch them. We even wore our very own big red clown noses.

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Year 3 Exploring Colour

Year 3 had an exciting (messy!) afternoon today exploring colour. We discussed what colour ‘light’ was and had lots of interesting responses including yellow, peach and see through! We then learnt that visible light is actually made up of seven different colours and that when light is bent through a prism it causes the light to split into different colours! The children then had fun exploring with these colours, mixing the primary colours red, blue and yellow to create secondary and tertiary colours.

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Christmas Celebrations

We raised a glass to our last Christmas party as year 6! We certainly went out with a BANG! After enjoying the teachers edition of 12 days of Christmas this morning, followed by party games, dancing and party food; th children and staff thoroughly enjoyed party day! Continue reading

Snow…In Nursery!

As we haven’t had any snow yet, the nursery children decided to make their own. First they put in the special powder, added water, and stirred and stirred and stirred, until as if by magic…snow! They even found some little penguins hiding! Continuing the snow theme, the children also made some edible snowmen out of marshmallows. Don’t they look tasty!

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Nursery’s Christmas Adventure.

The nursery children had a lovely day of Christmas fun in Gower Heritage Centre. They all sat together and sang Christmas songs with boys and girls from other schools and then the big man himself appeared….Santa! Santa went into his grotto to get all of the presents ready and the children went off to participate in Christmas activities. They made a Christmas calendar, watched a film in the world’s smallest cinema, had great fun watching a puppet show, played on tractors and in a soft play area, and even danced withTwinkle the Fairy. Some of the children even got to feed some of the animals that were there. The children were so good that they all received a present from Santa.

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Classical Creations.

As part of our Music lessons this term, pupils combined their creative skills with their knowledge of WW2. The children had free choice of any instrument and had to choose an event that happened during WW2. They then had to compose a piece of music, including the elements of rhythm and volume, that would emphasise the events.
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A Christmas Themed Welly Wednesday!

The nursery and reception children had a fabulous Christmas themed Welly Wednesday today. They wrapped presents ready for Santa, made Christmas cards, elf masks, read Christmas stories and did some elf colouring. They also used their maths skills to complete a counting activity where they had to stick the correct number of pom poms on the Christmas tree. They had some yummy toast and hot chocolate and even had time to decorate a Christmas cookie!

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Egyptian Mummie Pizza’s

On Monday, the Year 3 children enjoyed making some Egyptian themed mummie pizza’s. They began by carefully cutting their muffins in half which they used as their pizza base. After that, the children measured out how much tomato purée they would need and then proceeded to create their mummie pizza using different ingredients. Olives and peppers were used for the eyes and strips of cheese were used to create a bandage effect. Well done boys and girls. I hope your pizza’s tasted as good as they looked 🙂

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