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Superworm Welly Wednesday.

The weather was a little bit too wet for us to go outside first thing this morning but it didn’t stop our fun. We made edible mud pies, worm paintings using string instead of paintbrushes and even threaded Cheerios on to string and straws to make giant worms. We coloured Superworm pictures and designed our very own superhero pants! The sun eventually came out and we were able to have a little play outside before home time.

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Planting seeds.

The nursery and reception children have had a busy morning. They  listened to the story Jasper’s Beanstalk, then they went outside to do their own planting. They participated in a variety of garden themed activities. They painted a picture of a beanstalk, sorted different coloured beans into plant pots, played giant dominos, ordered stones into size, as well as lots of other activities. They all had a lovely morning, even the sun came out, eventually!

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Year 3 Techniquest Trip

What an amazing time we all had at Techniquest today. As soon as we arrived, the children were eager to explore all of the interactive exhibits – and they weren’t disappointed. They began by watching a lively presentation about light in the science theatre, which they thoroughly enjoyed – they learnt so much! They were then able to take what they had learnt back onto the exhibition floor to continue their self-directed learning and discovery. What a wonderful opportunity for the children which allowed them to learn through investigation, discussion and collaboration. Well done Year 3, you were a credit to our school today.

Enjoy the photos …

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Celebrating World Book Day in Nursery.

We have had lots of fun in nursery today. The children and staff looked fabulous dressed as their favourite book characters. Our chosen author was Eric Carle, so we looked at the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We used tubes to print caterpillar pictures, made caterpillars out of playdough, searched for butterflies hiding in the sand and even made an edible caterpillar out of cucumber and tomatoes. Delicious! We were also lucky enough to have a visit from a real author. Helen Docherty came to read a couple of her stories to us. What a wonderful World Book Day we have had!

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Year 3 World Book Day

What a fantastic day we have had in Year 3 celebrating World Book Day. We have studied Roald Dahl and the children have completed lots of different activities. They spent time researching Roald Dahl’s life and have made a fact page about him on Hwb. Today we focussed on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and discussed how Roald Dahl’s wonderful descriptions help us to build very clear pictures of his characters in our minds. The children had a go at this by creating their own character name and completing a character profile – we had some interesting names including Margaret Tittletattle and Bernard Squareyes. The children were then transported to Willy Wonka’s invention room where they designed their very own sweet – this made us all hungry! The inventions included the everlasting time turner and the super duper gum shooter. Ardderchog!

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Author visit: Helen Docherty

Year 1 loved their visit from the author, Helen Docherty. She read us her story ‘The Snatchabook’ and the children followed her instructions to draw their own Snatchabook. She also read her book ‘You can never run out of love’. We thoroughly enjoyed our session, thank you Helen.
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Year 4 Poetry Workshop

Year 4 enjoyed a poetry workshop with Mr Bowen this morning where they got to work through writing a poem about robots. The class came up with some fantastic suggestions, and worked through different rhythmic patterns to create their robotic poem.

They also enjoyed listening to a selection of poems performed by Mr Bowen.

“Robots work for us, Robots made from metal, Robots that are humanoid, They walk they talk they settle, On whatever it is they’ve got to do, And do it with care and speed. Robots that give help to us, Robots that we need.”

Da iawn blwyddyn 4!