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Year 3 Egypt Centre Trip

What a fantastic day we have had visiting the Egypt Center. In the morning, the children explored the House of Life where they took part in two activities. Firstly, they were transported back in time to ‘scribal school’ where they learnt the basics of the Egyptian alphabet. As well as learning to write their name and finding out why vowels were often omitted they were also taught the religious significance of hieroglyphic writing. After that, the children were treated to a game of ‘Senet’. This was one of the most popular games in ancient Egypt and was played on a day-to-day basis by both the rich and the poor. We found out that Tutankhamun had four sets of senet boards in his tomb and we were lucky enough to see a replica of one in the gallery today!

In the afternoon, the children explored the house of death where they took part in a further two activities. Firstly, the children found out about why the ancient Egyptians mummified their dead. Through role play and the use of props, the children became ancient Egyptian embalming priests! Using a life-size “dummy mummy” the children learnt the art of deluxe mummification! This included the removal of the organs from the body, placing them in the correct canopic jars, drying and bandaging the body and working out where to place the amulets on the body. The children also learnt about the ceremony and ritual that was an integral part of the mummification process. After that, the children found out about the ‘Weighing of the heart’ ceremony. They re-enacted the journey made by the deceased after mummification to the afterlife and enjoyed dressing up to take on the role of different gods and the deceased.

What a fun way to end our topic. Well done boys and girls, you are all now officially Ancient Egyptian experts!

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The Mummified Tomatoes!

What an interesting afternoon we’ve had in Year 3! After being covered in salt for the last two weeks, the children were able to free their tomatoes this afternoon in order to make their observations. It was fascinating to see what the salt had done to the tomatoes and some of the weight differences recorded were amazing – one of the tomatoes pre mummification weight was 93g and this had dropped down to 42g after being left in the salt for two weeks. The tomatoes had shrunk and the skin had gone crinkly. The children drew and recorded their observations before mummifying their tomatoes further by wrapping them in bandages! Year 3 are now professional embalmers, da iawn!

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Pants Patterns

Every week, we practise our fine motor skills. This week, we focused on scissor skills and cut out lots of different patterned pants, linked to our story of Charlie’s Superhero Underpants. We then used our maths skills too and had the challenge of making a repeating pattern using the different designs.
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Yummy Mummy Biscuits in Year 3

This half term, our non-fiction writing genre is instructional writing, so this week I thought it would be a great idea to see how well the children could follow instructions in order to make an Egyptian Mummy biscuit. They all did an awesome job and they looked fantastic! After making the biscuits, the children wrote their own instructions explaining the steps needed to make and decorate an Egyptian Mummy biscuit. They made sure they included all of the features we have been learning about, such as bossy verbs and time connectives. What a fantastic effort by all of the children – I hope your biscuits tasted as good as they looked! Well done boys and girls!

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Year 3 Egyptian Embalmers!

What a fantastic, messy afternoon we’ve had in Year 3 with the children becoming Egyptian Embalmers! We followed the steps of the mummification process using a tomato. First the children washed their dead bodies (the tomato) and then an incision was made for them to remove the insides. We then recorded the pre mummification weight. The children then had lots of fun stuffing their tomatoes with a salt and bicarbonate of soda mixture. The tomatoes were then placed in a container where they were again covered in the salt mixture. The tomatoes will stay in this state for 2 weeks where we will then compare the weight and make further observations. Da iawn boys and girls!

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Year 3 Love Lego ‘WeDo’!

This afternoon, the children had the opportunity to use the Lego WeDo kits. It’s a fantastic tool which enables children to learn by constructing their own models and bringing them to life. WeDo also helps teach the children how technology can play an active and informative role in their learning. What a fun and exciting way to develop the children’s communication, collaboration and team-building skills. Well done Year 3!

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Year 3 are “Bucket Fillers”!

Today, we read the story “Have you filled a bucket today?” by Carol McCloud. It is a beautiful book which encourages positive behaviour by using the concept of an invisible bucket to show children how easy and rewarding it is to express kindness, appreciation and love. The idea is that we all carry an invisible bucket that contains our feelings. When our bucket is full, we feel GREAT but when our bucket is empty we feel sad. A bucket filler is someone who says or does nice things for other people. By doing this, they are filling other people’s buckets and filling their own at the same time!

After reading the book, we came up with some of our own ideas of how we could be bucket fillers. The children suggested lots of lovely ideas such as telling someone they look nice today, giving someone a smile and telling someone you like their work. We have all decided that we will try to fill a bucket everyday and we have even signed a pledge in class to promise to do our best every day at home, in school and everywhere we go.

I think we are going to love being bucket fillers in Year 3!

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Year 3 Poison Dart Frogs

For Design and Technology this term the children have been busy creating Poison Dart Frog beanbags! They have all thoroughly enjoyed this project from start to finish! They designed their frogs, wrote detailed instructions about how they were going to make them, made them and then evaluated them. I have been amazed at the children’s sewing skills and the care and attention to detail they all had when making them. Ardderchog boys and girls!

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The Singing Mermaid

We recently read the story ‘The Singing Mermaid’ in Year 1 and we decided to get creative!  The children had the challenge of making their own handprint mermaids or to work as a team to create a new home for the mermaid. The results were fantastic! The home that the children produced was outstanding, with a lot of thought put into the design and features. Da iawn!
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