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Year 3 Maths Explorers

This morning the children were transformed into explorers. They were put into teams of four, given a magnifying glass and told to hunt for the rainforest word problems that had been placed around the classroom and in the corridor. Some of the problems were very tricky but they shows excellent team work and managed to work out the answers. Ardderchog boy and girls!!

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Marshmallow Maths

After our 3D shape hunt on Monday, we decided that the best way to further develop our knowledge and understanding of 3D shapes would be to make some 3D shapes of our own. However, the children weren’t expecting to be making 3D shapes out of marshmallows and cocktail sticks! They had a fantastic time creating all sorts of shapes – cuboids, triangular prisms, square based pyramids and that’s just to name a few! During this activity, the children learnt about the properties of 3D shapes and can now confidently talk about them using the terms vertices and edges. Well done boys and girls, it was lovely to see you all having so much fun (especially when you were allowed to eat your marshmallows at the end).

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Nuts and Bolts

Finger gym this week involved a toolbox full of nuts and bolts. The children were given a selection of different size nuts, bolts and washers to play with. The twisting, pinching and turning actions used will help to strengthen their fingers and develop their fine motor skills. They enjoyed seeing how many different washers and nuts they could fit onto the bolts. Just look at the concentration on their faces. Think we have a few future engineers here!

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