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Year 3 Techniquest Trip

What an amazing time we all had at Techniquest today. As soon as we arrived, the children were eager to explore all of the interactive exhibits – and they weren’t disappointed. They began by watching a lively presentation about light in the science theatre, which they thoroughly enjoyed – they learnt so much! They were then able to take what they had learnt back onto the exhibition floor to continue their self-directed learning and discovery. What a wonderful opportunity for the children which allowed them to learn through investigation, discussion and collaboration. Well done Year 3, you were a credit to our school today.

Enjoy the photos …

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Year 3 Shadow Investigation

The children have been busy the past two days investigating shadows. The question we were investigating was what happens to the size of a shadow as you move the light source away from an object? We had a mixture of predictions with some children thinking the shadow would get bigger and some predicting that the shadow would get smaller. In small groups the children carried out the investigation, recorded their results and created a bar chart, they then used their results to write a conclusion. The results clearly showed that the shadow got smaller as the light source moved away from the object. Ardderchog Year 3.

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Cluster Science Experiment

Year 6 have been learning about insulation and researching why penguins huddle. Today Mr Smith came into school to teach us about the science behind why they huddle. We re-enacted the huddle by using test-tubes and hot water, measuring the temperature every 2 unites of the ‘penguin’ inside the huddle and on the outer circle. Continue reading

Year 3 Spectacular Spectroscopes!

We have had an interesting afternoon today learning more about Sir Isaac Newton’s Theory of Colour. The children are now experts with the light spectrum and understand that when light passes through a prism the light refracts to show a rainbow of colour. We then made our very own spectroscopes where the light refracted off a CD to show the rainbow. What a fun afternoon! Da iawn Year 3.

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Year 3 Music Makers!

Year 3 have been very busy this afternoon continuing with their Design and Technology project. What a musical treat for a Friday afternoon! The children have been so creative and not only thought about the sound that their instrument was going to make but they also thought about how it was going to be decorated. Next week they will evaluate their designs. They will also be using their instruments to write a sound story in our literacy sessions.

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Year 3 Exploring Colour

Year 3 had an exciting (messy!) afternoon today exploring colour. We discussed what colour ‘light’ was and had lots of interesting responses including yellow, peach and see through! We then learnt that visible light is actually made up of seven different colours and that when light is bent through a prism it causes the light to split into different colours! The children then had fun exploring with these colours, mixing the primary colours red, blue and yellow to create secondary and tertiary colours.

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Snow…In Nursery!

As we haven’t had any snow yet, the nursery children decided to make their own. First they put in the special powder, added water, and stirred and stirred and stirred, until as if by magic…snow! They even found some little penguins hiding! Continuing the snow theme, the children also made some edible snowmen out of marshmallows. Don’t they look tasty!

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Tooth Decay Investigation: The results are in…

After leaving the eggs soaking in the four different liquids over night the children made their observations this afternoon. The vinegar decayed the egg the most by entirely disintegrating the shell leaving us with a squishy egg, the orange juice left a slimy skin all over the shell and the coke and milk had little effect. This led to very interesting discussion and some good ideas for their conclusions. The children then used their tooth brushing skills to clean the eggs again. What an interesting and fun experiment, fantastic work Year 3!!

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Bethan Frost

October 25, 2017

As part of our ‘Animals and Humans’ science topic, this week we are learning about our teeth. The children are now teeth experts and know the names of each type of tooth as well as what their “job” is. We then spent some time talking about how important it is to brush our teeth and why we need to do it every day. We found out what happens to our teeth if they don’t get cleaned – the build up of plaque reacts with the sugars in food to create an acid that attacks the teeth! We started an experiment this afternoon using hard boiled eggs to act as the teeth – each egg has been placed in a different liquid to see what effect it has (coke, orange juice, vinegar and milk). The eggs will be left in the liquid over night to see what happens to the shell. The children’s predictions were very interesting and tomorrow we will see if they are correct! They also made posters encouraging and promoting tooth brushing! What a busy afternoon!

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