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International Learning

Year 4 were incredibly lucky this afternoon to have taken part in a Skype history and geography lesson with a teacher in Wyoming, USA. They learnt all about the state of Wyoming and how it is a state of “firsts” in America. They also got to see artefacts and interesting objects related to the Plains Indians and other people who lived there in the past (including some shocked faces when they saw a water bottle made out of a bison’s bladder!). They learnt about the mountain men who trapped beavers, then used the pelts to make hats, and learnt about the process of felt making and how hatters were affected by mercury poisoning.

They listened brilliantly and asked lots of questions about what’s they had learnt about. We’re looking forwards to another lesson from America later on in November!

Year 3 Animal Encounter

What an exciting and informative session the children have had this morning meeting the wonderful animals from A & S Encounters. They had the opportunity to meet a baby tortoise, Poppy the Azara Aguti, Honey the Ring Tailed Coatimundi, Biscuit the Bearcat and Pako the Parrot. The children throughly enjoyed touching the animals and they learned lots of new facts too. They particularly enjoyed when Biscuit walked over their laps! This session fitted in perfectly with our current topic ‘Rainforests’ and the children will use this experience to create a fact book next week. A huge thank you again to A & S Encounters.

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Year 3 Maths Explorers

This morning the children were transformed into explorers. They were put into teams of four, given a magnifying glass and told to hunt for the rainforest word problems that had been placed around the classroom and in the corridor. Some of the problems were very tricky but they shows excellent team work and managed to work out the answers. Ardderchog boy and girls!!

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Year 3 Animal Masks

This afternoon the Year 3 children have been very creative producing fantastic animal masks. We first discussed the variety of animals found in the rainforest, which ones were our favourite and why. Some of the children’s responses included the sloth, monkey, jaguar and snake! We then put on some calming rainforest music as the children completed their masks with tissue paper. Can you guess who is hiding behind each mask??

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Year 3 Grrrreat Tiger Art!

This afternoon the children have studied the french artist Henri Rousseau and looked at some of his jungle inspired paintings. We focused on Tiger in a Tropical Storm and talked about the colours and shapes used. The children then had the opportunity to create their own tiger pictures. Grrrrrrreat job boys and girls!

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Year 3 Rainforest Music

This afternoon the children transformed themselves into tribal members living in the Rainforest. Using materials that were available to them in our outdoor area they made their own musical instruments. Some of the children found stones to bang together, others used sticks and leaves. Working together in small groups they used their natural instruments to compose a piece of music which they then performed to their friends.

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Year 3 National Botanic Gardens

The children thoroughly enjoyed their trip today to the National Botanic Gardens, a fantastic way to kick off our new topic – Rainforests. We learned all about the different layers of the rainforest and even had the opportunity to go into the woodland to investigate the living things that can be found at each layer. We then walked around the tropical rainforest glass house to look at some of the plants – it was very hot and humid! The children were able to watch butterflies flying freely around, which they loved! We also learned about deforestation and even saw the “ghost forest” – stumps of huge trees that had been cut down from the rainforest in Ghana. The children were so well behaved, what a lovely day. Diolch!

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Year 3 Rainforests

What a fantastic first week to our new topic – Rainforests. The children have activated their prior knowledge, asked lots of interesting questions and had time on the chrome books to research. We have ended the week with a calming art session. With rainforest sounds playing in the background to create a calming environment, the children were able to work on their shading by drawing a selection of beautiful rainforest frogs. Year 3 are proving to be superb artists! Ardderchog!

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