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Year 4 weekly roundup!

Blwyddyn Pedwar have had a great week working on lots of interesting things! We have been working hard planning our bank robbery newspaper articles, along with learning some line dancing moves to challenge our 2 left feet!

Also, after learning a little bit about Native Americans and their way of life, we have spent some time making dream catchers which will hopefully go up on display soon.

Finally, after a lot of reminding (nagging!) the classroom is nearly ready for a class pet. There is a fish tank, with water and some gravel. Something important is missing though, although we can’t think what?

We did LEGO WeDo!

Year 4 had a great afternoon working on projects to build and code using the LEGO WeDo 2.0 kits. They made fans, alarm robots and other weird and wonderful creations!

They worked brilliantly together, problem solving and keeping their kits in working order – da iawn blwyddyn pedwar!

Year 4 are back!

Year 4 have hit the ground running this year! They have come back to school this week with an amazing attitude and have been working hard discussing class rules, our class charter and making plans for our independent working area. They are really excited about getting stuck into our timetable of work, especially the weekly challenges.

We’ve already gotten going with our rugby skills, and created short gymnastics routines using skills learnt last year. The class will also have an input into their learning for this term, coming up with topic based questions which they can research and work on during independent time.

It’s been a great start to the year, and I know we’re all looking forward to what lies ahead!

Melty Mess

Year 4 have been working hard this week planning and carrying out a science investigation to find out how quickly different materials melt. We were very particular about how we wanted to set everything up, and made sure everything was fair by using all the same containers and measuring as accurately as possible. We watched carefully as the race between the ice, ice cream and chocolate unfolded!

It could have all ended in a sticky mess as come containers threatened to fall over! But we managed to collect some good data to write up next week.

Friend or Foe?

Year 4 were visited today by PC Parry to learn about staying safe. They discussed what the terms friend and foe meant, situations where they may be safe or unsafe, and how to make decisions about strangers. The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” was reinforced when thinking about what people are like when we first meet them. The class fully engaged with the session and shared some excellent ideas. (They even got to teach PC Parry a bit of Welsh, too!)

Mighty (chalk) Mountains!

Year 4 had a great afternoon drawing some of the world’s most famous mountains! We had to research their heights, then divide them by 1000 so that we could draw them side by side to scale – it made climbing Mount Everest really simple! We used metre sticks, rulers and chalk to mark out the height, then drew and decorated the final mountains.

National Museum Cardiff

Year 4 enjoyed a fantastic day out visiting the National Museum in Cardiff – they got to explore rocks, plants and animal life through the evolution of Wales and were then treated to an informative session on how a volcano works. The class was also challenged to build shapes and structures which could withstand an earthquake – using only spaghetti and blu tac!

A thoroughly enjoyable day which the class loved.

Feeling Good with pBuzz

Year 4 were treated to a visit by Mr Pearce, from the Swansea music service, who brought in a whole class set of pBuzz instruments to have a go at! We learnt how to buzz our lips, how to hold the instrument and change the slide to play different notes. We then learnt how to play along with a backing track for I Feel Good by James Brown.

The class thoroughly enjoyed the session and are looking forward to having another’s go soon!


World Book Day 2018 – Year 4

Year 4 have enjoyed their start to World Book Day 2018! They have turned out in a fantastic array of characters and costumes, including Captain Hook.

The author we are basing today’s work on is Philip Reeve, author of Mortal Engines – a futuristic world where people live on moving platforms called traction cities. We have listened to parts of the book and are building our own traction city! Building works are currently underway…