Santa SOS!

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This week the Year 2s received a letter from Santa, asking them for help. Santa explained that there has been a power cut in the North Pole and that the elves couldn’t see what they were doing so they have had to stop making toys! The children discussed how they could help him. They decided that they would need to send him a candle that would burn for a long time, so that the elves could see what they were doing and then continue making toys. The children worked together and developed a method for testing various candles. They discussed fair testing and made some super predictions. They worked methodically to record their results in a table. The children enjoyed their experiment and concluded that the gold sparkly candle would be the most suitable for Santa as it burned down the least in the time given. We are looking forward to sending the candle off to Santa. Next week we will learn how to send emails, and we will email Santa to tell him what we discovered.

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