Over the past week, all the staff have been busy looking through the archives to find their baby photos. We are running a competition to see who can guess the most amount of staff members correctly based on their childhood photo. There will be a small prize for the winner on their return to school.

You will find a list of staff members below in the order they appeared on the photo message a few weeks ago, so there are no clues to be had!

Please use the link to enter the competition below so all answers can be collated in the same place

Youtube link to video: https://youtu.be/VbMVki94_A0

Link to Competition Entry: Competition Form

Enjoy! ??

Mrs Davis

Mrs Norman

Mrs Cusack

Mrs Evans

Mr Stonham

Mr Keegan

Mr Murphy

Miss Frost

Miss Jones

Mrs Richardson

Mrs Griffiths

Mrs Bawden

Mrs Stonham

Aimee Mathias

Amy Price

Mrs Oliver

Mrs Batchelor

Mrs Jones

Miss Miles

Mrs Besley

Miss Evans

Mrs Lewis

Miss Davies




Mrs Bennett

Mrs Rees

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