We have had an extremely busy two days in Year 5. Over the past 2 days, classrooms from around the world have been connecting via Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Global Connect initiative. We have held calls with classrooms in India, Egypt and Canada – covering 3 different continents across the globe! We shared facts about Wales that we had researched and they shared facts about their countries with us.

This afternoon we concluded these global connections by taking part in the Kahoot Cup 2020! There were students from USA, Brazil, Canada, UK, and Spain competing along side us. This means we have had connections with 5 continents over the past 2 days, all from the comfort of our own classroom! And to top it off, one of our students actually finished top of the leader board out of over 450 children across the world!

It has been an amazing couple of days and we realise that despite being many miles apart, we have a lot in common with other people from around the world! A truly memorable experience.

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