I trust that the children have already woken you up and are serving you a delicious breakfast in bed. Hopefully you have received your cards and presents too! The children were keen for me to blog today showing you the process of them becoming recording artists towards the end of the week. We had great fun following the karaoke version of Spice Girls ‘Mama’ although they made me feel old when most of them didn’t actually know who the Spice Girls are! After a few practices throughout the week, we were ready to record. A big thank you to Mr. Keegan for bringing in his professional recording equipment. Also, thank you to Aimee for designing and helping the children with their cards throughout the week. Have a wonderful day with your newly crowned pop stars.


  1. Thank you, Mr. Stonham! I absolutely loved the recording and she’d a few tears. Very grateful for the time taken to make it an even more special day. Libby couldn’t wait to share it and is very proud of it.

  2. Ah wow what a beautiful thought. Thank you Mr Stoneham….you brought a tear to my eye ……..a keepsake to cherish forever…… The children must have had an absolute ball recording this…..lovely surprise….

  3. Thank you all for your hard work and kindness with the children . I’m thrilled with the CD and so is Elin she was so exited she blurted it out last night couldn’t wait to tell me ? fantastic job everyone the best Mother’s Day ever thank you ????????????????

  4. A really lovely surprise on mother’s day! A big thank you to Mr Stonham and Aimee for their hard work – much appreciated….and all year 5 for their wonderful singing!

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