Year 5 studied how to look after our mental health this afternoon in preparation for Mental Health Awareness Day on Saturday.

Firstly we talked about body health and what we do if we hurt our finger or have a bad head. We recognised that we should treat mental health in the same way and treat an issue early to avoid it becoming a bigger issue.

We looked at the reasons for poor mental health such as stress, pressure, death, worry and arguments with friends or family. We talked about how, just like bodily injuries, each of these have different impacts on our mental health. We looked at how this may change our behaviour so we can recognise when we may be experiencing a small mental health issue.

We then watched a Class Dojo series on how to think positively in bad situations to help us overcome bad situations.

Finally, we talked about strategies we could use to help us improve our mental health and made posters on Adobe Spark, J2E or in our books (depending on preference) to help us remember what we had learnt.

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