1. Thank you to all staff for taking the children on an exciting trip. Libby had an amazing time and can’t stop talking about it. A brilliant trip which allowed her to discuss the forces of particular rides when she got home. I’m only hoping that she won’t want us to go on ALL of the rides when we go as a family! Some of us may be a little nervous lol

  2. Thanx very much for taking the children to Oakwood.
    Elin,Isobel, Daniel and George came here after getting off the bus and they were so exited I thought they were going to burst telling us all about it . Hope the staff enjoyed as much as the children from what I was told you did ? so s good day all round thanx again lesley x

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments! All the children did themselves and the school proud with their amazing behaviour throughout the day. A great day all round.

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