Hi Everyone!

Due to the restrictions in place, it is not possible for us to host our usual Sports Day this year unfortunately. But with the power of technology we bring you our Virtual Sports Day 2020!!

Children can record themselves on Flipgrid over 5 events! All entries will be collated and made into a video for our Youtube Channel.

The Flipgrid address you need to take part is https://Flipgrid.com/sportsday20 – children will need to log in with their Hwb details (Login with Microsoft) to ensure safeguarding – please email the school if you have misplaced these.

The five events are: Sprint, Long Jump, Sack Race, Keepy Uppys (with feet, hands or a racket) and of course the Egg and Spoon Race!

We really hope there will be lots of engagement with this over the next 2 weeks so we can put together a great video during the last week of term!

Good luck everyone!

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