Digital Dragons 23-24!


Mission Statement

Our purpose is to help pupils, staff, parents, grandparents and governors with digital tools and help them to keep them safe online by setting a good example

Our Aims:

  • To help everyone in our school understand how to keep safe when using technology at home.
  • To help others understand the different social media platforms and the guidelines around using them.
  • To encourage others to use digital technology safely and with confidence.

Online Safety:

We are very proud of the Keeping Safe online webpage that we have been working hard on to create. This can be found on our website-

Safer Internet Day!

The theme of this year’s Safer Internet Day was ‘Want to talk about it?’. This year the Digital Dragons enjoyed hosting a whole school assembly where they spoke about this theme and the important rules that we must follow when using digital platforms. We also spoke about trusted people who you can turn to if you need any help or support.

Below you can see pictures from our assembly:

Meeting Notes:

Week 1: 15/9/22 

  • ‘Welcome’ introduction meeting. 
  • We spoke about the purpose of the Digital Dragons and the importance of our group in Pontlliw Primary. 
  • Discussion of vote next week for the chair, vice chair and secretary. We discussed what was needed to do the roles well. 

Week 2: 22/9/22 

  • Candidates delivered their speeches on why they believe they would be a good chair/ vice chair and secretary.  
  • Vote carried out to see who will be chosen (AB/FS/IJ)
  • We talked about aims for the Digital Dragons this year. We will discuss further next week. 

Week 3: 29/9/22 

We decided on our aims for the year: 

  1. To look at how to keep pupils safe online. 
  2. To promote learning apps and games that are helpful and fun. 

Reflection on what we do well digitally in school-  

  • Minecraft Education 
  • Sumdog 
  • Active Learn 
  • Get Epic 
  • Sphero’s. 
  • J2e/Teams. 
  • We are going to bring ideas to the next meeting for new apps and games that we can promote. 

Week 4 & 5

  • No meeting due to whole school class photographs/ staff absence.

Week 6: 18/10/22

  • Discussed upcoming digital learning audit and created a mind map that reflected all of the positive things that we do in our school for digital learning.
  • Pupils volunteered to take part in a pupil voice group discussion with Mr Meredith during the digital audit visit to discuss what they enjoy about being a digital dragon.
  • Voted on an app of the term- Sumdog. Thought of ways to promote this e.g. Sumdog competitions.

Week 7: 27/10/22

  • Feedback off pupils about digital learning audit that took place. Celebration of what we are doing well e.g. online safety page.
  • Discussion of next steps and activities we can carry out to meet our aims:
  • – Safer Internet Day Assembly and activities.
  • Create a Minecraft world to promote Minecraft- characters telling online safety.
  • Email promoting apps and games.
  • Make a poster- Safer Internet Day.

Week 8- 14.11.22  

  • Discussed the importance of Anti-bullying week for us as a Digital Dragon group. 
  • Discussion of what cyber-bullying is and how we can share information to others about strategies to overcome this.  

Week 9- 17.11.22

  • Reflected on progress made this term in line with our Digital Dragon aims.  
  • Discussed key aims for next term and steps that we can take to ensure we achieve this. 


Week 1- 12.01.23 

  • Welcome back after the holidays and a reminded ourselves of our aims for this term. 
  • Pupils asked to complete a pupil questionnaire as part of leadership within the school. 

Week 2-19.01.23  

  • Discussed theme of this Year’s Safer Internet Day ‘Want to talk about it?’. 
  • Noted down ideas for what we could cover during this assembly and some of the resources that we could let everyone know about that will help them keep safe online.  

Week 3-02.02.23

  • Ran through and practiced our Safer Internet Day presentation ready for our whole school assembly next week.  
  • Gathered resources ready to share with teachers- wrote an email to all teachers reminding them about Safer Internet Day. 

Week 4-16.02.23

  • Provision Questionnaire – completed by all pupil voice groups.  

Week 5- 02.03.23  

  • No meeting due to industrial strike action.  

Week 6- 16.03.23 

  • Reflected on this terms progress and celebrated all of our achievements.  
  • Discussed our Digital Dragon display and made points for improvement/ new resources to add. 
  • Decided that our next app of the term will be Linguiscope- all digital dragons to go back and inform their classes.