Our Vision for Health and Well-Being!

“Learning about Health and Well-Being will inspire our learners to fulfil the four purposes through taking part in physical activity and learning about the benefits of good diet and exercise, encouraging positive choices in order to become healthy, confident individuals. Learners will be equipped with strategies in order to help regulate their emotions and maintain good physical, mental and emotional well-being. Learners will develop the skills of resilience, perseverance and personal effectiveness to inspire them to be motivated, ambitious and able to overcome any challenges that they may face. Positive behaviour and empathy is modelled and encouraged and our school values of care and respect are embedded, helping learners to make connections with and develop positive relationships with others. Knowledge and understanding of our local community and of their own and other’s culture is nurtured, therefore enabling learners to make positive contributions and become ethical members of society”.

FAQ Information 
Who is responsible for leading the Health and Wellbeing Area of Learning in Pontlliw School? Mrs Davis, Mrs Bennett and Mrs Evans 
Which member of staff is responsible for supporting my own/child’s emotional and mental well-being? All members of staff have a duty of care. However, should you have any queries/concerns, speak to your child’s class teacher.  
Where would I find useful information to support my own/child’s wellbeing? Our school website has a dedicated page called ‘Support for Parents’. On here, you will find information and resources regarding previous parental health and wellbeing workshops, links to outside agencies etc. You can also see how we support wellbeing by looking at activities on our school blog and Twitter. 
What resources does school use to support Mental and Emotional Wellbeing? Pontlliw uses a wide range of resources, such as Jigsaw, MySelfie, HAPPEN, daily check-ins, emotional regulation mats, mindfulness etc. Additionally, staff have received training in a variety of different areas which promote and support our pupil’s wellbeing, such as Positive Play, CAMHS, Mental Health First Aid, ELSA (emotional literacy support assistant) Trauma informed training etc. We also have regular visitors to the school that support our pupils, such as our health and wellbeing practitioner, school nurse and our PCSO. 
Where can I find school policies? Our policies are available to view on our school website.  
How can I share my view with the school? We have an open door policy and two parent meetings throughout the year. This also gives us the opportunity to talk to you about your child’s wellbeing. Our school regularly sends out questionnaires inviting parents/carers to feedback. Additionally, you can share your ideas by joining our PTA.