Safety Soldiers 23-24!

Our Mission Statement

Our purpose is to help to keep all pupils, staff and visitors safe in and around our school.

Our Aims:

  • Look after everyone in the school and keep them safe.
  • Make sure that areas inside school are safe and sort things out if we find problems.
  • Make sure that everyone is following the rules to stay safe inside school.
  • Make sure everybody understands the rules for keeping safe inside school.
  • Make sure that areas outside school are safe and sort things out if we find problems.
  • To make sure that everyone knows how to stay safe on the roads around school.
  • To teach the children in school about Stranger Danger.
  • To teach everybody in school about sun safety.

Meeting Notes

Week 1- 15/9/2022 

  • Welcome 
  • Discussion of why we chose the group 
  • Discussion of roles of chair, vice chair, secretaries and all members 

Week 2- 22/09/2022 

  • Voted in Chair (GE), Vice Chair (MF) and secretaries (RT, TOC & LO) 

Discussed possible aims: 

  • Need to Make safety soldier badges. 
  • General Road safety awareness and Road Safety Assembly’s. 
  • We need to do some safety walks around the school. 
  • Bonfire night safety assembly. 
  • Reflectors and safety about darkness. 
  • Fences for pond area. 

Week 3- 29/9/2022 
Learners decided on focus areas of safety for each term: 


  • Bonfire night safety assembly.
  • Safety soldier badges. 
  • Bag reflectors.

Term 2 

  • Pond area fences. 
  • Safety walk around school. 
  • Look at the safety of the pond bridge.  
  • Kerbcraft.

Term 3 

  • Sun safety assembly.
  • Summer safety posters.
  • Strategies to share with staff and learners  when too hot.
  • Gazeboes and umbrellas.

Week 4 / 5 /6 

  • Firework safety code letter. We looked at the firework safety code and sent an email about it to the school.  
  • Update  on bag reflectors. We got good news that we can get bag reflectors for free, and we need to arrange a date for assembly with Mrs. Gough. Two aims are done 
  • Email of thanks sent to the PTA and Mrs.Gough 

Week 7  

  • We watched Firework safety adverts to help us remind everyone how to stay safe on bonfire night 
  • Year 6 went over our aims in a safety soldiers presentation.   

Week 8

  • Unable to meet due to Welsh Jamboree.