Our Vision for Science & Technology!

“Learning about Science and Technology will inspire our learners to fulfil the four purposes through curiosity and enquiry, helping them to make confident informed decisions based on existing ideas and forming their own theories and opinions. They will be considerate of the impact of their actions locally and on a global scale, developing responsibility through understanding of international issues such as population growth, energy production and climate change in their goal towards being ethical, informed citizens.                                            Learners will strive through design and innovative engineering opportunities to become creative and enterprising problem solvers. Respect for all living things will be nurtured through understanding the diversity of all living things on the planet and what they need to survive, fostering a collective ethos of care. Knowledge of the universe will drive curiosity and ambition to learn about forces, energy and chemical reactions. Learners will be equipped for 21st Century living and working through computational problem solving and understanding the digital world in an ethical and informed way”