Our Vision for Languages, Literacy and Communication!

“Learning about Languages, Literacy and Communication will inspire our learners to fulfil the four purposes through making connections between their home language and other world languages, helping them to become both ambitious, capable learners and ethically informed citizens. Learners will develop their ability to listen to, read and interpret a range of relevant media, forms and genres, to enable them to make sense of Wales and the wider world in a respectful, informed way.                                                                                                Learners will be supported to use a range of languages to express themselves purposefully using an appropriate form of communication. Through exploration of ambitious ideas, vocabulary and viewpoints, learners will develop an understanding of how to apply communication skills in a bilingual and multilingual context. Learners will engage with literature from a variety of cultures, that fires the imagination and sparks a lifelong love of literary experiences. Through these, a greater understanding and empathy for their own heritage and culture, and that of others around the world, will develop, whilst contributing to their own emotional and mental well-being”