Exploring Shapes in Year 1

The boys and girls really enjoyed our welly Wednesday session this afternoon. In maths this week, we have been busy exploring shapes so what better way to consolidate our understanding of this concept than through some outdoor activities!

The children were challenged to go on a ‘shape hunt’ and find as many real-life 3D shapes as they could around the school. Every time they spotted a 3D shape, they had to make a tally on their sheet. We discussed how many of each shape we found and the cuboid was the most popular!

They also took part in a ‘stick investigation’ where they had to see how many different shapes they could make with 6 / 10 sticks and what was the biggest and smallest shape they could make. They really enjoyed the challenge and it was lovely to hear them discussing each others shapes.

Well done Year 1 – you really are shape experts now!

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