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Phew, what a busy day we’ve had in Year 2! The children were set a challenge…find out how eggs help to protect a chick when it is growing inside. The children worked their way around a number of tasks, showing lots of enthusiasm and excellent skills with recording their observations in different ways. They looked at the anatomy of an egg, and were amazed to discover that eggs have small air sacks inside. When they put eggs in warm water they could see the air escaping in small bubbles. They also looked closely at the yolk and albumen and discussed how they help the chick grow. The children also investigated how strong egg shells are, and were amazed by how many books could be placed on top of them before they break. We discussed what typed of eggs they enjoy eating, and learned the Welsh words for boiled, scrambled and fried eggs. Not surprisingly, most children decided that chocolate eggs were their favourite! We are all EGGhausted after such a busy, but fun-filled day full of learning!

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