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At the start of term, the Year 2s enjoyed discussing what they would like to learn about as part of our Glitter and Glow topic. Quite a lot of the children said they would like to find out more about pumpkins….. so, today we did! The children read an information book on Get Epic about how pumpkins grow, and were then set the challenge of finding out more about pumpkins. They used their maths skills brilliantly. They estimated/ predicted and then measured/ observed lots of things including:
* Does a pumpkin float or sink?
* How many lines are on their pupmkin?
* How tall is their pumpkin?
* How wide is the pumpkin?
* How heavy is the pumpkin?
* How many seeds are inside?
The children used their problem solving skills well, and had to decide the best way of measuring/ observing. They used a table to record their predictions/estimations and results/ observations. They especially enjoyed getting messy when they grouped the seeds in 10s to count them!

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