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This week the Year 2s discussed the different materials that objects are made from. We talked about the importance of recycling and watched a really interesting video showing us what happens to the waste that we send for recycling after it leaves our houses. The children were fascinated. We then looked at some household waste that had been collected over just two days in one house, and talked about how much waste would be produced if we gathered the waste from all the houses in our class. Then we thought about how much waste would be produced in Swansea, Wales, the UK and the world! The children really understood why it is so important to sort waste according to their materials so that we can make our planet a better place by recycling as much as possible. The children then enjoyed using their maths skills by timing each other to see who could sort the waste the fastest to get it ready to go to the recycling plant. They were very competitive and loved comparing their times!

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