Welly Wednesday in year 1

This week, the children were set three challenges to complete in the outdoor area, linked to learning about Florence Nightingale and the role of nurses and doctors.

We began by looking at some images of x-rays and talked about what we could see. The children then had to create an x-ray skeleton using sticks for the bones and stones for the joints. They really enjoyed the activity and got so carried away, they  even made x-ray skeleton families!

The children also had to think about how they could make a stretcher for our injured class mascot. They came up with some amazing ideas using leaves, sticks and moss.

For the last challenge, the children had to make some special medicine to make our class mascot feel better. I was so impressed with how creative their ideas were and it was particularly lovely to see them working together, having lots of fun – well done Year 1.

Why don’t you have a look at the pictures to see how much fun they had!

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