Year 2 are EGGsperts!

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In the run up to Easter, Year 2 have been busy finding out why eggs are so amazing. The children completed lots of tasks which required them to use and apply their digital, literacy and maths skills. We read an explanation text about the life cycle of a hen, and we explored the features of the genre before writing our own explanations using lots of new words like ‘brooding’. We then investigated what is inside an egg that helps a chick to survive and grow, and we loved our investigation which proved that there is air inside which helps a chick to breathe. We also learned how the yolk and albumen help the chick. Shells are very important too, and we discovered that they are extremely strong through our egg strength investigation. We also learned that the shape of an egg stops it from rolling out of a nest…and then we were set a challenge to build our own nests in the nature area. Finally we thought about how humans use eggs for food and we investigated Welsh data and wrote about the findings using JIT Mix. Year 2 certainly are EGGsperts!

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