Learning through film in Year 3!
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This week Year 3 have been learning through studying a short film (Christmas Advert) called ‘The Journey’ advertised by John Lewis!

We began the lesson by completing a ‘sound on-vision off’ activity where the children had to listen to the advert and make predictions about what they thought the advert would be about from only having access to the sound. The children enjoyed this activity and heard lots of different sounds such as water flowing, birds singing and children playing.

The following day we then began to watch part of the Christmas advert to see if our predictions were correct. However, the advert paused half way through and the children had to make predictions on how they thought the advert would end. The children made excellent predictions and thought of creative and imaginative ways for how the story could end!

They were then very excited to watch the rest of the advert to see how it ended- da iawn Year 3!


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