Fairy Forest Fortnight

Today was an exciting day for Dosbarth Cherry Blossom. It was the first day of Fairy Fortnight. During registration we received a special delivery, a letter and a parcel. The letter was from the Glitter Fairy telling us to follow the glitter trail in the outdoor area and we would find something special. The glitter trail led us to a tiny fairy door and some fairy wands. We also found some of the special toadstools that the fairies sit on. We were very clever and used our subitising skills to see how many toadstools there were. The Glitter Fairy had also left us a story book, “Daisy the Doughnut Fairy”. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story, then we returned to class to open the parcel which had been sent to us. I was a fairy house big enough for us to sit in. We had lots of fun putting it together and decorating it. We also made some fabulous fairy headbands and coloured fairy pictures.

We have had so much fun this morning. We can’t wait to see what the fairies have planned for tomorrow!

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