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In preparation for World Mental Health Awareness Day (October 10th) Year 6 have been discussing what Mental Health and Mindfulness means to them. The children have been working on different activities to share strategies to help us when feeling down, upset, angry, frustrated etc.
Pupils completed activities such as:
Composing happy, upbeat songs using Music Lab online,
Writing lyrics to songs that will help us to feel happy,
Creating a coding game on scratch to cheer us up,
Making a word search of happy words,
Creating posters to give advice of who to turn to, to support us
Some have also created Powerpoints of jokes to look at, to make us laugh.

We all listened to Bruno Mars , Count on Me, as we all need our friends and a strong support network to help us through difficult times.
Pupils also completed a questionnaire on the subject.

I am so proud of my class (My little school family) for their resilience, positive attitude and the support they have shown towards each other since the start of Year 6. It’s an honour to work is such a happy environment, especially in times such as these.

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