We’re Going On An Elf Hunt!

Cherry Blossom class have a very kind elf called Elvis. Every morning he leaves them a present to unwrap. He leaves a Christmas story book for them to enjoy but today he left them a little note too. The note said that some cheeky little elves were hiding around the school, so we decided to go on an elf hunt. We made some elf hats, read the story ”We’re Going On an Elf Hunt” and then went in search of the naughty elves. We looked all around the school, we even looked in the other classrooms and found lots of elves, but we were in for a big surprise when we went into the hall and met Elsie, a live elf! Elsie showed us some of her amazing elf dancing and then we all joined in and danced with Elsie. We all had an amazing time. Thank you Elsie!

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