Year 3: Anti-Bullying Week 2021

This week is Anti-bullying week and so Year 3 have been undertaking a variety of activities to mark this occasion!

The children started by completing an activity in groups which focussed on recognising what the different types of bullying are, what signs to look out for in recognising if someone is being bullied and crucially what strategies to take if they ever felt themselves or others were being bullied.

The children showed great maturity during these discussions and thought of a variety of ways to ensure that we spread kindness and happiness to others.

The children particularly enjoyed creating an acts of kindness envelope which was filled with different ways to make others happy e.g. give a compliment, hold a door open, give someone a hug if needing support etc.

We will now pick an act of kindness everyday from our envelopes and carry it out to spread the happiness!

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